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Valley of the Seekers (Living with the Names and Attributes of Allāh)

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Take a Journey Towards Allah...

"He is Allah, the Creator, the Shaper out of naught, the Fashioner. His are the most beautiful names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him, and He is the Mighty, the Wise." - Qur'an 59:24

It is Al-Ahad (The One) that fills the depravity of our bones with the sweetness of Eman. He fills these empty chests with live, beating hearts that believe Divine Relief is just a few steps into the distance.

In the night we cry out to Him:

Ya Allah, we ask you by all the Names belonging to You which You have named Yourself with, or You revealed in Your Book, or which You taught to any of Your creation, or which You have preserved in the knowledge of the Unseen with You...

As-Saboor (The Patient One) gives us hardships He knows we can shoulder. And we love Him more, though our hearts are sometimes heavy with grief, and our shoulders may slump from the weight of sadness.

Ask yourself: does every gust of wind that blows against your skin satiate your limbs with the desire to meet Al-Mughith (The Sustainer)? Or cause your eyes to close in imagination of how the breeze in Paradise would feel? How it would evaporate the lines of age and distress from your face...

Ya Allah, our Lord, we are in anguish because we replaced Your love in our hearts with the love of people and things, believing they would make us whole. But they disappointed our hearts and left them barren.

Ya Allah we ask you through Your Name by which if You are asked, You will not reject Your servant...

He gave us more difficulties, and we withstood them and stood taller, turning our faces towards His Light. We will wait for these moments, days, and years to pass until we meet our Rabb (The Nourisher), until we are able to rest in the brilliance of His everlasting Paradise.

Ya Wadood (The Loving One), allow us to enter it.

Valley of the Seekers

There is no better time than now to learn about your Creator!

"The course structure is amazing, the material is outstanding, and the Shaykh, may Allah bless him, is - in one word - captivating. Throughout this course I’ve laughed, cried, hugged more people than I’ve ever hugged in my life, and, perhaps most importantly, realized my priorities. I can honestly say this course changed my life, inshaAllah." - Walaak, Calgary

Purify your Iman
by rediscovering there is no other deity to whom Allah’s Beautiful Names and Attributes belong.

Shed your Misconceptions
by learning about The Most High from authentic sources of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Strengthen your love for Allah
by internalizing His Beautiful Names and Attributes.

Establish a connection with your Lord
by perfecting your du’aa through His Names and Attributes.

"Subhanallah. I can testify to the fact that my heart has been indeed stirred. All praises are due to Allah for giving Sh Riad the ability to capture our hearts and find true sakinah. The sakinah of finally knowing Allah and remaining hopeful of His mercy!" – Student, Calgary
"To anyone who is thinking about taking this class, DO NOT let the opportunity slip by. Sh. Riad Mashallah is an excellent teacher, it’s been two weekend since the class ended and subhanallah I can still hear the shaykh’s voice ringing in my ears, warning us against doing things with impure intentions. When I read my notes I can imagine sitting in class listening to the gems that just drop like shooting starts in a meteor shower." – Imaani, Tennessee

By the end of this seminar you will be able to:

  • Differentiate the authentic sources from which Muslims derive knowledge about Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala)
  • Appreciate Allah’s Sovereignty, Absolute Perfection, Beauty, and Grace.
  • Realize the balance of: love of Allah, fear of Allah’s Wrath, and hope in Allah’s Mercy.
  • Establish an unsurpassed serenity and peacefulness in your du’aa and salah by better understanding Who you are addressing.
  • Savour the sweetness of connecting to your Lord, The Most High.
"This class, taught by Sh Riad, changed my life, I really don’t know how else to put it. The material, the way it was taught, the atmosphere – it became one of those checkpoints or milestones in my life where I said to myself, ‘Ok, it’s time to change.’ Alhamdulilah." – AbdelRahman Murphy, Chicago
"The Unique style of teaching from the Shaykh was simply superb...SubhanaAllah this course is a life changing experience, & if you get the chance to take this course, then please do, you don’t want to miss the ‘soul train.’" – Umm Husnain, Leeds, UK

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Course Outline

Table of Contents:

Chapter I: Introduction To Living with the Names of Allah

  1. 1. Why live with the Names of Allah?
  2. 2. Why the Names of Allah are called Husna?
  3. 3. Learning about the Names of Allah is the means to increase our imaan?
  4. 4. Learning about the Names of Allah is the means to learn about our Creator?


Chapter II: Rules & Conditions which Determine the Names of Allah


Chapter III: Purification of the Soul Through Allah's Names and Attributes


Chapter IV: The Greatest Names of Allah (Ismullahi al-Azam)

Chapter V: The Names that Manifest the Perfection of His Right to be Worshipped


Chapter VI: The Names that Manifest His Sovereignty

Chapter VII: The Names that Manifest Absolute Beauty


Chapter VIII: The Names that Trigger the Love of Allah in the Heart

Chapter IX: Conclusion


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