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Toronto, ON (Qabeelat Majd)

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  • Location Toronto, Canada
  • Established 2005
  • First Seminar Breach of Covenant: Tafseer Surat AlBaqarah
  • What's with the name? Majd means Glory! It means that QMajd continuously strives to be the absolute best in every aspect of their operations. They set goals high and refuse to be satisfied with anything less than outstanding. QMajd brings the glory back to Toronto!
  • What's So Cool? Hosted the largest seminar in AlMaghrib history with close to 900 students!

Best way to contact us: Email toronto@almaghrib.org

Over the years we have contributed significantly to our local and international community. We have run food drives, raised thousands for orphan sponsorships, distributed food to the homeless, and more. We strive to contribute in even greater ways to our community as our Qabeelah grows.


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