Montreal, QC
5 - 7 Jun & 13 - 14 Jun 2015


The calmness that your heart desires has arrived.
Cleanse your heart and taste the sweetness of true submission.

Are you searching for happiness, but find yourself looking in the wrong places? Have you reached the point where you’repraying just because you ‘have to’, and not because you find it irresistible? Are you worried that your heart is drifting further and further away from Allah and you feel lost without His Guidance? Do you fear that your actions lack sincerity, and long to devote yourself to your Lord for His sake alone?

It’s time to take your worship of Allah to the next level!

Dear Seeker of Purification:

Stop waiting for the ‘right time’ to change. Wake up and address the reasons why you drifted away …

A Weak Heart

Be able to say ‘Alhamdulillāh’ and truly mean it…

Give your heart a much needed ‘health check’. Determine whether or not your heart is ready for the journey to Jannah.

Introducing AlMaghrib Institute’s blockbuster seminar:A Heart Serene: Studies in Tazkiyah. This seminar…no, this experience will allow you to engage in a dialogue with your heart. It will allow you to uncover the roots of disobedience, and learn about the most important aspect of our religion – the sincerity of our hearts and our connection to Allah.

Immerse yourself in two weekends of heart-softening, in-depth knowledge on the science of self-purification: “tazkiyah” itself. Understand what it means to truly worship Allah the way He deserves to be worshipped. Cleanse your mind of the misconceptions that surround the process of tazkiyah, and awaken your soul from its slumber to the love and remembrance of your magnificent Lord.

Listen to the words of your Creator:

“…the Day when neither wealth nor children can help, when the only one who will be saved is the one who comes before Allah with a heart devoted to Him.”
(Sūrat’l-Shu‘arā’, 89)

What does this mean to you?
There will come a Day when NOTHING will benefit you except a sound, pure and devoted heart.

Have you achieved that yet? Are you ready to meet your Creator?

If you’re unsure of the answer, this is the seminar for YOU.

A Heart Serene: Studies in Tazkiyah is based on a classical text authored by the “Scholar of the Heart”, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah. Follow our teacher -ShaykhRiadOuarzazi - as he delves into the knowledge of the soul and the advice of the scholars on how the Believer can achieve closeness to the Creator.

“…to cleanse you, to remove Shayṭān’s pollution from you, to make your hearts strong and your feet firm.”
(Sūrat’l-Anfāl, 11)

Allow the Mercy of Allah to transform your life by understanding the meaning of your existence.

Ever found yourself thinking, “Is this all there is to life?”

Answer: There is meaning to your life.

“I created jinn and mankind only to worship Me.”
(Sūrat’l-Dhāriyāt, 56)

To understand the objective of your creation is to understand the worship of Allah. This seminar will enable you to put yourheart back in your actions. No more empty movements and mumbled words in Salāh. No more just starving yourself in Ramaḍān. No more going through the motions in most of your acts of worship. Love your Creator! Begin the process of self-purification NOW!

By attending this seminar you will be able to…

Prepare yourself for the Journey to the Hereafter…

Take active steps in cleansing your heart, preparing it for true submission to Allah subhānahūwata‘āla. Feel the sweetness of having your mind, body and soul in sync.

Understand the meaning and categories of worship. Free yourself from the whispers that cloud your worship.

Identify the traps of Shayṭān and their effects on the Believer’s heart. Find rest in the remembrance of Allah.

Contemplate on the greatness of Allah’s Mercy in your life. Be genuinelypleased with Allah and His Messenger.

Truly comprehend the meaning behind the hadīth: “I am pleased with Allah as my Lord, with Muhammad (sallallāhu ‘alayhiwasallam) as my Prophet and with Islam as my religion”


“This seminar changed my life, and helped me realize my reason for being put on this earth! Don't count on tomorrow it might never come! Since March 2010 I have attended every seminar that has come to my city! Thank you AlMaghrib.”

- - Alya Butt

“I have never experienced such brotherhood among my friends. Quoting from the seminar, "Our hearts are in need of Allah more than anything else in this world".”

- - Mohamed Tahir

“Sheikh Riad is simply out of this world! This is a must attend seminar! By the permission of Allah, It has changed my life, Alhamdulillah.”

- SyamiraAsyifa

“This was a fantastic, breathtakingcourse,Shaykh Riyadh made me laugh and cry.”

- ZaibaSadiq

“I cannot describe how incredible and amazingly useful this seminar is. Everyone that has the opportunity to attend this course MUST do so. Sheikh Riad is an incredible teacher. Totally hilarious!! You learn a lot about yourself and have this need to change and be a better person. Beware though, you will cry a lot. Sad and happy tears! I loved every second of this seminar and I didn't want it to end! May Allah reward you and bless you Sheikh and your family!”

- Warda Hamza

“This course has changed the way I see life and the hereafter. I realised that I was still focusing too much on this life and not striving enough for the hereafter. I felt embarrassed that I could not answer simple questions such as "why we worship Allah?" After completing the course I felt so much more enlightened and I felt a new love for Allah and his messenger that I had never experienced before. Now I feel myself always thinking about the Paradise and the hope of seeing Allah's face. I truly recommend this course for every person as it really opens up your eyes and puts this world into perspective.”

- Rebecca Ibrahim


Reason 1: Your Ākhirah depends on it!

The Messenger of Allah (sallallāhu ‘alayhiwasallam)said: “Verily, actions are judged by intention” and the location of the intention is in the HEART. So are you willing to risk the loss of a lifetime’s deeds because your heart wasn’t in it?

Reason 2: Unparalleled access to authentic Islamic knowledge!

ShaykhRiadOuarzazi has an Islamic education degree from M. Abdullah University and is an expert in the area of tazkiyah. His zany, energetic yet practical teaching style is sure to captivate students.

Reason 3: Tranquillity and Ease, guaranteed!

Allah subhānahūwata‘āla has stated that the source of comfort and ease for the Believers is to be foundin His remembrance:

“Truly it is in the remembrance of Allah that hearts find peace.”
(Sūrat’l-Ra‘d, 28)

Put your heart at ease by paving the path to Paradise through knowledge.

Other courses on tazkiyah may ‘touch’ your heart, but leave you in the same spiritual rut a few weeks later. A Heart Serene: Studies in Tazkiyah will empower you by giving you the tools you need to sustain the benefits, long after the seminar has come to an end. But don’t just take our word for it, see below and the testimonials and more here to realise just how incredibly the seminar has been received ma shāAllāhtabārakAllāh.

“A heart serene...Wallahi the name says it. It was one of those classes where we cried our hearts to serenity. I have only attended one class with ShRiad but without exxageration, I am EAGER to be in his class again. It is not only his exciting, fun and forward teaching style, but his sincerity. I connected with him as a father figure for he teaches like one would teach his own child. Without giving away any class valuable material, one good daily habit that came in practice after this class was:dhikr&tawbah. It has been 2 years and 1 month as I write my testemonial& this class is still impacting me with vivid memories. If you miss it, make dua you get the opportunity to attend it. And if you attended it, make dua that you & I may attend it again Inshaallah!”

– Maha Siddique, Calgary

Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi

Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi is a very rare find! His energy and passion for teaching is extremely evident in his style and approach. His students have dubbed him “The Heart Doctor” as he often requests them for their hearts to (metaphorically!) conduct a “bloodless open-heart surgery”.

ShaykhRiad was born in Casablanca, Morocco, and, after achieving Islamic education degrees from M. Abdullah University, he moved to the States in 1988, where he pursued a Bachelors in International Management and a Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems. He also attained certificates in personal development, business management and coaching.He studied ‘Aqīdah under ShaykhWaleedBasyouni and Fiqh under ShaykhWaleedIdrees.

He has been active in Islamic work across the world whilst living in Canada, the US, and the Middle East and now resides with his family in Tangier, Morocco.

About AlMaghrib

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We listened. AndAlMaghrib Institute was born. Based upon an ethos of excellence and a refusal to accept excuses for poor quality, we offered single and double-weekend seminars, with the most engaging instructors around, using top professional multi-media materials. Since that time, your response has been insane! You’ve asked us to establish chapters (also known as Qabeelahs) in over 40 cities worldwide, from North America, to Europe, to Asia, to the Middle East and to Australia too! Amazingly, we've now taught the Islamic Sciences to over 80,000 unique students and growing every day.

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