• Hey, aren’t you hot in that hee-jaab?
  • So why can’t you shake my hand again? How about a hug?
  • 13 wives and the youngest was 9? Please explain this one.
  • He can marry 4 times but she’s limited to 1? Why is that?
  • How’s it fair that you need 2 women to count as 1 witness?
  • If the religion is so humane, how can you justify amputation, capital punishment, and stoning? Sounds barbaric to me.
  • And the questions are endless…

It seems that each time you think you addressed their concerns they come up with yet another question. It’s only a matter of time before you get stumped, start stuttering and come up with some half-hearted answer that leaves them even more unconvinced.
Have you considered that you might be doing it all wrong?
Unfortunately, many of us are doing Islam a disservice by venturing into the field of Da’wah without first learning the science of giving Da’wah. Yes, there’s a whole science of Da’wah!

Living in the West, not only do we get ample opportunities to give Da’wah but it is all the more a responsibility we carry on our shoulders. Think of the last time you bumped into a non-Muslim who had an inquisitive stare at the unusualness of your appearance. Did you let that chance pass as yet another awkward moment?

Hold on, hold on! I’m no Da’iyah – this isn’t my role.

The Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wassalam) said:

“Dude, I can’t bring myself to do street Da’wah and speak to people. It’s just not me.”

  • Understand yourself and what type of Da’wah you fit in
  • Capitalize on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses
  • Revisit your initial intentions for the Da’wah
  • Develop and improve your manners as a person
  • Learn the power of words and their effectiveness on logic and emotion
  • Learn the do’s and dont’s of giving Da’wah
  • See many perspectives and gain a complete point of view

Ok, that’s great, but I don’t work with people who care

When Abdullah ibn Um Maktoum (ra), a blind Sahabi, approached the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wassalam) while he was giving Da’wah to the Mushrikeen, the Prophet frowned and turned away.

Allah (swt) then revealed in Surat ‘Abasa:

Allah (swt) reminds us that we do not know what is in the hearts of people. It is upon us to convey the message and it is upon Allah (swt) to guide the hearts.

There are various types of people you face every day.

  • Understanding the 3 personality types
  • Overcoming their fear of change
  • Reading people and being perceptive
  • Utilizing cognitive dissonance & reciprocity to your advantage
  • Addressing logical versus emotional needs
  • Using stories both happy or sad at the appropriate times
  • Learning the art of disarming jokes, praise or gifts
  • Speaking to children & the art of building rapport
  • Differentiating Da’wah to men & women and customizing communication
    with them respectively

Family comes first!

We’ve all done it! Neglected the family to give Da’wah to the neighbour; and neglected the neighbour to give Da’wah to the boss.

Yes, it happens. We get so indulged in giving Da’wah to a colleage that we lose the ability to connect with our family. Guiding to Allah by the Book is comprehensive, teaching you various Da’wah methods geared towards non-practicing Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists, and Polytheists.

  • Art of persuasion & negotiation skills
  • Powerful ways to answer questions
  • Changing behaviour and channeling thoughts
  • Fixing the mindset & taking advantage of low/high points
  • Golden rules of Da’wah and the Do’s & Dont's
  • Knowing when to walk away
  • Preparing strong answers for controversial topics

Shaykh Kamal – Black Belt in Da’wah

You may have heard of the workshop “How to Give Shahada in 10 Minutes”, a popular 6-hour workshop by Shaykh Kamal El-Mekki dedicated to empowering MSAs and organizations in the art of Da’wah. Now times that by 7 and you get an intensive double-weekend seminar custom-fit to every scenario.

Many of us have benefited from his dawah workshops and amazing lectures online! This is great, alhamdulilah.”

- Rahma Jama, Columbus OH

“Shaykh Kemal ElMekki is the 'Don' when it comes to da'wah. Whether it be table da'wah, the cool guy getting the Shahadas or the man behind the “How to Give a Shahadah in Ten Minutes” -- he is the coolest da'wah machine in town!”

- Alima Ashfaq, Birmingham UK

  • College/high school students whether part of Islam Awareness or not
  • Teachers in secular or Islamic schools1274
  • Parents raising children in the West
  • Professionals in non-Muslim environments
  • Khateebs, Masjid board members, or activists
  • Any Muslim living in the West