13 - 15 & 21 - 22 Feb 2015

Melbourne, VIC


You’ve called yourself a Mu’min – a faithful believer - all your life.
Now it’s time to seek that Faith and truly understand the secrets of your Lord.

They questioned the wisdom behind our creation. They saw us as corrupt. They saw us as flawed.

But our Creator told them – the ANGELS – that our flaw was also our greatest strength: that we would willingly choose to worship Allah, making us better than them.

Now they only think of us in the best of terms, with the best of du‘ās for us, with the best support possible to get us through this dunya and to make it through the trials of the LAST DAY, avoid HELL and be eternally blessed with HEAVEN:

They beg for the Believers: ‘Our Lord, You embrace all things in mercy and knowledge, so forgive those who turn to You and follow Your path. Save them from the pains of Hell and admit them, Lord, to the lasting Heaven You have promised them, together with their righteous ancestors, spouses, and offspring: You alone are the Almighty, the All Wise.

But with all the divine friends we have, we have our enemies too. The DEVILS from the JINN are committed to taking us out of the game at the very first opportunity. And we cannot let that happen.

The Jinn have predated our Nation by thousands and thousands of years. But their reality was known to the PROPHETS and MESSENGERS hroughout time, who counselled us well in the SCRIPTURES of old and the Scriptures of new. We were warned to avoid evil, and to be strong.


Who’s to blame? Us? Isn’t that going to happen when our Lord decrees everything about us before we were even created? Can His QADR be blamed for our actions, or what really is the nature of our free will? Can du‘ā change that status quo even when evil is on our doorstep?

" Protect them from evil deeds: those You protect on that Day from (the punishment) of evil deeds will receive Your mercy – that is the supreme triumph."

Protection from evil deeds comes by being righteous. You want to learn how to be righteous? Let your Lord tell you how:

" The truly righteous are those who believe in Allah, the Last Day, in the Angels, the Scripture, and the Prophets."

So we have to believe. We have to believe like never before!

So what then about a class just on this belief: the belief in the Unseen, in Allah, the Last Day, the Angels, the Scripture, and the Prophets.

That is FAITH.

After AlMaghrib Institute’s ground-breaking Light of Guidance and Light upon Light, it gives us great pleasure to bring you Rays of Faith, a double-weekend seminar which will explore the fundamentals of faith and make you believe like you’ve never believed before.

This is a class where you will learn the reality and history of the Angels, the Jinn, the Devils. You will study the aspects of īmān and perfect your theological understanding of predestination and free will, of sin and actions. You will absorb the wisdom behind the Prophets and Messengers, their admonition for the Day of Judgement and then you will study the events of that day in detail. You will develop your love of Allah ‘azza wa jall as you appreciate His divine wisdom.

Taught expertly by the Head of our Theology Department, Dr Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, we guarantee you will come out of this class empowered in your ‘aqīdah unlike ever before.

"SubhanAllah, this class opens the mind and heart to a different level. Increase our love of Allah, the Messengers, the Angels, fellow human beings and also the Muslim Jinns. Knowing (Allah) who our creator is makes all the worries in the world disappear; worshiping Allah or living life in general with the knowledge of Allah and the Qadar of Allah provides a sukoon and tranquility that cannot be explained in words; SubhanAllah"
Meraj Shaikh

When the true sweetness of faith finally hits you after taking this record-breaking class, nothing will be more profound in your life than realising that the Unseen World which is built on faith, is actually a bigger reality than the Witnessed World which you live in today.

That’s the power of faith.


" This was a brilliant course mashaAllah. I admit that at first I thought I knew my pillars of eman by heart but Alhamdulillah, I was surprised to discover that there are sooo much more to be learnt about them. Sheikh Waleed was an amazing teacher and I found myself hanging onto his words. His explanation and examples made so much sense. and he has an infectious smile. I laughed, I cried and I learnt so much. Highly recommended for new muslims, muslims wanting to strengthen their eman, and even non Muslims who are interested to know this beautiful religion. In fact, we had one chinese sister proclaiming the shahadah on the very first day of this seminar subhanallah. Those 48 hours, in my opinion, was very well invested. "

Zafirah Zulkifli

" Such a great course. I have come with the mind-set that i will definitely learn a lot and Sheikh Waleed have given me much more than that. Before going for this course, I always have difficulties in understanding about Qadar and Qada. Sheikh Waleed have make it so easy for me to understand it. Jazakallah khair to Sheikh Waleed and also Qabeelat Ihsaan team that help to organize this course. "

Ng KuanBeng

"I have never felt anything like this in my entire life to be honest and I can go on and on about how this life changed my life like no other and wallahi it truly did, it was amazing and unforgettable, words cant describe how I felt and I am still high off of my iman right now and I am glad I took this class because it made me look at Islam at a different view and has changed my heart soooo much, I would love to take it again if I could and not a day goes by that I dont think about this class, subhanallah. May Allah reward you sooo much shaykh!"


"I never took a class that benefitted me in my life more than Torch Bearers-Life of the Muslim Scholars, but Rays of Faith, I feel is something else. Can't beat the khayr in this class."

Meraj Shaikh

"A mind- blowing course that helps us to increase our imaan and conscious of Allah, this course refresh my understanding of the pillars of imaan with additional infiormation about the difference opinions of the scholars which makes us appreciate the efforts of the scholars of the past without passing any bad judgment about any of them for the differences. This course also a good reminder for me that whatever calamities happen to me, i know that Allah will take care of me. Also ilove the sheikh's recitation of Qur'an MashaAllah."

Dewi Abdul Rahim Mokti

" This is seriously one of my FAVE classes that AlMaghrib has to offer! Sh. Waleed is such an inspiring speaker mashaAllah. I highly recommend this class for ANYONE! I even took it twice! "

Haneen Hatmmad

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