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Transformed (Principles in Spiritual Development)

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Within every ship is a captain.

This captain is the master who drives and controls the whole ship. The one who controls the master, controls the ship.

Within our bodies is also a master; a master that drives and controls the rest of us.

That master is the heart.

"Indeed in the body is a lump of flesh. If it is set right, the entire body is set right. And if it is corrupted, the entire body is corrupted. Verily it is the heart."

As we journey through this life, many things compete for control of this lump of flesh. Worse than that, we become so heedless to what is really going on, that we ourselves actually invite in the problem. We call upon those things because we can’t see past them. Shaytān, our desires, our nafs, people around us, money, society, and culture thus freely enter into our lives and challenge to dominate this master.

But all these things are only slaves, like us!


“Those you call upon instead of Allah are slaves like you!”
(al-A‘rāf, 194)


Our objective is therefore to liberate this lump of flesh from the servitude to the slave, and bring it to the servitude of the Lord of the slave.

When the heart is liberated in this way, it can begin to function as it was created to function. It can begin to love and give and understand the world in the right way - a way based upon Truth, not falsehood, or illusion.

It becomes unlocked from what we had sealed it with.

It becomes clean from the covering and layers of sin encasing it.

It becomes full of light after darkness enveloped it.

It can see again, and guide you after it had been blinded.


“It is not people’s eyes that are blind, but their hearts within their breasts.”
(Sūrat’l-Hajj, 46)

A liberated heart, transforms everything around it.

When the heart is transformed, our actions transform.

Our relationships transform.

Our lives transform.

And then, all of society transforms.


“Indeed Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is inside themselves.”
(Sūrat’l-Ra‘d, 11)


What are you waiting for, when you can now embrace that change?

AlMaghrib Institute is proud to present “Transformed”, a single-weekend seminar that examines how to bring about this change by studying the purpose and function of the heart as it relates to ultimate success in this life and the next.

It will examine the concept of love and attachment and will go in depth into the principles of relationships as they relate to the state and function of the heart.

It will discuss practical tips on how to transform our relationship with our Creator, ourselves, our spouses, our families and our society, by transforming the state of our heart and our vision of the world.

Taught by the talented and popular Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed – author of the acclaimed “Reclaim Your Heart” - allow her to take you on a journey of transformation using her experience and skill, making you delve into the innermost depths of your soul and making you realise just how at peace you could be despite all of your pain and difficulties in life.

It’s time to be Transformed.



“She is a very inspiring woman, very down to earth and has a unbelievable way of expressing
thoughts and feelings.”


“Yasmin's words connect the believer's heart to The One Who created it!”

Uzma Reem

“This young lady is speaking to your heart...its like her hands are reaching deep into the vessels and
veins and re-attaching them where they have been cut off due to the many stresses of life!”

Umm Hajar

“Yasmin Mogahed captures the concepts with her vast amount of knowledge and experience of
understanding and moulding the human mind in order to achieve mental and spiritual liberation.”


Course Outline

Course Objective:

  1. Learn the importance of purifying the heart

  2. Learn practical ways to rectify our relationship with the Creator

  3. Learn practical ways to rectify our relationship with the creation


Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Love:

A. Source of Love

B. Running After Creation

C. Enjoyment of True Love Only Without Desperate Need

D. Loving the Giver more than the gift  

E. Focus [Tawheed]


  • Chapter 2: Introduction to the Heart


A. Function of the heart

i. Master of the body

ii. Seat of Taqwa

iii. Seat of Iman

iv. Lens/'sight'

v.  How we understand the world

B. Importance of the Heart

i. Success based on sound heart

ii. Vessels of Allah

iii. Not Appearances

  • Chapter 3

A. Love of Dunya

B. Center of Gravity and Master

C. Broken Hearts and Attachment

i. Women Around Yusuf (AS)

ii. Definition of "Illah"

iii. Desires as Illah

iv. Warning Against Taking Other Than Allah as Illah

v. Worldly Consequences of Taking Illah With Allah

vi. The Only Lasting

vii. Ascertaining Our Attachments

viii. Holding Gifts in the Hand Vs. Heart

ix. Surviving the Ocean of Dunya

  • Chapter 4: Love

A. #1 Greatest Motivator

B. Media's Definition of Love

C. Difference Between Love and Attachment

D. Love for the Sake of Allah/ Love Without Attachment

  • Chapter 5: Hardships and Pain

A. Husnul Than Billah

B. Reactions

i. Anger, Sabr, Rida

ii. Punishment or Test/ Blessing?

iii. Anxiety

iv. Depression

  • Chapter 6: Thikr--Filling the Vessel

A. Tawakkul

B. Tawheed of Dependency

  • Chapter 7: Introduction to the Creation

A. Rectifying Relationship with the Creation

i. Forgiveness

ii.Helping Others

  • Chapter 8: Parents

A. Rights

B. Seeking Approval Vs. Pleasing Allah

C. When You Can't Please Parents

  • Chapter 9: Friends

  A. Neediness

  B. Dependency

  • Chapter 10: Spouse

A. Fairy Tales

B. Complete or Complement

C. Savior?

i. Wife of Lut (AS)

ii. Aasiyah (AS)

D. End of the Story/Search?

E. Marriage as Character Builder

  • Chapter 11: Children

  • Chapter 12: Self Image

  • Chapter 13: Society


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