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Fiqh of Chillin' (Entertainment & Recreation in Islam)

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An hour for my Lord, and an hour for my desires,
I used to hear them say. 

And so my world is divided

Between a life of amusement

And a life of religiosity

But what if I can consolidate the two
and finally make it feel right?

Last week I had a ball at my cousin’s wedding, the music was blaring, the dance floor was shaking, and everyone was happy – guys and girls.

But I couldn’t shake a funny feeling I tried to bury. Something deep inside just didn’t feel right.

Last night I hung out with friends from the MSA at a nearby Bar & Grill. I talked about the wedding but found myself filtering out some parts...I didn’t know why.

Some of them jokingly asked if I found a “hottie”, while others just sat nervously. What made them so awkward? Was it my story, the bar nearby, the movie we just watched or did they just not know how to lighten up? I wondered…

Today I find myself at a fork in the road. I really long to be a better Muslim, but I’m afraid that means I’ll turn into a nagging bore.

I KNOW it doesn’t have to be that way! But HOWis the question…


AlMaghrib Institute presents a peculiar seminar combining fun and spirituality.

Say what?

Yup - a seminar for you O’ lifeless bore and for you O’ party fiend:

Fiqh of Chillin’
Fun & Entertainment in Islam

Is it really that BLACK and WHITE?

While some are quick to flash their “haraam” card at everything minutely enjoyable, many others compromise their Islam in the name of fun – whether unknowingly or otherwise.  

Is there a balance?

وَكَذَٰلِكَ جَعَلْنَاكُمْ أُمَّةً وَسَطًا
“And so we have made you a balanced nation”
Surat Baqarah: 143

Not only is there a balance, but we are commanded to find it.

Fun is Sunnah

Would it surprise you to hear that having fun is actually part of the Sunnah?

We hear about the nobility and allure of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wassalam), his companions and the scholars to follow, and regard them as untouchables.

But what if you could learn about their other side: the fun, joking and maybe even prankster side of the greatest men and women to walk the Earth?

Food fights, town pranksters, and entertainment were always part of the lives of our forefathers.  Certainly a place to start, no?

But Today is Different?

Today we’re surrounded by a different pop culture. And it’s just so darn magnetizing:

  • Glamorous fashion styles that spread like wildfire
  • Blockbuster movies and book-to-film adaptations
  • Sensational sport tourneys and idolized players
  • Virtual worlds thriving on social media & smart phones
  • Unavoidable music that instinctively makes your head bob

The list goes on, the temptations get stronger, and the lines just get blurrier.

In this seminar, you’ll break through the pandemonium and:

  • Reconcile between the need for amusement and need for religiosity
  • Debunk the myth that having fun is “haraam”
  • Learn how to have “a ball” without compromising spirituality
  • Break free from the Hollywood trance – gladly and willingly
  • Excel in a society where alcohol is prevalent
  • Capitalize on the fruits of Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
  • Become a complete Muslim – fun, content and happy

Everything is Halaal…

You’re probably afraid you’ll come out of this seminar learning everything you enjoy is haraam.

Rest assured, dear friend, for everything is halaal until proven haraam. That means the halaal infinitely outweighs the haraam in number.

Rest assured, dear friend, for every impermissible act, Allah (Swt) has created a sweeter, more blessed and fun alternative.

The Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wassalam) said: 
“Whoever gives up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will compensate him with something better.”
[Imam Ahmad]

What Makes it Even Cooler?

Fiqh of Chillin’ is taught by one of our youngest and probably hippest instructors: Shaykh Saad Tasleem.

In his past life, Shaykh Saad was the lead singer of a punk rock band, and still rocks his Converse sneakers like a boss. There’s probably nobody better than Shaykh Saad to understand the plight of Muslim youth in the face of today’s pop culture pressures.

Shaykh Saad then went on to study in Madinah University where he impressed his fellow classmates and teachers with his dedication to the study of Islamic Sciences. He graduated with a Bachelor’s from the College of Shariah, Madinah University.

Shaykh Saad Tasleem is a walking testament that anything is possible for just about anybody!

The Fun Muslim

“Joking is Sunnah,
but only for those who know how to do it and do it at the appropriate time.”
Sufyan ibn ‘Uyaynah (rahimahullah)

Dear friend, you are invited in the spirit of fun to join the company of good friendship, and part after a single weekend with a wholesome feeling that feels just right.

You are invited to the Fiqh of Chillin: Fun & Entertainment in Islam 

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Course Outline


  1. 1.    Striking the Balance (Al-Wasaṭiyyah)
    1. a. Striking the Balance is Part of the Sharī‘ah
    2. b. How to Strike the Balance
    3. c. “Ḥalāl Until Proven Guilty”


  1. 2.    Pop Culture
    1. a. Consumerism
    2. b. Music
    3. c. Movies & Pop Culture
    4. d. Hollywood’s Depiction of “Love”
    5. e. Watching and Following Sports


  1. 3.    Physical Fitness
    1. a. Sports at the Time of the Prophet (ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam)
    2. b. Islamic Perspective on Sports and Physical Fitness


  1. 4.    Recreational Drugs
    1. a. Cigarettes
    2. b. Shisha/hookah
    3. c. Alcohol
    4. d. Marijuana


  1. 5.    Social Media
    1. a. Studying Islam Online
    2. b. Getting a Fatwa from ‘Shaykh Google’ & Wikipedia
    3. c. Looking for a Spouse Online
    4. d. Matrimonial Websites


  1. 6.    Laughing, Joking, and Pranks
    1. a. Smiling in Islam
    2. b. General Attitude in Everyday Life
    3. c. Joking and Pranks


  1. 7.    “Souls are Like Soldiers Grouped in Ranks.”
    1. a. Friendship in Islam
    2. b. Socializing


  1. 8.    “So Travel Through the Earth…”
    1. a. The Encouragement of the Sharī‘ah to Travel
    2. b. Early Muslim Travellers
    3. c. Travelling to Seek Knowledge
    4. d. Travelling for Leisure 


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