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Echoes of a Cave (Tafsīr Sūrat’l-Kahf )

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Time Passes...Even for the Sleeping

Journey into an Amazing Cave...
Escape into the story of a remarkable group of friends...
Venture into a cove...
Unearth the remnants...
And surround yourself with the lessons that will touch every place in your heart
Hear the echoes...
the echoes...of a cave and those who slept therein.
You'll never wake up the same again.

AlMaghrib Institute is delighted to present Tafseer of Surat AlKahf.

"Anyone who memorizes ten verses from the beginning of Surah alKahf will be protected from the Dajjal." The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as reported in Muslim.

Maybe you already read surah alkahf every Friday because you’ve heard that this action will be a weekly expiation for your sins.

Maybe you’re already familiar with the stories found in it:

  • the narration of what happened to the cave dwellers who fled from the injustices of their community by virtue of protecting their faith
  • or the “deep on so many levels” story of the prophet Musa (A.S.) and his travels with the mysterious Khidr
  • or the cataclysmic warnings found in the encounter of “Dhul Qarnayn” with the people of Gog and Magog.

But are you really familiar?

How deep have you gone? How shallow is your knowledge?

"Shaykh Ahsan’s deep knowledge education + AlMaghrib instructor training in sha Allah is going to make him one of your favorite instructors. He has my vote and I'm very excited to see the amazing things he does." Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef

In this seminar, you will:

  • Memorize the first 10 verses and move on to the remaining
  • Understand why its required reading every Friday
  • Apply each and every verse in the context of your own life

In this seminar, learn:

  • How this surah is a “WINDOW” to the sciences of the Quran
  • Balaagha (eloquence) and the different qiraat and methodologies for each section of the surah’s meanings
  • How Allah SWT uses opposites to highlight the importance or recurring themes

This seminar will:

  • teach you about the trials of wealth and children and how to overcome them for the sake of Allah SWT
  • inspire you to overcome the trivialities of routine and seek out the acts that will grant you the higher reward from Allah SWT
  • instil in you the humility and sincerity and love in your quest to seek knowledge that is pleasing to Allah SWT
  • immerse you in the shade of companionship that finds its strength in the love of Allah SWT
"And keep your soul content with those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking his face; and let not your eyes pass beyond them, seeking the pomp and glitter of this life; nor obey him whose heart we have permitted to neglect the remembrance of us, one who follows his own desires, whose case has gone beyond all bounds." - Qur'an, 18:28

Do you have someone in your life
who you love purely for
the sake of Allah SWT?


Then register him or her with you for this class because above all others, this is the one you want to spend learning with your friends.

"I attended a mini workshop with Shaykh Ahsan and it was amazing mashaAllaah! He emanates seriousness in his teaching whilst sharing funny moments which left me in awe. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from him as he expanded on points with eloquence! With teachers like this... The statement still stands, AlMaghrib ROCKS!!!" - Alima, Birmingham

Reserve your place amongst companions.

Reserve your place within the cavern of knowledge.

Reserve your place in an amazing in depth plunge.

Reserve your place for Echoes of a Cave.

Don’t sleep on this one... Enroll Now!

Course Outline



  1. 1. What, How, Where, and Why? An Introduction to Tafseer
  2. 2. Behind the Scenes: Introduction to Surah Al-Kahf
  3. 3. Safe Card: Memorisation of Surah Al-Kahf


Main Courses:

  1. 4. Two Shades of People: The Believers and Disbelievers [Verses 1-8]
  2. 5. Young Men of Piety: The People of the Cave [Verses 9-18]
  3. 6. Sleep Today, Awake Tomorrow?! The People of the Save cont. [Verses 19-26]
  4. 7. I Can't Hear You! The Heedful and The Neglectful [Verses 27-31]
  5. 8. Money, Money and More Money! The Man with Two Gardens [Verses 32-44]
  6. 9. Deceptive Appearances: The Similitude of this World and the Reality of the Hereafter [Verses 45-49]
  7. 10. Arch Enemies: Adam and Iblees [Verses 50]
  8. 11. Sorry State of Affairs: The Disbelievers [Verses 51-59]
  9. 12. Lessons Galore! Musa and Khidr Meet [Verses 60-82]
  10. 13. King of the World: Dhul-Qarnayn [Verses 83-99]
  11. 14. Winners and Losers: The Great Loss of the Disbelievers and the Everlasting Bliss of the Believers [Verses 100-110]



  1. 15. Icing on the Cake: Conclusion


Tea Anyone?

  1. 16. Basic Tajweed



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