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Firm Ground (Foundations For Clarifying Textual Misinterpretation )

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“I know it’s been claimed to be all good, but is there genuinely anything positive about Muslims at ALL?!”

Hey what on Earth do you mean by that?!

“See, when was the last time Muslims were not part of the national or international headlines: terrorism, bombings, kidnapping each other, killing each other, whether in their own countries like Egypt or Syria or Iraq or in other countries which aren’t even their own!”

Wait just a minute. That’s not fair.

“You might very well say that but I tell you what, it’s a good thing we don’t let the Muslims get too powerful here in our country. Admit it. If you had the chance, if you had the authority, you’d have us non-Muslims killed.”

Huh? Are you kidding me?

“Well, why do you believe in a God who commands you to hate so much!”

Our God? Hate!? Our God is the Most Merciful!

“Merciful? Who to? Us? So this is merciful!? “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive, and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.” (The Holy Koran 9:5)”

No no, you’ve got that all wrong! You need to complete the whole verse!

“Oh really? Ok so here you go: “… But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free....” (The Holy Koran 9:5). So that’s me getting it wrong? It’s merciful that I’m not allowed to believe what I want and that I need to repent for it and be forced to pray to your God or be killed?!”

You’re taking these verses out of context man.

“Let me give you some context bro. Islam preaches hate, ignorance, intolerance, and oppression against whoever doesn’t agree with your religion!”

Don’t be silly! Our sources of guidance – the spoken Word of God, and the Teachings of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) – make up what is the only religion based on authentic divine justice!

“Seriously? Would that be the same sources which state the following?

-        That a nation won’t be successful if they choose a woman as their leader? 

-        That your Prophet was commanded to fight the people until they declare that there is no god but Allah? 

-        That homosexuals should be thrown off a mountain? 

-        That men can marry non-Muslim women, but Muslim women can only marry Muslim men? 

-        That Muslims will fight the Jews to the extent that even trees and bushes will be giving up Jews who are hiding from death? 

-        That men can marry and divorce freely, with up to four wives and countless concubines, whereas women only get one husband and no right of divorce? 

-        Do you really want me to continue?!”

Look, erm, wait a minute, just wait…





We could be forgiven these days for thinking that we are facing an unprecedented ideological attack against the sources of our religion, for many different reasons, and indeed an attack on the faith in our hearts too.


Not a day goes by except that Islam is in the news. Say what you will about how it got there, but Muslims are truly the number one daily trending topic in even the real world outside of Twitter, whether for good or bad reasons.


And what that brings with it, is attention. And critics. And attacks.


Are you ready for these attacks? Are you ready for even sincere innocent questions which reach to the very foundations of your belief and intellect, perhaps leading you to be confused or even making you doubt and question your religion and your practice?


Are you firmly grounded in faith? Because to be firmly grounded in faith and have that confidence - which you must have considering you are a follower of the Divine Truth which is Islam – you need to be firmly grounded in KNOWLEDGE.


“Those firmly grounded in knowledge say, “We believe in it, it is all from our Lord.” And only those with real perception will take heed.” (Aale-‘Imrān, 7)


A proper knowledge of our sources and its interpretation, understanding its context and correct application, appreciating the necessary tools that must come into play before a source text can be used, all of this is absolutely vital to rid ourselves of doubt and lead to that pure beautiful faith that being confident brings about.


Can you afford missing out on such knowledge?


Many people have historically tried to pour doubt into the hearts of Muslims, but have failed spectacularly. By the grace of Allah Himself, thousands of scholars dedicated their lives to answering and clarifying these misconception, formally and informally. These misconceptions are nothing new.


Whether it is Imam Abu Hanīfah showing us the way in debate, or Ibn Qutaybah with his masterpiece against those who would try to find problems with the Qur’ān, or Imām al-Shāfi‘ī in his Ikhtilāf al-Hadīth and Imam al-Tahāwi in his Bayān Mushkil al-Athār with their amazing efforts in reconciling between all the hadith from the Prophet (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam), we have an incredibly rich legacy and a robust defence of our sources which leaves a Muslim feeling proud, confident and with a peak in their imān like they never thought possible!

Now it’s time to bring that classical knowledge forth and present it in a modern day vernacular, in a modern day context, to a modern day Muslim diaspora so that they can live and breathe and practice their faith on FIRM GROUND.


In what has been accurately described as one of our most important classes in response to the ever-growing confusion concerning our beautiful religion, AlMaghrib Institute’s newest single-weeked seminar is Firm Ground: Foundations For Clarifying Textual Misinterpretation with aptly our newest instructor Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda.

In what promises to be a class that will bring guidance and direction to thousands, and help many more to revive the wonderful sweetness of imān, it seems a perfect fit to choose a scholar like Shaykh Abdul Nasir with such a comfortable grasp on both modern day life and the mindset behind it, as well as the classical sources and why they might be seen to clash.

You will not just study the sources in general and then those texts in specific that are most commonly misunderstood, but you will also look at the principles and maxims which need to be utilised correctly in order to arrive at an authentic opinion. And not just an authentic opinion, but you’ll be able to answer all your detractors and silence all the doubters, the most important of which is the whisperings entering your own heart!

This class will incorporate the principles of Mustalah’l-Hadīth (the Science of Hadīth) as well as Usūl’l-Fiqh (the Principles of Jurisprudence) which allow you to determine whether something is an unrestricted statement or a specified one, an early statement or an abrogating one, a clear statement or an odd one, an authentic statement or a fabricated one, a time-restricted statement or an absolute one, and so on.


You will combine the classic with the modern, perusing through the fields of Apologetics as well as Homiletics and some principles in Da‘wah which will help you personally understand concepts better and then importantly enable you to convey the information contained therein accurately to others.


This is a seminar that you truly will not want to miss, for all what of it combines in feeding you a structured methodology on how to approach our divine sources, and then understanding them correctly and experiencing an imān-rush as a result!



Course Outline

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