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Complicated? (A to Z of Women's Modern Fiqh)

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or so they say...
The number one most complicated matter in regards to women is the Fiqh of Women.

But it doesn’t have to be.

In a step towards empowering Muslim women and uncomplicating matters surrounding them, AlMaghrib Institute is introducing a well-deserved and long-awaited seminar dedicated to the Muslim Woman.

COMPLICATED? A-Z of Women’s Modern Fiqh

Taught by none other than AlMaghrib’s Vice President,


If you educate a man, you educate an individual but if you
educate a woman, you educate a nation

African Proverb

In recent times, there have been questions raised from within and without in regards to the status of women in Islam, raising doubts and complicating matters for both men and women. Issues pertaining to:

1. Public speaking
2. Socialization and interaction with the community
3. Niqaab and Hijaab
4. Beautification and modesty (hayaa)
5. Character and etiquette
6. Menstruation and purification
7. Leading in Salaah and making the Adhaan
8. Following the Janazah and visiting the graves
9. Zakah and Sadaqah
10. Polygamy, marriage and divorce
11. And many more…

Haneen Hammad from Bay Area, CA
"Sh. Waleed is such an inspiring speaker mashaAllah." 

Mahnoor Khan from Calgary, AB
"Sh Waleed is a wonderful teacher with sooo much knowledge masha Allah!" 

Nadia Khan from Birmingham, UK
"Shaykh Waleed's method of teaching is very unique and mashallah very effective." 

Mohammad Ouyoun from Chicago, IL
"SubhanAllah, when Sheikh Waleed teaches any course you know that you are in for great two weekends."  

Umm Reem (location unknown)
"…the popularity of shaikh waleed's way of teaching is reaching far out, seven seas apart to another continent."  

Suzanne Khazaal from Southern California
"…Masha'allah people are still saying great things about you since Rays of Faith. You are truly awesome in every respect…" 

Tahsan from Naperville
"Sheikh Waleed left an impact on the heart that few have the ability to do." 

Khafayah from Surrey, UK
"He is the most humble Shaykh I have ever met – we still have plenty to learn from Shaykh Waleed and all our Shaykhs." 

Najwa from Manchester, UK
"Shaykh Waleed is a truly wonderful gifted teacher MashaAllah."

Unknown from London, UK
"The deliverence the Sheikh gave was excellent, the interactivity, the structure of the class - all of it was amazing." 

Maryam from Croydon, UK
"Sheikh Waleed is such an awesome ustadh, the way he constructs the lessons and made them."

Nadia Khan, Birminham UK
"Shaykh Waleed's method of teaching is very unique and mashallah very effective."

Course Outline

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Rulings Related to Female Newborns and Children

  1. A. Virtues of Having Daughters
  2. B. Naming the Child
  3. C. The ‘Aqīqah
  4. D. The Shaving of the Hair
  5. E. The Urine of the Female Infant
  6. F. Circumcision
  7. G. Photography, Paintings, and Sculptures
  8. H. Children’s Toys
  9. I. Sleeping Arrangements
  10. J. Clothing
  11. K. Signs of Puberty


Chapter Two: Rulings Related to Worship which are Specific to Women

  1. A. Rulings related to Ṭahārah, Wuḍū, and Ghusl 
  2. B. Rules Relating to Ḥay (menstruation), Istiḥāah (bleeding outside of menstruation), and Nifās (post-partum bleeding)
  3. C. Rulings related to Ādhān, Iqāmah, Ṣalāh, and Dhikr
  4. D. The Rulings Related to Janā’iz (Funerals) and al-Ḥidād (Mourning)
  5. E. The Rulings Regarding Zakāh, Ṣadaqah, Ṣawm, and Ḥajj


Chapter Three: The Rulings Related to Clothing and Beautification

  1. A. General Guidelines Regarding Clothing and Beautification
  2. B. Rulings Regarding Women’s Clothing
  3. C. Beautification


Chapter Four:  Rulings Related to Social Interaction

  1. A. Important Qualities of the Muslim Woman
  2. B. Rulings Regarding the Dealings of Women with Non-Relative Males
  3. C. Rulings Regarding the Dealings of a Woman with her Family
  4. D. The Ruling Regarding the Muslim Woman with her Friends


Chapter Five: Rulings Related to the Role of Women in Society

  1. A. The Ruling Regarding Leaving the Home
  2. B. Education of Women
  3. C. Women’s Participation in Da‘wah
  4. D. Women’s Participation in the Workforce
  5. E. Women’s Participation in Politics


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