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Ameer Zeeshan Hashmi
Ameerah Hibah Ilyas

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London, UK (Qabeelat Alshams)

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  • Location London, UK
  • Established 2008
  • First Seminar Breach of Covenant: Tafseer Surat Baqarah
  • What's with the name? A vision from across the Atlantic soared and rose like the Sun...hence aptly named by Sh Yasir Qadhi as Qabeelat AlShams - A Shining Example. And the QShams students truly came to embody all that AlMaghrib's London Students aimed for - to be the brightest Qabeelah in all senses of the word
  • What's So Cool? A record breaking Qabeelah, we hit the ground running, went past GO and collected the Liwaa' in our first year of being around with our first class Breach of Covenant being a record breaking class followed by The Shepherds Path being the biggest seminar at the time with over 500 students and then hosting Torch Bearers being the first seminar sold out! 2009 saw us taking on 5 seminars and if that was not enough we were one of the three that hosted 6 seminars in 2010. Watch out 2011!

We have raised funds for various charities including local charities in our communities as well as Palestinian Orphans and the Pakistani Flood Victims in partnership with Islamic Relief. Our Ilm Summit students have passed the torch of knowledge with their IlmSeekers mini seminars. Impact has seen Why Talk? projects tackling sensitive issues within the communities. And 2011 will be seeing new and exciting projects from our Impact team. QShams is the Qabeelah to watch in 2011.


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