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Divine Link (Fiqh of Worship II (Salāh))

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This was stated by the Prophet (s) in a hasan hadīth. He continued, “…and others from you who only achieve half of it, and some a third, and some a quarter and so on until some only get a tenth out of it.”

So, ask yourself: how good is your prayer?

Do you know for certain whether you’re getting more than a tenth out of your prayer?

Do you just copy others blindly or do you actually know how to pray and why you pray so that you can actually live your prayer?

Are you feeling it or is it just the usual auto-pilot?

Your prayer is the single most important act of devotion Allah will ever require from you. It has the most intricate details, it has the most questions asked about it, and it affects us every single day wherever we are. You must invest in getting this right.



Not looking after your parents.

Not raising your children.

Not how you got your money.

Not the practice of any other act of worship.

It will be the Prayer. It will be the first thing and the last thing and the absolute most important thing you will ever be held accountable for. This is not our statement but rather the famous hadīth of al-Tirmidhi where we are told that accounting on the Day of Judgement will be dominated by this single, magnificent and utterly unparalleled act of worship: the Prayer.

It is so important in fact that the Prophet (s) said, “Verily, between a person and shirk and kufr is the abandonment of the prayer.” Basically, your prayer is the last wall that holds kufr at bay. Once the prayer falls, there’s nothing between you and kufr.

Do you keep your prayer alive? Do you know how to keep it going? Wouldn’t you want to learn how to transform each and every prayer you perform from being a chore and a zoned-out moment, to something which is a real spiritual experience that allows you to fly? To leave this dimension and enter into a divine audience where your Lord discusses you with His Angels after each word of praise you utter? Where you finally understand why the Prophet (s) would long for the prayer so that he could relax therein? A place where you can visit so that you recite the words of Allah with love and hope whilst your sins fall off your shoulders like leaves fall off an Autumnal tree?

Divine Link is the class you need, and your training and desire is what you need to apply it!




The Prophet (s) does not pull any punches with this authentic narration concerning the Prayer. Your salāh/namāz isn’t some theoretical exercise. It’s just not enough to intend to do the best job possible and then go ahead and do whatever you want.

No. You have to really understand how the prayer works, all of its variations, all of its actions, all of its situations, and then perfect it. No seriously, you need to perfect it. Because if you do, then you’ll automatically set yourself up for this life and the Next.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, if you don’t do a great job with your prayer, then it really is big trouble. Because it won’t matter how great all your other qualities and actions are, it won’t help at all. You will fail and lose everything on the Day of Judgement. That is how important it is to understand the Prayer properly and get it right.

For example, think about the following situations and how confident you are in dealing with them:


  • - it’s raining outside and you won’t be able to get home in time to catch the prayer. Can you pray in your car? What governs the seating and standing in prayer?
  • - is the Jumu‘ah prayer obligatory upon me if there are only a few of us Muslims at work/school with no mosque close by?
  • - why is there such a generational difference amongst the scholars on whether a person needs to make up their thousands of missed prayers from their younger years when they didn’t pray?
  • - if it’s really inconvenient praying at the airport like a Traveller, can you start the concessions at home instead?
  • - are we okay practising “taqleed” and “following a madh-hab” when it comes to our prayer? Is it obligatory? Or should we aim for the opposite?
  • - you’ve woken up with only a few minutes to go before Sunrise. What do you start with? Can you change the order of the Prayer? Is there a hierarchy? Can you trim certain actions down to ensure you make the prayer within the time limit?
  • - how do we discipline our children if they don’t pray?
  • - when you enter the Masjid after the congregational prayer is over, should you really start a new congregation to achieve “27 times more reward”?
  • - how do I use the Sun and the night sky to work out the prayer times and direction?
  • - because missing the prayer is an act of kufr according to many scholars, is it permissible to bury such a person who leaves the prayer, in a Muslim graveyard?
  • - what’s really the truth about Imam Malik and praying with your arms at the sides?
  • - you’ve just completed your menstrual cycle at work but there’s still three prayers left to pray in the day before you can get home to make ghusl. What do you do?
  • - what are the conditions for the prayer that need to be fulfilled when it comes to the location of the prayer? What are the conditions for the prayer itself that must be fulfilled before starting?
  • - how many prayers do you need to miss to be considered a person who “abandons the prayer”?
  • - can I pray in jeans and a shirt? How tight and loose should my clothes be and where do the parameters actually come from?
  • - how long does a person need to be unconscious for post an operation to not have to make up any missed prayers from the same period?
  • - why is it important to study and understand the system of hadith (especially ahaad hadith) to appreciate the salah fiqh rulings of Imam Abu Hanifah?
  • - is the prayer of the Traveller enacted based on distance travelled or difficulty experienced?
  • - should women cover their feet during the prayer?
  • - can you pray whilst seated on a plane, even if there is a lot of spare space around?
  • - you enter into the Masjid and look at a line of five guys and every one of them is moving their finger in a different way in the Tashahhud? What exactly was it that the Prophet (s) did with his finger that the Companions differed over?
  • - why is it that the Hanafi Madh-hab has achieved not just political but social domination in the world especially when it comes to the prayer?
  • - what happens if someone taps you on the shoulder and lines up next to you whilst praying your Sunnah, expecting you to lead them as if it was an obligatory prayer?
  • - did the congregational prayer first start with the Prophets, or with Mary or in Islam itself?
  • - when one raises the hands in the prayer, is it with every single takbir and what’s the evidence?
  • - how can we best advise friends and family members who just don’t get it about the prayer?
  • - is it true that the Shafi‘i school are the best when it comes to the acts of the Prayer? Can this actually be proved?


And yes, there are hundreds of more questions that will be covered as well as you having your own in the class, but you will get them all answered as we go along in sha Allah!


AlMaghrib Institute is delighted to announce the re-launch of probably our most famous and detailed class ever: Divine Link – The Fiqh of Salah. Taught expertly by Sh Abu Eesa - and Sh Yaser Birjas in the USA - this unique double-weekend seminar will teach you everything you need to know about what must be done before the prayer, the why and the how of the prayer itself in incredible detail, what’s after the prayer, and answer every possible question that you had about the prayer that you could ever have imagined!



“This is a must course for those who know the subject matter well and those approaching the topic for the first time. I would be happy to repeat it over and over, knowing that there is always room to dig deeper each time. You won't find a more comprehensive, digestible, illuminating and clear-cut presentation on the 'Fiqh of Salah' over two weekends anywhere else.”

- Jiva Akbor, London

“Divine Link was life changing. Everyone needs to take it to improve their salah. I haven't been this engaged in my salahs in a very, very long time. The knowledge I've gained is invaluable.”

- Suniya Kukaswadia, Toronto


“This course REALLY exceeded my expectations, subhanAllah! In the beginning I wasn't too sure about attending this course because I have already taken 2 separate courses on Solah as an adult. Imagine my surprise when I took this course. I learned so many new, surprising things that I keep going to people "did you, so crazy". Yeah, so in summary i really enjoyed this class, not only that, it is a really beneficial class and everyone should take it regardless of how much you think you know about fiqh of solah (and be amazed, inshaAllah). Alhamdulillah, Im SO GLAD I took this course. Thank you Shaykh Abu Eesa for teaching us and sharing some of your knowledge. And I also enjoyed your jokes and taking a hit us at Malaysians, we may be short but we are a nice simple bunch haha. We really really hope that you'll come back and teach us more FIQH, perhaps for wudhu' & purification? Jazakumullahu Khayran!”

- Nurul-Ikhlas Arshad, Kuala Lumpur


“This was the first Al Maghrib course that I ever went to and it blew me away. The course was above all very practical and dealt with contemporary issues facing the Muslims today in the West. This was by far the best attempt at this subject by any organisation to date, and may Allah reward the sheikh for helping the muslims here praying their salat!”

- Iftikharul Islam, London

"The most amazing, life changing experience ever. Transforming my life by changing how I deal with my Salah. Thank you for this wonderful class and having the best teacher ever, Sheikh Yaser to teach it only makes it the VERY best!"

- Tania Tanzir, Dallas

 “Jazakallah Sh. Abu Eesa! I have been blessed to take the Fiqh of Salah course for the 2nd time! And I can't wait to take it the 3rd time! Come back AE to our city!”

- Bushra Murad, Toronto


"Wow, what an excellent course! I should have taken this course many years ago. I am finally beginning to feel the connection with Allah (SWA) in my prayer. (SubhanaAllah) Jazak Allah Khairan and may Allah (SWA) give you and your family what is best in this life and in the next life. (Ameen) Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad (SAW) (Ameen)."

- Luxie Mohammed, Houston

“An amazing class mashaAllaah. Fiqh has never been so interesting, broadens your mind, helps you think 'out of the box' and helps you appreciate the scholars of fiqh specifically and scholars generally. Shaykh AE, you rock! I ask Allaah to preserve you upon good, ameen! A MUST GO TO!”

- Shahida Ngotho, Kuala Lumpur


“By far the best course I have taken with AM ! MashaAllah Sh Abu Eesa is blessed with ocean of knowledge and he is excited to share this knowledge with students. The class was in great depth and covers everything you need to know about Salah. Sh Abu Eesa has challenged me to think and reason before jumping into decision rightaway. Alhamdulilah this class has changed my Salah and I strongly recommend EVERYONE to take this class. If this class is coming to your city, register for it right away. You won't regret it ! InshaAllah.”

- Sara Mahmood, Winnipeg


“One of the most eye-opening seminars delivered by a scholar who you will love after attending this course. I loved learning where all the actions I performed came from. I enjoyed every minute and Sheikh AE is really enthusiastic in his approach. Salah is a different experience now. 100%. May Allah bless Sheikh AE and grant him jannatul firdaws.”

- Fahim Lunat, London


"This was an amazing course. My second with Sh Yaser Birjas and I absolutely love him. His style of teaching is so smooth, yet detailed. The Sh uses adequate examples on the things he's talking about. I felt involved and inspired as if my Iman was being renewed. I would recommend this course and this Sh to anyone and everyone. Truly one of the most life changing courses I have taken and it is thanks to Sh Yaser Birjas for teaching it in such a way where everyone left satisfied."

- Auneeb Shaikh, Houston

“Salam Alaikum, let me start by saying I've been waiting for Sheikh AE to teach us Fiqh Of Salah, since I first watched all the AlMaghrib trailers. It's been 2 years and Alhamdulilah, we finally got him in Winnipeg. We have always been taught the importance of Salah, and the punishment behind missing it but Sheikh AE taught the class in such a different way. We were reminded of the companions of the prophet (saws), the love they had for Salah, the commitment and the great stories. We also talked about the prophet (saws), the wives, the difference between now and then. mashAllah a very beautiful subject studied in such depth was exactly what I needed to keep working on my Salah and aiming for perfection. Sheikh AE's teaching style and sense of humour, was even better than just reading his facebook statuses/tweets or watching his videos, he's hilarious. He's also a very smart and bright teacher mashAllah, most of our classes so far had an emotional aspect but Fiqh of Salah really gets your logic going, you need your 'thinking cap' to be on ALL the time. Fell in love with Fiqh after this, and will definitely be hoping for more Fiqh classes. May Allah (swt) bless Sheikh Abu Eesa with the best in this Dunya and Akhirah, may He reward him and his family for the dedication and commitment put into teaching us so much in so little time, ya rab. If you're still wondering whether you should register or not, watch some of Sheikh AE's videos, his work speaks for itself!”

- Sarah Ragoub, Winnipeg


“This was easily the best class I ever took. Sh. Abu Eesa is the best shaykh AlMaghrib has to offer. He is witty and clever and he teaches with in a beautiful manner. If this course came back to Toronto I would definitely attend again!”

- Yusuf Saber, Toronto


"Yasir Birjas brought an enthusiastic and fresh perspective on a topic that is an extremely important part of Islam! His seminar on salah: Devine link will honestly completely change your life, and the way you lead your life, and will restructure the things you find importsnt in your life."

- Yassmen Etayem, South Florida

“I love AE's teaching style and he does it in such a way that inspires you to want to learn and know more! I also think that the difficulty of the course was just right as it makes you use your brain and try to think rather than just being a follower without understanding the why behind anything. Through implementing the information we learned I immediately felt a difference in the quality of my salah and am now feel more connected when I pray. May Allah swt reward everyone for their efforts in making this the best Al-maghrib course I have been to Ameen.”

- Halima Salim, London


"This is the BEST CLASS I have EVER took. May Allah grant Shaykh Yaser one of the highest places in jannah and May Allah be pleased with him and his household!"

- Marian Farah, Minneapolis

“Attending Divine Link this weekend has been a real game changer for me. Allah has blessed Sheikh Abu Eesa with the ability to engage entire audiences for prolonged periods of time when speaking about detailed issues that require a lot of focus and a lot of fiqh, may Allah bless him and grant him Firdous, ameen... And how grateful I am. This amazing seminar will change your life. Quite literally. Not only will you find yourself consciously trying to improve your prayer - reading, researching, memorising, adjusting, focusing, learning, but you'll find yourself adjusting your entire life around the all important prayer. And that's how it should be. If there's one thing I think everyone took away from the course, even if every single situational issue with the different Fiqhi opinions didn't register, and all those hours of sifting through the different madhaahib didn't make any sense, it was simply the stark reminder that if we don't have the prayer - we have nothing. And for that alone, I'd say attend the course. Everything else for me was a bonus. I thank the Sheikh and I pray he is able to continue to inspire many more people to make a change. Ameen.”

- Aisha Malik, London

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Course Outline



  1. a) definition of Salāh
  2. b) ruling of Salāh
  3. c) ruling on abandoning Salāh
  4. d) history of Salāh
  5. e) types of Salāh


Part 1: Salāt'l-Fardīdah (the 5 obligatory prayers)

  1. a) how to study fiqh and issues of taqlid
  2. b) Salāh times
  3. c) Adhān & Iqāmah
  4. d) the prayer
  5. e) arkān (integrals) of Salāh
  6. f) makrūh (abominable) acts of Salāh
  7. g) mubāh (permissible) acts of Salāh
  8. h) the etiquette of Salāh
  9. i) Salāt'l-Musāfir (traveler's Salāh)
  10. j) dealing with erros in Salāh
  11. k) making up for missed Salāh
  12. l) congregational Salāh
  13. m) imām and ma'mūm

Part 2: Other Forms of Salāh

  1. a) Salāt'l-Nāfilah (supererogatory Salāh)
  2. b) form of nafl Salāh
  3. c) notes on Khushū
  4. d) transliteration chart


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