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Washington, DC (Qabeelat Nurayn)

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  • Location D.C. Metro Area, USA
  • Established 2001
  • First Seminar Touched by an Angel: Tafseer Juz Amma
  • What's with the name? Before Qabeelat Nurayn was formed, the area was composed of two Qaba'il: Qabeelat Thabt of Maryland and Qabeelat Mubarak of Virginia. Due to the close proximity of the two Qaba'il, Qabeelat Mubarak and Qabeelat Thabt later merged to form Qabeelat Nurayn (of two lights) and hence they are THE LIGHTHOUSE!
  • What's So Cool? Home of the first AlMaghrib Institute class ever held in 2001, Qabeelat Nurayn lays claim to the title Umm al-Qaba'il (The Mother of All The Qaba'il).
  • Website Nurayn.org

The Qabeelah hosted AlMaghrib's annual IlmFest conference in Baltimore in 2009, where for the first time ever, sign language interpreters were on hand so that deaf Muslims could also benefit. Qabeelat Nurayn has supported the Global Deaf Muslim initiative, and through Islamic Relief has sponsored several orphans and participated in the United Against Malaria effort to help fight the scourge of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. Nurayn students have also banded together to support a cleft palate operation through the Smile Train program, as well as local food, clothing, toiletry and back-to-school supply drives to benefit both our Muslim and non-Muslim neighbors throughout the DC Metro Area and abroad.


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