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Precious Provisions (Fiqh of Food & Dress)

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Here we go’ve entered the Masjid and overheard yet another debate over the halaal meat issue or how long your beard should be. Is it sunnah to wear a kufi, fardh to wear niqaab, haraam to sit on silk?

Have you ever heard anyone say:

"What is wrong with a Big Mac? If it's not pork, Alhamdulillah!!!"


"Don't you know that's haram? It has gelatin!"
"No brother, I called the company they said its 'beef' gelatin."
"Really, does that mean the gelatin in Skittles is halal to eat?"


"Sister, why did you buy that Gucci handbag, its made out of pig skin, its haram to touch!"
"My uncle has a long beard and he said it’s ok, so it must be right!"


"Hey look at him, why does he always have his pants rolled up, what's wrong with him?"


"Skirt or jilbab? It’s all the same! Niqaab is only extra."

These are only some of the confused statements made about food and clothing, and I’m sure you have more of your own.

AlMaghrib Institute is exuberant to introduce its latest single-weekend seminar, the unprecedented seminar of the year, designed to put an end to the never-ending debate of halaal and haraam, and at last, provide you with the opportunity to walk away with clear understanding and to stand on solid ground. Be confused no more!

By the end of this astounding seminar, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the different evidences and their validity for each opinion
  • Gain clarity on overlooked yet crucial actions regarding food and clothing
  • Raise your level of imaan by connecting deeper to the commandments of Allah
  • Acquire stronger appreciation for the importance of modesty
  • Teach your children or students the intricate daily etiquettes of food and clothing
  • Explain without hesitation to non-Muslims about what you eat and wear
  • Attain deeper appreciation and understanding of the efforts of our scholars
  • Know the best way to respond to accusing claims or insinuations

Top Three Reasons to Study with Shaykh Yasir Qadhi:

  • Author of numerous books, Sh Yasir Qadhi has the innate ability to transform complicated concepts into simple and clear ideas fully supported with sound evidences from the Qur’aan and Sunnah.
  • "I have never had such an amazing and skillful teacher as Shaykh Yasir Qadhi in either Islamic or secular education. If you plan on attending his classes, be prepared to write pages of notes and love doing it."- Asim, Naperville
  • "Masha'Allah Sh Yasir Qadhi is a great teacher and he explains things soooo well. He answers your questions even before you may ask it. I love the way he covers every aspect of the topic and goes into all the small details and explains everything so carefully and fully."-Farooq, DC

Why Food and Clothing?

Shaytān’s earliest plot was to expose the nakedness of our parents, and cause them to eat impermissible foods.

Someone traveling through the barren lands with no provision or garments would surely not survive. Likewise, he who travels the journey of life abiding not by the rules of food and clothing finds no blessing in his provisions and is likely not to survive.

"O you who believe (in the Oneness of Allâh - Islâmic Monotheism)! Eat of the lawful things that We have provided you with, and be grateful to Allâh, if it is indeed He Whom you worship." - Qur'an, 2:172
"The best of all deeds is to bring happiness to other Muslims: by covering his nakedness, or satiating his hunger, or fulfilling any need of his" - al-Mundhirī
"These are topics that every single Muslim deals with every single day of his or her life... Our whole etiquette and culture is what we're going to be studying here." - Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

Clear up those Misconceptions:


Which animals are haram, and which are halal?
...we know pork is haram, but is that the only one?

Are all sea animals permissible?
...or are there certain ones/circumstances which are haram?

What is the condition of slaughtering?
...does it have to be a knife? What about hunting?

What about alcohol?
...yes its haram, but is it najas?


What is a man and women’s ‘awra? do we cover it properly? Why do we cover it?

Why can’t men wear silk and gold? it prohibited, or just frowned upon?

What about a man’s beard? it wajib? What are the proper etiquettes for the beard?

What are the benefits of Hijab?
...perhaps its much more then just a piece of cloth...

What about the Jilbab and Niqab?
...they were in practice from the earliest times, but are they obligatory?

All of these questions and many many more will be covered by this comprehensive seminar. You will learn the difference of opinions among the scholars, and the respected proofs for each.

"The most practical class when it comes to yourself and your relation with others. You can stop arguing with your friends and family over issues you’ve been arguing over all this time! This class opens your eyes to a different world; the world of Fiqh makes you realize you are not the only right person out there: other people could be right too! In a nut shell: If you want to make your life easy??? TAKE THIS CLASS!!!! or you will be suffering a lot of DOUBTS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE." - alia99jamal, Memphis

This is your opportunity to:

  • Attain the wisdom and clarity needed when faced with the oft-occurring debates of halaal and haraam.
  • Put the whispering in your head to rest.
  • Attain true knowledge, no longer following guesses and conjectures.
  • Be the servant of Allah you know you can be!
  • Open your heart to the Words of your Creator.
  • Understand the different opinions of the respected scholars on each issue.
  • Study in depth the proper etiquette and culture of the Muslim.
  • Lighten the burden on your heart by giving your heart the happiness it deserves.
"This was an amazing class! I don't think anyone felt sleepy or tired; in fact, when it would be break time, it was like 'already?!?' This is the most practical and relevant class especially for the Muslim youth in the West. Sh Yasir was very organized, unbiased, clear to the point, and all the while being very respectful. Basically, I feel sorry for anyone who missed out on this class- it's your loss... so those who still have the chance, TAKE IT NOW!!! seriously, you won't regret it!" - Bright Star, Memphis

Ignorance is NOT Bliss!

Spend a full EmanRush WEEKEND learning about what Allah has commanded us concerning these two important topics. Stop relying on chain e-mails and dinner conversations for your information, and start studying what the Messenger salAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam has taught us!

Learn how to implement the teachings from the Qur'an and Sunnah. Don't miss this extremely practical class!

Remove the Doubts - Enroll Now!

Course Outline


Section 1: Permissible & Impermissible Animals

  1. a) Land Animals
  2. b) Sea Animals
  3. c) Birds
  4. d) Land Vermin


Section 2: Slaughtering [Dhabh]

  1. a) 3 Categories of Permissible Animals
  2. b) Condition of Slaughter
  3. c) Evidences
  4. d) Problems & Solutions


Section 3: Miscellaneous Issues

  1. a) Status of "Alcohol"
  2. b) Chemical changes (istiḥāla)


Section 4: The Fiqh of Men's Clothing

  1. a) Clothing
  2. b) The Beard


Section 5: The Fiqh of Women's Hijab

  1. a) Modern Dilemmas
  2. b) Benefits of Hijab
  3. c) Requirements of Woman's Hijab
  4. d) Evidences for Jilbab
  5. e) Issues of Niqab








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