Washington, DC | Jan 27 - 29

For me time has stopped, clocks no longer tick or tock
I can feel my body rot, bugs eating through this cloth
I now live in this little box my bones are stiff and cold
And I now know the truth of the message I was told
I wasn’t prepared, and now I am getting very scared
For what’s left to come, eternal bliss or despair
My final home, the scales will ultimately measure
Goodbye Dunya and Welcome to...

Death is only the beginning

It’s not a choice, decision or debate. When the angel of death comes there will be no discussions or room for opinions, every soul will taste it wether it wants to or not. Our graves are patiently waiting to be filled and the day of resurrection is closer than we think.

The dunya is your home away from home, and the world to come is your everlasting home for eternity. Eventually you will return to your final residence but will this be a place of bliss, serenity and eternal happiness or sorrow, regret and never ending misery?

“There was a dispute between Hell and Paradise during which Hell said, ‘The haughty and the proud will find abode in me.’ And Paradise said, ‘The meek and the humble will find their abode in me.’ Thereupon, Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, (addressing Hell) said, ‘You are the means of My punishment by which I punish those of My servants whom I wish.’ (and addressing Paradise), He said, ‘You are My mercy by means of which I will show mercy to those whom I wish. And each one of you will be full.’”

Ultimate reward or ultimate loss?

For some the hereafter marks the moment of sweet victory, as they are paid in full for the good they used to do on this earth. While for others, the next life will be a place of doom, dismay and wretchedness.

What makes these two worlds so unique and what is the reality that each of its inhabitants will face? Join Al Maghrib’s single weekend journey to the land beyond and get a glimpse and taste of the world which is yet to come.

In this course, students will learn about:

• Aqeedah and theological issues surrounding Heaven and Hell
• The meaning of “Khulood” (Eternity)
• The metaphysical and physical realities of Heaven and Hell
• The Description of the inhabitants of Heaven and Hell
• The comparison of Heaven and Hell in other beliefs

“Shaykh Waleed is the man mashAllah, an excellent teacher and motivator. For those people who like the hardcore style of teaching, or for those who prefer a more relaxed style, Shaykh Waleed gives you both!”
- Danial Malik (Birmingham, UK)

Meet the Fire

Imagine you are walking across “As-Siraat,” the bridge which is as sharp as a knife and as thin as a hair, on which there are clamps and hooks swinging below. With your eyes focused on this slippery path, you slip and stumble and just for a moment, underneath your feet, you eyes catch a glimpse of this black fuming pit of fury and destruction, throwing sparks as huge as palaces.

In it are huge, vast amounts of people bound together in chains and yokes- their garments of liquid pitch and their faces covered with fire. And for them are maces of iron to punish them. Every time they wish to get out from it and from anguish, they will be returned to it, and it will be said, “Taste the punishment of the Burning Fire!”

In this course, students will explore:

• The description, names and ranks of Hell
• The speech of the inhabitants of Hell
• The acts that lead people to the Hell fire
• The degrees of punishment in the Hell fire
• The people of Hell and the myth about the number of women

“Masha'Allah this seminar had been the best one I've been to! Sh Waleed took us on a roller-coaster ride each day and it was from these highs and lows that ultimately increased our eemaan. I've never felt more spiritually energized after this course!” - Shahirah Mohamed Salleh (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Garden with rivers

But you made it across safely, and now are joined by the other believers at the most blessed gates of Jannah. You are surrounded by the most righteous and pious throughout time, and the people are covered with joy. The angels receive the command to open the gates and its keepers say:

Delights and pleasures that no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no heart on this earth could contain. Gardens with rivers that flow underneath, purified spouses and everything in between. Alhumduillah, they will call out in glee, all praises be to the One who has granted them ecstasy and serenity.

In this course, students will discuss:

• The description, names and ranks of Heaven
• The march to Heaven and the Standing of the Prophets
• The deeds that lead people to Heaven
• The people of Heaven and the rewards they will receive
• Longing for the Divine

Are you ready to take a journey to the hereafter and witness what awaits us all after we leave this earth? Join Sh. Waleed Basyouni on what promises to be an amazing emotional iman boosting single weekend, as we get closer to Allah and ultimately our final destinations.

  • Mashallah, truly one of the best instructor I have learned from. His way of teaching, the stories, the beautiful recitations, and many other things made me want to get to class as soon as possible.

    -Rayhan Ahsan
  • An was experience like none else.The instructors outdid themselves and took care of us like I never expected. This is an experience that can't be described and has to be lived.

    -Shumyla Firoze
  • Alhamdulillah, this course was really informative, and I really learned a lot. The Sheikh did an amazing job teaching, and I would love to attend his next class. Keep up the good work!

    - Ruah Zaghloul
  • Was an eye of of Notes. Amazing Week of my life.

    -Jehad Abedelal
  • I did enjoy this course and learned from attendance

    -Mohammad Amin