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His Majesty (Unlocking the Names of Allah )

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If you could have a one-on-one session with His Majesty,
the King of Kings…

...would you ever feel alone again?


Yes, to know Allah is to love Him…

...but what does that even mean to you?

You see, those who KNOW Allah behave in a way that bewilders others…’s like they know something the rest of us don’t.

Take for example Musa (alayhissalam).

When he led his people to the Nile, a “dead end”, Bani Isra’il buckled under the fear of Fir’awn’s oncoming army.

Not Musa. His response was “No, indeed! With me is my Lord! He will guide me.”

He knew something the rest didn’t. And that’s not just because he was a prophet.

It was because he KNEW Allah.

If you have the audience of His Majesty, what grievance would you bring to His court?

To unlock the Beautiful Names of Allah is to start a conversation one-on-one.

When you know WHO you’re speaking to, your conversation changes.

Take Anisa, for example, a sister with self-esteem challenges...

When she unlocked the Name, Al-Wali (The Protecting Friend), she no longer felt the need for acceptance…

...because not only did she have friends in high places…

...she had the BEST Friend in the HIGHEST of places.

...or how about Kamil, a brother with an Autistic son...

He learned about the Name, Al-Jameel (The Beautiful) and realized something few would have figured out…

Al-Jameel wrote beauty into his Qadr and wrote beauty into his struggle and wrote beauty into Autism.

...and finally take Jennifer, a sister with a strained mother-daughter relationship.

Just as she was about to lose hope, she unlocked the Name, Al-Jabbar (The Restorer).

See, even if we could put broken glass back together, the cracks would still be visible.

It is only Al-Jabbar who can restore it back to its perfect nature.

What does it mean to UNLOCK a Name of Allah?

Not only do you have the backing of the King of Kings... begin to embody these Names & Attributes within yourself.

While there are Names exclusive to Allah, there are so many more that can be practiced as inspiration. The Prophet ﷺ did this the best.

When you are inspired to show more compassion, love, and mercy, you become a better person…

...firstly for yourself, then for your family and a greater contributor to society.

What this seminar will do for you…

  • Come closer to Allah at a personal and intimate level

  • Increase your attachment to your Creator

  • Power your life through an everlasting battery

  • Behave in accordance to His Beautiful Names

  • Recall a Name of Allah in each scenario of your day

  • Seek comfort in the Names of Allah at the face of life challenges

  • Find the strength to overcome your weaknesses and temptations

  • Remove any doubts about the existence or nature of Allah

Suddenly, everything that is happening to you and to the world will make sense.

This is NOT a ‘Aqeedah seminar

You will focus on the IMPACT the Names and Attributes of Allah have on your daily life.

The objective of this seminar is to revive your heart and relationship with Allah.

  • Learn the linguistic meaning of each Name and all its implications

  • Appearance in the Quran and application in the real world

  • New meanings that appear by pairing Names together

  • Recall how a Name applies in your day-to-day

  • Engage in activities and exercises to internalize and embody these Names

How did we all miss out on this?

There are hardly any English books or classes that cover the Beautiful Names of Allah in depth.

If at all, they’re often at a rudimentary level, covering only the basics.

This seminar dives deeper into each meaning and its impact.

Because this is the GREATEST and MOST NOBLE goal to achieve… KNOW Allah.

Then everything else becomes easy:

  • Talking to Allah knowing He really does hear you

  • Asking of Allah knowing He really will answer

  • Waking up for Fajr with energy

  • Walking away from that one pestering sin

  • Reading Quran like it’s the first time

  • Facing your challenges with your head high

Unlock the Beautiful Names of God…

....and start your ONE-ON-ONE conversation now.

Course Outline

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