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Stories of the Prophets II (Nation Builders)

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Some were giants, while others were kings.

Some split moons, while others split seas.

Some bent iron, while others flew with Angels



Our kids attend Sunday school and hear stories about men and women that sound mythical and seem almost fantasy.

We turn the pages of the Quran, and continuously read the stories of Prophets of the past. Yes, we believe in them, but almost never conceptualize the reality of their existence.

Our Prophets were real men who, by the Will of Allah, did amazing and miraculous things. They lived in the same lands in which we dwell. They were of different races, shapes and sizes. And they spoke different languages, some of which do not exist today.


Imagine meeting Uzair or Hizqeel in Jannah (alayhuma assalam). Would you recognize who they were by the stories of what they did in the Dunya? 

What does it truly mean to believe in the Prophets? Does it suffice to believe they simply existed? What about knowing their names and what they did?

Stories of the Prophets

a single-weekend seminar 


In this seminar full of adventure and spiritual elevation, you will journey through the lives of these amazing Prophets of Allah (alayhum assalam) and detailed description of their people.

  • Adam: his life in Jannah & Dunyah, his children, and successor Seth
  • Idris: his birth, teachings and miracles
  • Nuh: origins of shirk, disproving legends, and the story of his death.
  • Hud: his description, location, and depiction of his people’s destruction.
  • Salih: detailed stories of the She-Camel, and a description of the people of Thamud
  • Ibrahim: heroic stories from birth to death and adventurous travels
  • Ismail & Ishaac: their progeny, dwellings, and language
  • Yaqub: details of his family, meeting of Esau, and the building of Ayl
  • Lut: description of his people, his visiting Angels, and his life after Sodom
  • Shoaib: his message, language, and destruction of his people
  • Yusuf: extracting modern lessons from his elaborate story, including his death
  • Dhul-Kifl: who he was, description, and miracles
  • Yunus: his trials and experiences underwater, and how his people changed
  • Musa: extracting lessons from birth to death with detail description of Fir’awn
  • Hizqeel & Ilyas: who they were, their message and miracles
  • Shammil, Dawud, Sulayman: stories of kingship, miracles, jealousy & murder
  • Shia, Aramaya, Daniel: who they were, their message and miracles
  • Uzair: his century-long sleep and discovery of the Tawrah
  • Zakariya & Yahya: their love, childhood stories, and cruel deaths
  • Eesa: his birth, interaction with Jews, his torture, and other detailed life stories
  • Muhammad: his relations and interactions with the Prophets that came before


“I cannot describe how incredible and amazingly useful this seminar is. Everyone that has the opportunity to attend this course MUST do so. Sheikh Riad is an incredible teacher. Totally hilarious!! You learn a lot about yourself and have this need to change and be a better person. Beware though, you will cry a lot. Sad and happy tears! I loved every second of this seminar and I didn't want it to end! May Allah reward you and bless you Sheikh and your family!!” –Warda from Manchester, UK

“Masha'Allah tabaarak Allah, the first AlMaghrib seminar in Kuala Lumpur. It was unforgettableexperience with Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi - amazing endless energy, subhanAllah. And when it came to time management, you never want to mess up with Shaykh Riad, that is exactly what we need as an Ummah!” –Amar from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“The course enabled me not to only gain knowledge, but to apply what I learned in my day-to-day life. Sh. Ouarzazi was awesome and talented at teaching while keeping the lessons interesting.” – Tarige from Scotland, UK

“This was one of the best classes i have taking with Almaghrib. Subhanallah i would probably take it again if the shaykh comes back.” –Abdulkadir from Washington, DC

“This was a fantastic, breathtaking course, Shaykh Riyadh made me laugh and cry.” –Hanna from Manchester, UK

“Best best teacher EVER WALAAH. If this course comes to you, TAKE IT!” –Ayaan from Edmonton, AB

“This was one of those seminars that you could attend again AND again! Shaykh Riad's unique style of teaching blew us all away and the course content was taught in such a manner that it was unforgettable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! (don't forget a box of tissues!)” -Aqsa from Scotland, UK

“A heart serene...Wallahi the name says it. It was one of those classes where we cried our hearts to serenity. I have only attended one class with Shaykh Riad but without exaggeration, I am EAGER to be in his class again. It is not only his exciting, fun and forward teaching style, but his sincerity. I connected with him as a father figure for he teaches like one would teach his own child. Without giving away any class valuable material, one good daily habit that came in practice after this class was: dhikr & tawbah. It has been 2 years and 1 month as I write my testimonial & this class is still impacting me with vivid memories. If you miss it, make dua you get the opportunity to attend it. And if you attended it, make dua that you & I may attend it again Inshaallah!” –Maha from Calgary, AB

“If you're lacking emotional undulations when the Qur'an is recited...or feel that your Eemaan is weak because of a deficiency in your fear, love and hope in Allah, and realisation of the Dunya and the Aakhirah. Ready yourself for a rollercoaster in this class with Shaykh Riad.” –Taleb from Birmingham, UK

“This class is what opened my eyes to the deen, alhamdulilah. Anyone looking for that extra push to help them become better Muslims should DEFINATELY attend "A Heart Serene", and bi ithnillah, you will NOT be disappointed!” –Eiman from Toronto, ON


We all know the stories of the Prophets, at least so we think. 

Our instructor has spent months researching classical books extracting and compiling details not found in the English language.

He is in touch with the pressing issues of our communities today and developed a seminar that is not only packed with detail but also lessons that address the challenges we face today.

“Shaykh Riad...1 2 3 YOU ROCK!!! He is an Amazing, Compassionate Motivating and Inspiring speaker MashAllah” 

 Aqsa Razzaq, Manchester, UK

From the stories of the Prophets, here’s what you can expect:

  • Empowered youth with real role models
  • Increased hope in repentance and mercy from Allah
  • Raised standards and personal expectations
  • Improved Dawah skills and strengthened confidence
  • Growing family bonds between siblings and parents
  • Ease in forgiveness and love for one another
  • Pride in our heritage and historical awareness
  • Family fun, joy and adventure
  • Developed personalities, characteristics and manners
  • Closeness to Allah and love for our Prophets
  • Establishment of our Aqeedah

So what are the myths you can squash in this class?

  • Was Eesa unique in speaking from the cradle?
  • What was the real reason Fir’awn decided to kill every first born?
  • Is “The Fall of Adam” an acceptable part of our creed?
  • Is it ok to learn about Nuh by watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster?
  • Do the Jews of today really believe that Eesa was their enemy?
  • Did Eesa really walk on water and what about those Christmas tv shows?
  • Who was the maid that the Prophet (s) smelt her fragrance in Jannah?
  • Was Khidr really a prophet?
  • Did Ayoub battle it out with Iblis?
  • Was Idris raised to the skies like Eesa?
  • Do the Jews of today really believe Uzair is the son of Allah?
  • What was the real reason Yaqub became Israil?
  • Was Goliath really a giant?
  • And many many more...


“I remember when I saw Shaykh Riad come into the class on Free Friday, with his unique style, first thing that clicked my mind was his last class he had taught us, ‘Heart Serene’, I was like wow, as if we have the Sh Riad in the house, and I knew we were about to witness a Block Buster.” -Warda Ahmed, Winnipeg, MB 

“May Allah bless Shaykh Riad for the great work and dedication he has put into teaching us - you can really feel his passion and sincerity, SubhanAllah.” -Nur Azyan Ismail, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia


Course Outline

Table of Contents

Part 1: Things to Know

  1. 1. Why did Allāh send Messengers?
  2. 2. Belief in the Messengers
  3. 3. Why learn about them?
  4. 4. Some Things about Prophets
  5. 5. The Family Tree of the Prophets
  6. 6. The Number of Times Prophets are Named in the Qur’ān


Part 2: The Prophets

  1. 1.    Ādam
  2. 2.    Shīth (Seth)
  3. 3.    Idrīs (Enoch)
  4. 4.    Nūḥ (Noah)  
  5. 5.    Hūd
  6. 6.    Ṣāliḥ  
  7. 7.    Ibrāhīm (Abraham) and Ismā‘īl (Ishmael)
  8. 8.    Lūṭ (Lot)
  9. 9.    Isḥāq (Isaac)
  10. 10.  Ya‘qūb (Jacob) and Yūsuf
  11. 11.  Shu‘ayb
  12. 12.  Ayyūb (Job)
  13. 13.  Yūnus (Jonah)
  14. 14.  Dha’l-Kifl (Jonah)
  15. 15.  Mūsa (Moses), Hārūn (Aaron) and al-Khiḍr
  16. 16.  Yūsha‘ b. Nūn  
  17. 17.  Ḥazqīl (Ezekiel)
  18. 18.  Ilyās (Elijah) and al-Yasa‘
  19. 19.  Ṣamū‘īl (Samuel)
  20. 20.  Dāwūd (David)
  21. 21.  Sulaymān (Solomon)
  22. 22.  Ash‘iyā’ (Isaiah), Aramaya (Jerimiah)
  23. 23.  Dānyāl (Daniel)
  24. 24.  ‘Uzayr (Ezra)
  25. 25.  Zakariyya (Zechariah) and Yaḥya (John the Baptist)
  26. 26.  ‘Īsa (Jesus)


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