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Light Upon Light (Doctrines of Faith II)

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"There is no night and day with your Lord, the Light of the heavens and the earth comes from the light of His Face." - Abdullah ibn Mas'ood

You are camped out beneath an ink black sky; the fire is crackling gently, its smoky scent wafts lazily into the air. Your gaze is drawn to a single solitary star flickering above. Before you know it, more stars cluster and shimmer. Within seconds you are treated to a stunning display of a million night lights. Your gaze is fixed upward, mesmerized by the power of your Creator. And for every star you see, you yearn to comprehend His splendid magnificence.

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to cultivate your connection to Allah Ta’la, cry tears of love, increase your longing to meet your creator and spend two weekends with hundreds of students of knowledge, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

This seminar will take you beyond that poster on your wall of the 99 names of Allah Ta’ala. You will be given the tools needed to gain a deeper understanding of the names and attributes of Allah Ta’ala. You will learn how the Prophet SalAllahu Alayhi Wa Sallam taught us to understand our Lord and study the framework within which the companions and the early scholars appreciated the qualities of Allah

"The one who knows Allah, loves Him.
Whoever loves Him, obeys Him.
Whoever obeys Allah is honored by Him.
Whoever Allah honors, He will have him live close to Him.
Whoever lives close to Him has attained glad tidings." - Hafidh ibn Rajab

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: Ustaadh Yasir Qadhi graduated with a B.A from the College of Hadith and Islamic Sciences. Thereafter, completed his M.A in Islamic Theology. He is in the final stages of completing his PhD in Religious Studies from Yale University.

Reason two: Ustaadh Yasir Qadhi has authored a number of books, including Riya'a: The Hidden Shirk, Du'aa: The Weapon of the Believer, An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur'an and many more.

Reason three: Ustaadh Yasir Qadhi is an outstanding instructor! You will start and end each day without a single yawn. He inspires spiritual and intellectual growth, expecting each student to live up to the title “Talibul-‘ilm”

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive insha' Allah

1) You will cry tears of extreme happiness, GUARANTEED
... the love of Allah will encompass your heart!

2) You will experience tranquility
... verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find tranquility

3) Your day will end before it begins because you will be so enthralled
... you'll get to learn about your creator, Allah Ta'la

4) You will know and understand the 99 names of Allah
... having the pleasure of calling Allah by all His Beautiful Names

5) You will surround yourself with hundreds of students of knowledge like yourself
... ask any AlMaghrib student, there is no atmosphere of studying more awesome than an AlMaghrib atmosphere. It rocks! Hands down.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

The heart of the believer is lit with a basic consciousness and awareness of Allah Ta’ala. That is just the beginning. Consider what happens when that believer learns and establishes the proper foundation to understand Allaah’s qualities from the Qur’aan and Sunnah…his heart will burst and beam with illuminating light, the light which results from an understanding of his Creator.

"the fuel of revelation reaches him, gives glad tidings to his heart…the light of revelation is added to the light of his own God-given nature and the two combine to become, “light upon light” - Ibn Qayyim (Tafseer of Surah Nur :35)

A companion of the Prophet Salallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam loved to recite the verses of Surat al Ikhlas in his prayer, “Say, He is Allah, al-Ahad. As-Samad. He begets not nor was He begotten. And there is none comparable unto Him.” When asked why he recited this surah so often, he replied, “I do so because it mentions the qualities of the Most Merciful and I love to recite it (in my prayer).

When the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi was sallam heard this he said,

"Tell him that Allah loves him." - Hadeeth Al Bukhari

Don't take my word for it.

Listen to what our students have to say.

"I love Yasir Qadhi's presentation. Everything was made clear and precise. Never before had I been taught tawheed in such a detailed and engaging way. All the points were backed up by either Quran or hadith, and Yasir Qadhi even told us to ask him where he got the proofs if he didn't mention it..." - UmmSakinah, Columbus, OH
"What stands out the most about Light of Guidance is that Abu Ammaar does not play around...he expects a lot of the students, and rightfully so. He asks that we memorize the adhilla for whatever we bring..." - Mahin, Columbus, OH
"...I learned that you can never know enough about Aqeedah, and that the more you go over it the stronger you become. It increased the standard I was aiming for, and I wanted to try harder, and be better." - Suad, Ottawa, ON
After the class, I realized how heavy our kalimah really's more than just a statement, it's our declaration of faith and it's the base of our deen. Everything I learned, from tawheed ar-ruboobiyyah to the infamous jinns, had a profound effect on me. It made me see how easy it is to fall into shirk and how we need to safeguard ourselves from shirk by seeking knowledge.

Masha'allah, Shaykh Yasir is truly one of the best teachers I've ever had. His speaking skills, his articulation, and his overall style of teaching kept me captivated throughout the entire two weekends. I never caught myself falling asleep alhamdulillah." - Muslimballer123, Elk Grove, CA

In Summary, here's what you get:

You'll leave this course with credit towards a degree in Islamic Studies by AlMaghrib Institute; a binder with a summary of the lessons with handouts of the seminar; and step-by-step advice on how to implement what you’ve learned and pass it on to others.

Wait, there’s more!!!

You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, moneyback guarantee

Our guarantee is unconditional, straightforward and the very best in the field. How can we be so confident? Because we work hard before the seminar to make sure you're happy with you're results after the seminar. Pertinent, useful information you can use, a convenient location, registration that is easy, and instructors who grab your attention and take you on an exciting journey full of fun and facts. We believe you'll love every minute of it.

But if for some reason you do not, you have until 3pm of the first weekend's Saturday to drop out. Your full tuition returned, absolutely no questions asked!

You don't have to decide now if this seminar is for you. Just register and try it out. If it doesn't give everything that we promised, if you don't feel like you've benefited, or if you don't absolutely love it, just let AlMaghrib know and we'll give you every cent of your tuition back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To your success in this life and the next, Enroll Now!

P.S. At this point, Shaytaan will come to you with a dozen reasons why you don't have the time or money to attend.  Let’s be honest, is there anything beneficial that a Muslim does that Shaytaan does not wish to stop? Just ask yourself this question, "Who benefits when you miss a seminar like this?"

P.P..S. When students register early for a seminar, it gives the volunteer crew time to prepare to serve YOU, rather then exhausting their effort on marketing. You will win by making the study of Islam successful in your city!

Course Outline

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