Some were giants, while others were kings.

Some split moons, while others split seas.

Some bent iron, while others flew with Angels

Our kids attend Sunday school and hear stories about men and women that sound mythical and seem almost fantasy.

We turn the pages of the Quran, and continuously read the stories of Prophets of the past. Yes, we believe in them, but almost never conceptualize the reality of their existence.

Our Prophets were real men who, by the Will of Allah, did amazing and miraculous things. They lived in the same lands in which we dwell. They were of different races, shapes and sizes. And they spoke different languages, some of which do not exist today.

Imagine meeting Uzair or Hizqeel in Jannah (alayhuma assalam). Would you recognize who they were by the stories of what they did in the Dunya?

What does it truly mean to believe in the Prophets? Does it suffice to believe they simply existed? What about knowing their names and what they did?

Nation Builders: Stories of the Prophets is a double-weekend seminar taught by Shaykh Kamal El Mekki.

In this seminar full of adventure and spiritual elevation, you will journey through the lives of these amazing Prophets of Allah (alayhum assalam) and detailed description of their people.

  • Adam: his life in Jannah & Dunyah, his children, and successor Seth
  • Idris: his birth, teachings and miracles
  • Nuh: origins of shirk, disproving legends, and the story of his death.
  • Hud: his description, location, and depiction of his people’s destruction.
  • Salih: detailed stories of the She-Camel, and a description of the people of Thamud
  • Ibrahim: heroic stories from birth to death and adventurous travels
  • Ismail & Ishaac: their progeny, dwellings, and language
  • Yaqub: details of his family, meeting of Esau, and the building of Ayl
  • Lut: description of his people, his visiting Angels, and his life after Sodom
  • Shoaib: his message, language, and destruction of his people
  • Yusuf: extracting modern lessons from his elaborate story, including his death
  • Dhul-Kifl: who he was, description, and miracles
  • Yunus: his trials and experiences underwater, and how his people changed
  • Musa: extracting lessons from birth to death with detail description of Fir’awn
  • Hizqeel & Ilyas: who they were, their message and miracles
  • Shammil, Dawud, Sulayman: stories of kingship, miracles, jealousy & murder
  • Shia, Aramaya, Daniel: who they were, their message and miracles
  • Uzair: his century-long sleep and discovery of the Tawrah
  • Zakariya & Yahya: their love, childhood stories, and cruel deaths
  • Issa: his birth, interaction with Jews, his torture, and other detailed life stories
  • Muhammad: his relations and interactions with the Prophets that came before

This was my first almaghrib class and lord was it good!! Shaykh El-mekki is hilarious and the way he teaches is really unique. The course itself is very educational and helpful. I recommend this for everyone who wants to be a better muslim.

–Alina Bokhari Houston, TX

It was great! Learned a whole lot! And Sh. Kamal had put strong hadith and weak hadith in the lesson; letting you know that there is different opinions in the world and you may encounter them. He was hilarious and i will defiantly go again if it is in the area.

–Mahnaaz Ismailzadah New Jersey, NJ

Ma-sha'Allah, fantastic and amazing course. Really enjoyed every bit of it and found it be the best Islamic course I've ever enrolled onto - that's cuz it was my first one in life lol - no but seriously, I'd recommend this course to anyone and everyone. It really does help you expand on your da'wah skills and direct your discussions so you actually are asking for one to embrace Islam i.e. take their shahadah. Lastly, you can never tire or get bored of listening to Kamal al-Mekki, especially his epic humour which lightens the atmosphere whilst learning Alhamdulillah.

–Omairah Khan Bradford, UK

The class provides a really structured approach towards dawah and builds confidence that just about anyone can do it. I loved that Qabeelah Ittihaad actually teamed up with a local Dawah organization to bring interested non-Muslims to the class so that we really could practice our new found knowledge, alhamdulilah.

–Doaa Fahmy Detroit, MI

Masha'Allah! what an amazing training. I can say this confidently, that I have not learned so much from any class before in all my educational experiences. This training is ensha'Allah going to provide you with skills & techniques for all aspects of your life. I don't have enough words and superlatives to describe Sheikh Kamal, the best instructer ever masha'Allah! his style of teaching and the wealth of experience is amazing. His sincerity and hard work during the course was incredible. Please please attend the course with sheikh if it ever comes to your town. Taking notes is so so important, as there is so much valuable information. Lastly I have never had so much fun. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'Allah reward you sheikh. ameen.

–najeebullah hakimy London, UK

Brilliant course! Cannot recommend this course highly, especially for us living in the West and encountering non-muslims EVERYDAY! Inshallah, I will be able to approach and not shy away from any questions I may come across regarding my Deen. And what can I say about Shaykh Kamal, Mashallah amazing intructor - very enlightening course but also the most fun I have had! His stories will definitely keep you entertained! Jazakallah!

–Arif Siddiqui London, UK

Truly an eye opening seminar! There were so many techniques Shaykh ElMekki demonstrated on how to give Da'wah. His style of speech, with a hint of humor, made the topic more interesting. Would totally recommend a seminar that would talk about bukhari and muslim being read by santa claus!

-Nabilah Alfaqih Detroit, MI

One word Sheikh Kemal El-Makki. Ok it was more than one word but you get it ... right? No? Come on, he is the funniest teacher and gives you the true stories so you can relate to him. He makes giving Da'wah look so easy.

–Memoona Ghani Minneapolis, MN

Shaykh Kamal El Mekki was an excellent teacher. He gave plenty of analogies and real life examples to assist students in applying new Daw'ah techniques. The class environment was light, fun and never overwhelming because there were plenty of breaks. I would definitely reccomend this course to anyone ready to fulfill their obligation to give Daw'ah.

–Amel Mohamed Detroit, MI

We all know the stories of the Prophets, at least so we think.

Shaykh Kamal El Mekki has spent months researching classical books extracting and compiling details not found in the English language.

Shaykh Kamal is in touch with the pressing issues of our communities today and developed a seminar that is not only packed with detail but also lessons that address the challenges we face today.

“Shaykh Kamal el Mekki, mashallah was very interactive and I enjoyed his class. ”

Ilyaas Vaid, Detroit, MI

From the stories of the Prophets, here’s what you can expect:
  • Empowered youth with real role models

  • Increased hope in repentance and mercy from Allah

  • Raised standards and personal expectations

  • Improved Dawah skills and strengthened confidence

  • Growing family bonds between siblings and parents

  • Ease in forgiveness and love for one another

  • Pride in our heritage and historical awareness

  • Family fun, joy and adventure

  • Developed personalities, characteristics and manners

  • Closeness to Allah and love for our Prophets

  • Establishment of our Aqeedah

So what are the myths you can squash in this class?

  • Was Khidr really a prophet?

  • What was the real reason Fir’awn decided to kill every first born?

  • Did Ayoub battle it out with Iblis?

  • Was Idris raised to the skies like Isa?

  • Do the Jews of today really believe Uzair is the son of Allah?

  • Did Isa really walk on water and what about those Christmas tv shows?

  • What was the real reason Yaqub became Israil?

  • Was Goliath really a giant?

  • And many many more...

“An amazing seminar - full of practical examples and real life approaches you can take to give da'wah to non-muslims as well as muslims. there was a story behind each theory and that made it easier to understand. Coupled with shaykh kamal's unique humour this was a very enjoyable class. ”

Rizwana Qureshi, London, UK

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from this seminar, but it has left a lasting impression, every opportunity I refer back to what the Skaykh taught in the class and how I can apply it. The Shaykh used real life scenarios, ones you find yourself in on a day to day basis. At no point did i fall asleep in this course as it was far too interesting and entertaining to miss :) Don’t miss out ”

Naila Malik, London, UK