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Collector's Edition (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhāri)

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Etched in the Eye of the Beholder

Struck with blindness at an early age, a veil dropped over the eyes of Muhammad ibn Isma’il. Through the persistent dua’as of his pious mother, one morning he woke up to find glimmers of light enrapturing his eyes. The veil vanished, Allah the Almighty restored his eyesight, and made his eyes the etching stone on which the truth was to be carved.

"O seeker of knowledge, Imam Muhammad ibn Isma’il has arrived. Whoever wants to receive Ahâdîth from him should present himself in his company."

Pack your bags for a journey through time, to the rich lands of Egypt, Syria, Basra, and Baghdad. Let us sojourn with the Muhaddith: IMAM BUKHARI

His mission was clear...

To Separate Fact from Fiction

Once four hundred Muhaddithîn had gathered in the city of Samarqand to test Imâm Bukhârî. They mixed up the transmissions of Syria with the transmissions of Iraq and vice versa. They tested Imâm Bukhâri for seven days, but could not mislead him in text or transmission. He had comprehensive knowledge in the science of Hadîth - all of the routes of a Hadîth were etched in his eyes.

To Convey the Truth

The Governor of Bukhara asked Imam Bukhari to teach his son. Imam Bukhari replied,

"I do not want to abuse knowledge and carry it to the footstep of the rulers. If anybody wants to learn, they should come to my school."

The governor replied,

"If my son was to attend your school, you would have to teach him separately."

Imâm Bukhârî answered,

"I cannot stop any person from hearing Ahâdîth."

Upon this, he was banished from his own homeland

To Clear any Misconceptions about Muhammad the Messenger

Due to the jealousy of a handful, mass propaganda and rumors spread about Imam Bukhari. Men disconnected themselves with him and condemned him as a foe. However, he did not let his struggle stand in the way of spreading the three hundred thousand hadith he had memorized in order to pass on the Message of Muhammad.

And so is ours...

True or False:

Learn how to determine which Ahadith are authentic. Cast away the innovations and untruths forcefully inserted into this religion.

"And say the truth has (now) arrived, and the Falsehood perished: For Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish." - Qur'an, 17:81

Rescue the Forgotten Legacy:
Salvage and revive the forgotten Sunnahs.

Sharpen and expand:
Your memorizing skills and ‘ilm to include the source identified as the most authentic after the Qur’an.

Discover the key:
Learn the methodology to open this treasure chest of precious gems which Imam Bukhari devoted his lifetime to collect so meticulously.

Generate a Toolbox:
Acquire the correct tools to bulldoze the misconceptions about Prophet Muhammad (salallahu alayhee wasallam) and re-construct and re-establish the forgotten legacy.

Rekindle your Love for the Messenger:
Express your love by becoming intimate with what he said, did, and silently approved of.

Mount a camel:
Along with Imam Bukhari and experience the bumpy ride. Appreciate the Imam’s struggles and sacrifices in the quest for knowledge for the success of this Ummah.

Who is this Seminar For?

  • Anyone who wishes to begin their quest to master the sciences of hadeeth (Muhaddith).
  • Khateebs and community leaders who desire quick ways to locate ahadeeth.
  • Youth leaders who give halaqas in their communities and need to cite references.
  • Parents who teach their children Qur’an and desire to supplement that knowledge with ahadeeth.
  • Da’ees who wish to learn appropriate means to refute Qur’aniyoon and other deviant sects.
  • Studied the seerah? The life of the companions? What about Imam Bukhari?
  • Anyone who wants to refine their character as a student of knowledge.
  • History buffs who wish to comprehend the immense donation of Imam Bukhari to the cause of this Ummah.
  • Anyone who desires a more dynamic perspective on the life of the Prophet.

At the end of this seminar you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the work and struggles of Imam Bukhari.
  • Value the compilation and organization of Sahih Bukhari and easily locate and research ahadeeth.
  • Feel confident in using Sahih al-Bukhari by learning his style and understanding his techniques.
  • Defend the legacy and character of the Prophet (salallahu alayhee wasallam) in the face of recent slander.
  • Give da’wah effectively through an enhanced knowledge of the tafseer of ahadeeth.
  • Tap the surface of hadeeth sciences, fiqh, and language.

To add to the very profoundness of this seminar, it will be taught and delivered by our Academic Dean, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi.

What is so profound about Shaykh Yasir Qadhi?

  • Allah (swt) instilled in him a distinct love and passion for the Sunnah and its sciences from a very young age.
  • He has ijaaza in al-Bukhari from many scholars. He obtained his very first one in the Prophet’s mosque, during a private halaqa, by reciting portions of al-Bukhari to ShaykhSafi al-Rahman al-Mubarakfuri.
  • He graduated with a B.A. from the College of Hadith and Islamic Sciences of the University of Madinah. He dedicated a whole entire year of his life just on al-Bukhari alone.
  • He is known for his perfect enunciation of every letter, and he finds a perfect balance between fun and seriousness packaged beautifully for his students.
"MashAllah. This was amazing! The level of understanding I have of Iman has already grownimmensely. The only thing I am sad about is seeing Shaykh Yasir Qadhi leave us. I cannot waitfor him to visit us sometime in Milwaukee. Trust me. We have a lot to offer up here. JazakAllahKhayr. May Allahs Ni'mah continue to spread among you and your family until the day ofjudgement."  Aazam, Chicago, IL.


"Alhumdullilah, alhumdullilah, alhumdullilah!!! An amazing course!!! Who would havethought that you needed a whole weekend to study the true meaning and significance of 'la ilahaillaAllah'! I cannot believe the beauty, simplicity, passion the course was taught!! Fun, laughterand seriousness under a Church, subhanAllah. SubhanAllah a life changing course, people do notmiss out when it comes to a Qabeelah near you inshAllah!”  Aneela, Birmingham, UK.

"Alhamdulillah - I really enjoyed this course. It was a great iman boost and kick-started mydesire to gain more knowledge inshaAllah"  Runa, Birmingham, UK.

As it was for Imam Bukhari,
will you not have the truth etched in your eyes? Enroll Now!

Course Outline

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