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Western Sunrise (Islamic History in Africa, Andalus, and the Americas)

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Black Africa was backwards and the pit of darkness
The Dark Ages were the lowest point in man’s history
Columbus discovered an America inhabited with uncivilized savages

History is often told from the perspective of the conqueror:

Ancient maps depicting exaggerated sizes of the European continent; stories told from a Euro-centric perspective; significant chunks in timelines distorted or removed entirely to cover up empowering truths.

The time is long overdue for the Muslim Ummah to reclaim history.

The timely discovery of a shocking untold story finally unravels
in AlMaghrib Institute’s unparalleled double-weekend seminar

Western Sunrise
Islamic History in Africa, Al-Andalus, and the Americas

Taught by world-renowned scholar

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick

The world will never look the same as you uncover its secrets thought to have long been lost.

Africa is a treasure cove embedded with scholarly tribes and ilm-powered cities.

Expand your knowledge on:

  • The roots of Africa and its name
  • Africa’s first encounter with Islam
  • The role of Africans as Sahaba of Rasoolullah (salla Allahu alayhi wassalam)
  • The extensive advancements of Islamic scholarship as result of African tribes and schools
  • The importance and history of major cities like Timbuktu and Qayrawaan
  • Heroes of Africa who sought to it that Islam remains pure upon the Quran and Sunnah
  • The various movements and eras Africa witnessed among the Muslims
"Timbuktu’s thousands of manuscripts and its deep legacy destroy racist notions of Black inferiority and educational backwardness. Timbuktu gives solid proof of a powerful African past and an unbroken chain of African scholarship."

Andalus (today’s Spain) bred heroes in the face of oppression and became the epitome for advanced civilizations. While Europe was left in the Dark Ages, the light was shining on Islam’s Golden Age.

Enrich your history with facts on:

  • The fall of the tyrannical rule of the Visigoth
  • The spread of justice and land reform under the light of Islam
  • Successful openings (futoohaat) of major cities in Spain
  • Establishments of amazing complexes of palaces and gardens like Madinat-az-Zahra
  • Treatment of Christians and Jews under the Muslim rule
  • Muslim advancements in language, arts, and sciences that brought Europe out of the darkness
  • The causes and lessons of the eminent fall of a 700-year empire
"At its height around 1000 A.D., Cordoba had over 200,000 houses, 600 mosques, 900 public baths, 50 hospitals, and several large markets that catered for all branches of trade and commerce, including 15,000 weavers! The streets were lit for 10 miles in any direction, an innovation that took London and Paris 700 years to achieve!"

America’s history often starts with the discovery of Columbus; yet little is told of the rich Islamic history of the Americas both before and after the accidental arrival of Columbus.

Enlighten yourself with facts on:

  • Muslim naval explorations into the Atlantic
  • Ancient maps and atlases of the Americas accurately drawn by Muslim cartographers
  • Discovery of 8th Century artefacts and coins in the Caribbean
  • Genealogical and linguistic evidences linking American natives to Muslim Africans
  • Role of Muslims in saving Islam in the hearts of slaves
  • Role of Muslims in the resistance of slavery and return to Africa
"One of the leading forces in the resistance to slavery was the Muslim population who by the very nature of their faith were independent and unwilling to submit to oppression."

Enroll Now!

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick, with his extensive research and specialization on the topic, will take you on an adventurous journey of untold stories studied from a Makkah-centric perspective. Re-establish the bond with your noble ancestry and reconnect with those who walked these Western lands so long ago.

"When I was very young, little kid in a Masjid in Winnipeg, the uncles gathered the youth together for a lecture from this vising speaker from Toronto. I loved his lecture, and I was so impressed that he was using names and terms that I, as a kid, was familiar with. (come to think of it, that may be the first time I was exposed to that style, it became my style years later). It was sh.Abdullah Hakim Quick." - Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef

Why even study history? Truly understanding where we come from and the achievements of Muslims before us strengthens our resolve in the face of global and individual trials and tribulations. Extracting lessons with a learned teacher from our very rich history paves the road for fruitful future for our Ummah, inshaAllah.

The footprints in the sand once washed away by the sea will reappear once again at the dawn of the Western Sunrise.

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Course Outline



Chapter 1: Understanding History

Chapter 2: The First Hijra to Habasha

Chapter 3: In Defence of Monotheism

Chapter 4: African/Muslim Presence in Europe

Chapter 5: Rise and Fall of Civilization: Islamic Revival in Al-Andalus and North Africa

Chapter 6: Across the Sahara Desert to West Africa: Lessons in Islamization

Chapter 7: Islam in Ancient Mali: The Importance of Timbuktu

Chapter 8: Golden Age of Islamic Civilization

Chapter 9: Muslim Presence in Americas Before Columbus

Chapter 10: African/Muslim Presence in the Americas Before Columbus

Chapter 11: Muslim Presence in Early America After Columbus

Chapter 12: African/Muslim Presence in American Slavery

Chapter 13: Famous African/Muslims in Slavery

Chapter 14: Lessons from the Western Sunrise


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