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Touched by an Angel (Tafsīr Juz' ‘Amma)

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If you know nothing from the Qur’ān, you’ll know some of the 30th Chapter at least.
But do you really KNOW it?

The Last Juzu’. The 30th Siparah. ‘Amma Yatasaa Aloon. The Final Chapter. Amma Paara. Juz’ ‘Amma.

The 30th and final chapter of the Qur’ān is something that every parent tries to get their child to
memorise. We’ve all been there in the madrasah or the dugsi or with the Qāri-Saab who visited your home every week going over your sūrahs from Juz’ ‘Amma.

And you memorised it, fine. But then what? Then…nothing. You thought you picked up a message from all that memorisation. But you didn’t. You lost your way.

“So where are you going? This is a message for all people – for those who wish to take the straight path.”
(Sūrat’l-Takwīr, Juz’ ‘Amma)

X years later, those distant messages are all you have from the Qur’ān. You choose from those messages a few of the shortest sūrahs possible every day in your Ṣalāh and they become your beloved, but you don’t treat them like what is beloved! How can you be so ungrateful after being given such a blessed opportunity to love the One who gave you those sūrahs, those gifts of love, wisdom and mercy!

“Mankind, what has lured you away from Allah, your generous Lord, who created you, shaped you, proportioned you, in whatever form He chose?”
(Sūrat’l-Infitār, Juz’ ‘Amma)

You recite them completely on auto-pilot, not having a clue what any of them actually mean. And that is of course why the prayer itself becomes no more than a ritual, an up-down-up-down devoid of any rapture or spirituality or indeed, meaning. Well what else do you expect when you recite that which you don’t understand!

“So woe to those who pray but are heedless of their prayer.”
(Sūrat’l-Mā’ūn, Juz’ ‘Amma)

And even during the reciting of any of these Sūrahs in Juz’ ‘Amma, you fear your worst nightmare: to be interrupted in the middle of one of them because that would not only break your flow, but you wouldn’t know how to start again. You only know how to restart when you start it from the beginning! “That’s how everyone memorises it, no?”


You never bothered engaging with these Sūrahs in a way which you knew their opening headline, their sudden dramatic turn and why, their central theme, then their break in narrative, their focal point, the variation of message, their subtle rhyming with a purpose, the change in tone, the rhetorical question and back to the prose, the linguistic mastery, and most important of all: the actual reason they were sent down to impact upon you and change your life and make you wish to make sajdah to your Lord once you realise that reason!

“So why do they not believe? Why, when the Qur’ān is read to them, do they not prostrate themselves (to Allah)?”
(Sūrat’l’-Inshiqāq, Juz’ ‘Amma)

If you believe that the only reason you should “know” these incredible verses is just so that they can be used in your daily prayers, then guess what? There’s a consensus of all the scholars that – other than Sūrat’l-Fātihah - your prayer is completely valid without the use of any single Sūrah of the 30th Chapter or indeed anything else from the Qur’ān. So what exactly then should we be doing with this Juz’ ‘Amma?!

“Man should reflect on what he was created from.”
(Sūrat’l-Tāriq, Juz’ ‘Amma)

We should stop, read properly, understand and reflect.

We should be allowing these verses to create the seismic shock to our comfort zone that it inevitably will do if you truly dive into their deep and incredible meanings, something which can only really be felt once you study Tafsīr with the scholars.

We should allow its beauty and peace permeate our lives and make us once again the Qur’ānic generation.

We should be in AWE as we wonder and marvel over the meanings of:
- “The Announcement”?!
 - “When the mountains will vanish like a mirage!”
- “When the Spirit and the Angels will stand in rows.”
 - “When He tries him through the restriction of his provision, he says, “My Lord has
humiliated me.””
- “In a lofty garden, where they will hear no idle talk, with a flowing spring, raised couches…”
 - “By the forceful chargers raring to go!” OR “By the Angels who take the souls!”
 - “The Day man will flee from his own brother, his mother, his father, his wife, his children…”
 - “When pregnant camels are abandoned, when wild beasts are herded together, when the
seas boil over…”
- “By the enshrouding night, by the radiant day, by His creation of male and female! The ways
you take differ greatly.”
- “What will explain to you what ‘Illiyīn is?”
 - “The harm in the envier when he envies.”
- “This is truly a glorious Qur’ān, written on a Preserved Tablet.”
What an incredibly overwhelming experience it would be if we gave this chapter its due right!

So surely, we should desperately look forward to coming together and being touched by the Angels who are waiting for us to dive into the Words of Allah.

"Whenever some people gather in one of Allah's houses to recite the book of Allah and study it among themselves – then calmness (tranquillity) descends upon them, the angels surround them, mercy covers them, and Allah mentions them to those who are with Him."
The Prophet (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam), Sahīh Muslim



AlMaghrib Institute’s love for Tafsīr continues with this single-weekend seminar exploring key selections from the most read chapter of the Qur’ān: Juz’ ‘Amma, the 30th and final part of the Book of Allāh.

Take a journey with the Words of Allah ‘azza wa jall, and develop within yourself an intense connection with your Lord through what He wants you to not just hear or listen to, but to internalise and act upon.

You will study not just the verses, but also feel how it was like when they came down, understand the context of revelation, relive the moment and embrace the impact of the lessons. These will be lessons that will be relevant to your here and now, whilst depending on the wisdom and understanding of the classical masters of exegesis from the blessed past, such as al-Ṭabari, Ibn Kathīr, al-Qurṭubi, al-Sam‘āni, al-Baghawi, al-Ālūsi, Ibn ‘Āshūr, Rashīd Riḍa and many more all combined into what we feel will be an unforgettable experience.

Taught by the King of Tafsīr at our Institute – Dr Reda Bedeir – let yourself unwind to his recitation and his skill in bringing forth gem upon gem of linguistic and exegetic beauty!

"I was finally able to really get that kind of awe like experience from this Juz that I can only imagine
was how the sahabi's must have felt when Prophet (AS) would share revelations with them."
Um Salih, Nashville
Reconnect with that which has always been memorised by your heart since you were a child, but could never penetrate the heart itself.

Let that heart be touched by an Angel.


“Shaykh Reda Bedier brings many emotions out of you, one minute you’re laughing the next moment
you feel like crying, it’s like your heart has come through your throat, MashAllah he makes you want
to know more.”

Tasmeya Khokhar

“masha'Allah masha'Allah masha'Allah ! He knows his stuff and the cliffhangers are too much fun! So
many lessons to be learned from these Tafsir classes... It really gets you thinking: shouldn't steel sink
in the ocean and something as light as coral float!? :-)”

Baker Assaf

“I am very pleased that I attended Dr Bedeir's class. After a very very long time I have seen different
traits of character in one personality, subhanAllah. In short he is an articulate, wise and humble
teacher. A beautiful combination of an ordinary person and learned teacher mashAllah and Allah is
his Reckoner.”

Shamim Alam

“I never knew Dr. Reda Bedeir before and never paid attention to the name, but now I could not stop
talking about him and his style of teaching, masha Allaah. What an excellent teacher to have, I feel
priveledged to be one of his students. I'm glad I did not miss this opportunity. Alhamdulillaah.”
Hafizah Reyes

“Allhumdo lillah such a thought provoking connection to the Quran. Mashallah such a passionate and
knowledgeable Sheikh. It has improved my way of thinking and brought me closer and more devoted
to my namaz and duas. Now every time I make dua I remember sheikh saying don't just think about
the word to word translation but think about who you are talking to and exactly what you are saying.
Allhumdo lillah I feel so connected. Subhanallah. May Allah bless the sheikh and his family and may
he increase his mercy and strengthen our iman so that we can be among the very best company in
the akhirah. Ameen.”

Parveen Amin

“The way the Sheikh feels so passionate about the words of Allah swt is amazing and he was able to
pass that emotion on to us. Not only did we cry out of happiness (his jokes :D) but also out of
sadness. His Tilawah (recitation) is absolutely heart trembling, I only wish he would recite that way
with every ayah that comes out of his mouth. I cannot wait for his next course in Birmingham. For
anyone who is contemplating on whether to attend this course or not, honestly just sign up and be
prepared to be blown away.”

Nadia Kassim

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