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Themes that evoke a range of emotions so powerful, so potent
Themes that cry for understanding and reflection
Themes that make us toss and turn late at night… as we begin to dream

These are the words spoken by Allah SWT in a Surah that is drenched in lessons. It is a Surah most requested on the nights of tahajjud by the young men who seek to learn from the wisdom of one who has strived as they strive to stay pure of sin. It is a Surah most referred to by those who study the interpretations of dreams and marveled at through the extraordinary gifts of Allah SWT to this one man. It is a Surah for those who seek beauty, and realize the beauty contained therein.

In this seminar, you will:

  • See how brothers can turn against brother and still find a way to come back and to repent;
  • Glimpse how hardship can define character and injustice isn’t an excuse to stray from ethics;
  • Observe the point at which love for Allah SWT outshines love for anything else,

You will benefit from these lessons if you seek:

  • Deeper understanding and insight into the verses of this surah;
  • Practical techniques on how to avoid temptations;
  • Ways in which to build a strong character with a solid moral compass;
  • To show gratitude to Allah SWT for all the favors He has bestowed on you

It could take you months to study the tafseer of this Surah on your own...
And what would you be missing out on if you didn’t register now?

  • You’d miss out on the Brotherhood and Sisterhood that distinguishes circles of knowledge from “lone ranger” methods…
  • You’d miss out on the friendly competition to race to do good works and deeds…
  • You’d miss out on the lessons that would carry you and save you lots of hassles down the road…
  • You’d miss out on the greatest weekend of your life!

It could take you months to study the tafseer of this Surah on your own…

And you still wouldn’t have achieved what this one weekend will have you learn!

Surat Yusuf is the story that has fascinated generations of Muslims for hundreds of years.

  • It has garnered tears, like those of the noble patriarch who so dearly loved his son.
  • It has reminded many in confined situations to glorify the favors of their Creator despite and during all tribulations.
  • It has spoken to brothers, sons, fathers on the value of maintaining familial ties, the ties that bind.
  • It has warned women on the dangers of being like “the female companions of Yusuf”,
  • Those that were so vain and so sinful, that their conduct created havoc and mischief.

Sh.Reda Bedeir

Masha'Allah he is definitely an elite teacher. He is entertaining and knows how to keep a balance of teaching a heavy knowledge based course as well as keeping us entertained with his comedy, his on-going competition, and his unique stories. SubhanAllah, many speakers end up recycling stories over and over again. Dr.Reda brings up stories and ahadith you never knew existed.

Omar Khan, Montreal

Shaykh Reda’s teaching style is truly unique. He is one of the sincerest teachers that I have come across who really cares about the development of his students and uses different techniques to engage his students.

Asiya Khan, London UK

SubhanAllah the Shaykh is so so humble. It has softened my heart!

Khadija Yousifi, Bradford

Dr Reda’s style is a real cliff hanger! Like a well written novel, he brings the content alive, with personal anecdotes and stories from the Quran. The love of teaching is easily visible in every statement and its reflected in the way the class responds to his deep insights, and profound care that he takes to ensure the class is informative, interactive and more importantly that you benefit from the material. A true gem of an instructor, mashaAlah tabarakallah.

SK, London UK

It's always sad when a loved one departs, and no one can deny that Dr Reda is special, but remember positive thinking that the Dr told us about. We are the lucky few who benefited from the vast knowledge that the Shaykh shared with us. We were the chosen few, because Allah loves us.

Student, Bradford

I have just completed the class and must say that Shaykh Reda is someone from whom we can learn and benefit a lot. I would love to be in the presence of the Shaykh again and benefit from his wise advice.

Umm Nusayba, London UK ,

Subhan Allah .. Dr. Reda knows how to open your heart even if it has a hundred locks.

Shaimaa Ali, London, ON, Canada,

Sh Reda is UNIQUE! If anyone knows how to hold the attention of the students...its Dr Reda...with the stories and then the suspense and then leaving us at cliff-hangers that we have to suffer the whole week before we hear the ending

Rizwana, London UK

When I see him always smiling it always reminds me of the hadith that when Allah loves a person He anounces to Jibraeel I love so and so love him, and jibrael anounces oh people of the heavens Allah loves so and so, so the angels love him, and love for him is placed upon the earth amongst mankind.

- Massie @ Heart, Bradford

"On the Shoulders of Giants: Lives of the Sahabah and Ahlu Al-Bayt" is mind-blowing. Seriously, one of THE best Maghrib classes I've taken so far. Mashallah, words won't do justice to the class or Shaykh. Its inspiring, uplifting, academic, and relevant to our times. It has changed me for a better, more pro-active Muslim, Alhamdulilah.

"It was a spiritually-reviving journey into the lives of some of the many great figures in Islam. SubhanAllah! This seminar made me rethink my purpose in this world and helped me make the most important decision in my life! Alhamdulillah! Allah SWT showers his blessings in so many ways and I think the most-wanted one I was wishing for came through AlMaghrib!"
-Nihla Zarook

Do you want to learn how to speak with purpose?

Surat Yusuf will teach you.

Do you want to learn how to incorporate more patience in your life?
Surat Yusuf will teach you how.
Do you want to learn Leadership skills and how to take initiative?
Surat Yusuf will teach you how.
Do you want to realize the value of honesty in your life and never tell another lie?
Surat Yusuf will teach you how.
Do You want to Learn How to Exalt the favors of Allah SWT in Your Life?

Then You Want to Register Now for Tafseer Surat Yusuf!

Picture It…The stars, the moon and the sun, prostrating…A young boy loved dearly by his father…11 brothers murderous with envy…a dark and scary well…a caravan of slave drivers…a man of power…a desperate wife…a king….an enigma of a dream…

And from it all emerges one great man!

Beautiful Patience - Tafseer Surat Yusuf

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