I.C.E. also stands for Integrity, Compassion, and Endurance, the three primary elements of noble character. The seminar will focus on these three qualities, in addition to many other magnificent values.

Speaking of endurance, did you know that endurance is the one condition for success of any type!

A wise man once said:

"Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. "

This seminar is for those who are ready to confront their weaknesses and overcome their shortcomings. It is for those who want to break free from the shackles of laziness and the prison of moral impotency.

Whether you are ready to take a stand or not, this seminar is going to give you both the motivation and the tools you need in your quest to gain control over your rebellious soul.

"Clever is he who conquers the self..."
- The Noble Prophet, salAllahu alayhi wa salam

This seminar is for those who wish to conquer!

Our ethical values are the reflection of our belief system and they determine our... well, find out when you attend the seminar!

"...Know that overt manners are the banner of covert amenities, and the actions of the limbs are the fruits of the thoughts. Deeds are the results of ethics. The etiquettes are the dew of the principles. The limbs of he whose heart is not devoted will not reflect any devotion... And he whose interior is not a niche for the divine light of guidance, his exterior will not glow with the charm of the Prophetic manners."

- Ibn Qudama AlMaqdisi

Who is this Seminar For?

- Children having trouble dealing with their parents
- Parents having trouble dealing with their children
- People having trouble in their work environment
- Men and Women involved in Da'wah work, seeking to better their approach with people
- People who are seeking to enhance the quality of their family time
- Muslims seeking to inculcate the characteristics of the Prophet sal laAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam

By the end of this seminar you will be able to...

- Know the Sunnah of Rasulullah, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and his example in dealing with people
- Understand how to deal and interact with one's parents
- Understand how to impress the ethics of Islam onto your children
- Deal with a hostile work environment and frustrating people
- Impress upon your own self a tightly-knit foundation of morality; in the pursuit of success in this temporal world and the Hereafter.

"These seminars are really the sweetness of
my life."
- An AlMaghrib Student

Seminar Materials:

And you won't go home empty-handed. You'll leave this course with credit towards a degree in Islamic Studies by AlMaghrib Institute; a binder with a summary of the lessons and handouts of the seminar; and step-by-step advice on how to implement what you’ve learned and carry it on to others.

"AlMaghrib Rocks!"
- An AlMaghrib Student


3 hours Friday night, 8-10 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, exact timings vary by city.

- The session include a 10-minute break every 50 minutes. The day is mixed with activities, discussions, and lecture.
- The time includes a two-hour break in the early afternoon.
- Don't let the hours scare you. AlMaghrib is different from marathon halaqahs that trigger memories of pain. InshaAllah, count on it.

Previous AlMaghrib seminars have sold out in New Jersey and Houston long before the actual event. Students had to be turned back due to limited space. And if you delay your registration, Shaytan will have one more chance at preoccupying you so that you are later unable to attend...

Give your excuses a black eye!
Still Undecided?

Five more reasons why you will want to attend an AlMaghrib Seminar:

1. Our Instructors are among the best ... period. We are determined to provide our students with instructors who take professionalism, effectiveness and expertise to the max. Along with tremendous knowledge, our instructors are also engaging and exciting, so that our seminars will provide you with some of the most interesting days you’ve ever spent learning Islam.

2. We give you the most important, important information. There is a lot of knowledge out there that may take you years to gather on your own. In this two-weekend seminar, we'll give you what we be lieve is the best, most important information to help you enact Islam in the best way.

3. Practicality is emphasized. You will leave the seminar with specif ics you can apply and teach to others immediately. We promise you results on your very next day back at home or work.

4. The value is unbeatable. If someone were studying to fix comput ers, they would pay in the thousands, justifying the price by the huge return they would receive if they found work. Our prices do not amount to even one-tenth of that, yet isn't professional and effi cient instruction in our Deen more worthy of our money? Our enroll ment fees can be justified by the huge return you’ll receive – even if you don’t find work.

5. Our guarantee is unconditional, straightforward and the very best in the field. How can we be so confident? Because we work hard before the seminar to make sure you're happy with you're results after the seminar. Pertinent, useful information you can use, a con venient location, registration that is easy, and instructors who grab your attention and take you on an exciting journey full of fun and facts. We believe you'll love every minute of it.

"This is the first time in my life I gave the highest mark (on the evaluation form) without thinking twice or without lying or trying to make my trainer happy. This is the best Islamic seminar I've ever been to! And the best instructor that I've ever come across, hands down!"
- AlMaghrib Student

Now the question is: What will you unbelievably be missing if you don't attend?

Give your excuses a black eye!

Coming to Minneapolis, MN
Dates: Feb 13 - 15

"Its a class that every muslim MUST take.You cry because you see faults in yourself, in your charachter,and you smile because you know you can change it. You look at the ustaadh and he reflects what he teaches.Teacher and the subject are perfectly combined like a pearl in a shell. This class will transform you for better. You are not only presented with what a good ikhlaaq is but you are given tools on how to acheive it. It will make you humble, it will change your relationship with your parents, spouse, children , relatives, any relation that you have. After this class, when you serve your parents, your spouse, your child, you will feel happiness like you have never felt before. This class will make you aware of Allah azawajal, and will instill in you love, fear and hope. After this class, you will love serving other people. After this class you will look at your obligations, rather then your rights."
AlMaghrib Studen

SubhanAllah, you can't even realize the benefit of this class until you take it. It's the kind of experience that makes you change right away (inshaa Allah), because it's relevent to every moment of your day; whether you are in salaat, at school, or talking to your family. The knowledge you gain will make you more aware of yourself, and the rights of those around you. Not to mention hearing all of the wonderful hadeeth will increase your love of our beloved Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) and the Sahaba (radi Allahu anhum).

You guys are so blessed Masha Allah to be having Rules of Engagement as your next class. Alhamdulillah we just finished our first weekend of the seminar with Shaykh Muhammad IbnFaqih and I can tell you, this is such a sweet and awesome class. This seminar is really one that will help you to change your life bi-ith-nillah and improve your relationship with Allah SWT, with your parents, your spouse, your children, your siblings, your neighbours..yourself

Sadia, Montreal

This course itself is unbelievably awesome. Most people underestimate these types of courses, and they miss out on what they really needed. The lessons you learn from this course can totally turn a persons life around.
Omar Khan, Montreal

Rules of Engagements was my first almaghrib class and if I had the chance to take this class over again I would take it without giving it a second thought. This class changed me, and I wasnt the only one who felt that change in me, my parents and siblings told me that after that class i was a different person. This class will make you laugh, cry and it will increase in your heart the love for the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wasallam) and the sahaba, InshAllah.
It will humble you and make you wanna be a better person InshAllah

Hasbiyullah, Houston

This class is definitely the best class for an EmanRush. Not only does the class make you think deeply on issues of morality and ethics, but listening to all the beautiful stories about our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) was especially inspirational. It establishes with certainty in one's mind that such a loving, forgiving, compassionate, merciful, understanding person was the one appointed by Allah to be His final messenger to mankind. This is the class teaches you what it means when you say Islam is a way of life. As with all AlMaghrib instructors, Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Faqîh will make it impossible for you to be bored for even a nanosecond!
Muhammad, Toronto

Although I've listened to numerous CDs/DVDs and attended several halaqahs/classes this class was different. It was educational as well as motivational. We walk out wanting to make a difference in our lives and in the world but we are also given the knowledge and the tools to do so. Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Faqih does an amazing job
Student, Southern California

alhamduliLlah this is the first Al-Maghrib course I've taken; it's the one I need the most! At this point we're only half-way done, but - mashaAllah! - something has already shifted inside me in response to really seeing just how coarse and unrefined my way has been next to the example of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), and I'm better off for what I've already received via Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Faqih.
Heba, Southern California

This is also my first AlMaghrib class and the topic has been something missing in my life for a long time. I always understood the importance of having the correct aqeedah and making sure to study it over and over, one of the things that have really struck me though after just one week of the class is that your behavior pattern/actions over a long period of time are indicative of your aqeedah, regardless of how much you say you have studied if your actions are not sound then it is also indicative that your aqeedah is not sound. Thinking about that really shook me up.

Zeyad, Southern California

One thing that is soo special about this class is that Sh.Muhammad just reflects us. He just shows our actions, our reactions,our khushoo, how we talk, how we behave etc. And then he tells us the narrations of how our prophet(pbuh) behaved, the stories of the sahabaas in such situations or the stories of the scholars. And then when he again comes back to reflect how we behave, he made me feel soooo guilty and I realized how much I have to work on myself to even come closer to the classic examples he gave in the class.

Fouzia, Southern California

this class to be honest has hit me the most where I needed it to hit me, which is the heart. Now it is time to put words into action, and time to implement/improve Inshallah everything that I have learned. I am actually going on my 21 day cycle to change as of tomorrow, Inshallah! And I would truly recommend this class to anyone! It would truly soften your heart up, and make you a better YOU. Jazak Allahu Khayrun Shaykh Faqih!!!

Student, New York City

A day after the end of the seminar, the sense of nostalgia that lingers from being away from the super eman charged atmosphere is almost painful. Even the manner in which the shaykh conveyed the knowledge of akhlaq contained a lesson for us. The beauty of the prophetic manner brought tears to our eyes and inspiration to our hearts. This is a class that I will truly miss.

Afiya, New York City