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Homecoming (Madinan Seerah)

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The entire city gathered at the outskirts…

...children, women, and men…

...exhilarated, breathless, nervous...

...anticipating the Prophet’s (ﷺ) ….


in the City of Madinah

“What if you too welcomed the Prophet (ﷺ) back into your life, longer a distant story…

...this time deeply human and personal?”

Imagine if the Prophet (ﷺ) walked into your life today…

Which emotions would you intensely feel?

How drastically would your life transform?

This is the man people loved more than their own mothers, children and selves...

...the man children flocked to for attention, compassion and fun.

...the man who transformed warring tribes into a single nation of light.

Imagine the impact when you truly welcome him into your heart.

"If there were no miracle except the Seerah of the Prophet (ﷺ),

then it would suffice as the greatest miracle!"

- Ibn Hajar

The most underappreciated element of his life (ﷺ) … that he was human…

...and he engaged with fallible humans… not superheros, legends or mythical creatures.

The Prophet (ﷺ) dealt with every demographic…

  • Raised diverse communities of varied races, religions, backgrounds

  • Inspired and empowered youth with positions of leadership

  • Counseled marriages and divorces

  • Encouraged female involvement and education

  • Experienced loss, grieved with widows and orphans

  • Consulted and learned from all ages and ethnicities

  • Confronted elements of racism, sexism and abuse

  • Exemplified hope and mercy for sinners

  • Rehabilitated criminals and secured justice for all

  • Arbitrated heated disputes between Muslims and non-Muslims

Do you not wish you could love him even more?

"None of you believes until I am dearer to him than his own father, his child, and all of mankind."

- The Prophet (ﷺ)

Nothing rejuvenates one’s faith, love and hope like learning the life, mannerisms, and decision-making of the Prophet (ﷺ).

“The Prophet (ﷺ) has died!”

Does that statement not hurt your heart? Make you shed tears?

It should.

And it won’t until you relive his life and legacy.

This is NOT a Seerah class….

...this is a transformational EVENT aimed at UNDERSTANDING the life of the Prophet (ﷺ) so you can relate, relive and inspire.

You will be encouraged to think critically about the decision-making process of the Prophet (ﷺ)...whether you are a beginner or advanced student of the Seerah.

You can freely ask and discuss contentious issues like…

  • Marriages of the Prophet (ﷺ)

  • Aftermath of Battle of the Trench

  • Spreading of the religion 

  • Aspects of Shariah

  • Varied dealings with hypocrites, Jews and Christians

This is the most epic story ever told...

The Prophet (ﷺ) transformed the feuding city of Yathrib into the City of Light, Madinat ul-Nabiy.

This journey of 10 years makes up the bulk of the Seerah. In it we discover the spirit of Islam, the foundation of our religion:

  • The era in which divine laws were revealed and taught

  • The most just charter ever established: The Charter of Madinah

  • The best sermon ever given at the Farewell Hajj

The Madinan Seerah is filled with stories of…

  • Joy and laughter

  • Hurt and loss

  • Victory and defeat

  • Trust and betrayal

  • Friendship and brotherhood

  • Forgiveness and new beginnings

In it is the blueprint for rebuilding our families, communities and organizations.

In it is your HOMECOMING.

Course Outline

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