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Sacred Scrolls (40 Ḥadīth of al-Nawawi)

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Sit Awhile With Excellence

Have you ever felt that your burning desire to gain Islamic knowledge is belittled by the sheer volume of all that you think you need to master?

Are you sitting beside yourself, thinking that you’ll never make a dent in it all?

Can you think of a situation where you tried to enjoin what is good and forbid what is wrong? Were you then asked to prove your point? Did you then struggle to find a hadeeth to support your claim? Were you at a loss for words?

Imam Bukhari? Imam Muslim? A hadeeth scholar you are not, but by Allah, do you wish you were?

Has the inability to articulate the proofs left you with an unsure speaking voice? Have you let a dawah opportunity pass because you’ve questioned your abilities?

Do you feel the burden on your shoulders? Does it break your heart?

This seminar will relieve you from your pain and give you an umbrella for when you stand in the rain!

What if, after just two weekends, you could feel your shoulders straighten, the air of confidence lifting you higher?

What if, after just two weekends, you could feel the joy of attaining crucial understanding of all the main concepts of your faith?

"...down to earth & practical. Every Muslim can benefit...get everyone you know to attend. Plus, this is for EVERYONE! This is a fundamental level course providing loads of spirituality, benefit and good, needed by the average person and the advanced student alike." - Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

What if, after just two weekends, you could attain comprehensive awareness of the one hadeeth compilation that could potentially address every religious matter you’ll ever want or need to talk about?

It is narrated on the authority of 'Umar bin al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, say:

"Actions are (judged) by intentions so each man will have what he intended. Thus, he whose migration (hijrah) was to Allah and His Messenger, his migration is to Allah and His Messenger; but he whose migration was for some worldly thing he might gain, or for a wife he might marry, his migration is to that for which he migrated." - Al-Bukhari & Muslim

If, as Imam al-Shafee has said, "This particular hadeeth is one third of the knowledge of Islam; related to about 70 topics of Fiqh,", –we ask:

“What then about the other 41?"

AlMaghrib Institute is Overjoyed to Bring You:

Sacred Scrolls: 40 Hadeeth Nawawi

A double-weekend degree seminar

Lessons from the timeless collection of hadeeth compiled by Imam AlNawawi

"The seminar was just AMAZING! I'm actually lost for words, the way we could study in great depth and cover numerous Islamic Sciences and the way we could also just take summaries. It has given me more motivation to go on and study further, building on my foundation." - Student, London UK

A double-weekend seminar taught by our powerhouse instructor:
Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah

He has been wowing students with a long-running streak of sold out Divine Link seminars; and now Sh Abu Eesa is back by popular demand!

"Shaykh Abu Eesa is able to connect with the audience, to inspire the audience, to provide a succint foundation of knowledge in a few minutes, to use parables and everyday examples, to change the mood of the information. Inspiring the student of knowledge to go further." Student, London UK

Hurry! You cannot afford to miss this!

This sensational seminar will endow you with:

  • comprehensive lessons from specific hadeeth in this praised collection;
  • the tools to recognize how the hadeeth apply to countless situations and all facets of Islam;
  • the life story of Imam AlNawawi and what inspired him to leave such a worthy legacy

If you ever wanted to memorize hadeeth to go hand- in-hand with your Quran memorization, but didn’t know where to start,

Then you belong here!

In the words of Imam AlNawawi himself,

"every person wishing to attain the Hereafter should know these hadeeth because of the important matters they contain and the directions they give in respect of all forms of obedience, this being obvious to anyone who has reflected upon it."

Yes, you definitely belong here!

Isn’t it obvious?

Come, sit with your brothers and sisters who seek excellence.
Be inspired! Be there!

Sit Awhile With:
Sacred Scrolls: 40 Hadeeth Nawawi - Enroll Now!

Course Outline


Chapter 1:

  1. a) The Life of Imam al-Nawawi
  2. b) Summary of al-Nawawi's Advice to those Seeking Knowledge


Chapter 2:

  1. a) The Muslim is Online
  2. b) The Muslim Clings to the Sunnah
  3. c) The Muslim is Cautious
  4. d) The Muslim Seeks to Obey
  5. e) The Muslim Strives for Goodness
  6. f) The Muslim Avoids the Doubtful
  7. g) The Muslim Seeks the Beneficial
  8. h) From the Portents of Faith: Loving Your Brother & Sister
  9. i) Belief & Ethics
  10. j) Character & Piety
  11. k) What Would the Prophet Say to You?
  12. l) Stairway to Jannah
  13. m) Then Which of the Favors of Your Lord Will You Deny?
  14. n) The Golden Compass
  15. o) Listen & Obey
  16. p) Eradication of Harm
  17. q) Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil
  18. r) Rights of a Muslim
  19. s) A Brief Stopover


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