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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni (Vice President, Department Head, Instructor)

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  • Hails From Houston, Texas, USA
  • Expertise Theology (Aqeedah)
  • Famous Quote “The optimist is the one who sees opportunities in their difficulties and the pessimist is the one who sees difficulties in their opportunities”
  • Most Likely to Say “Ya know?” and “Ya’nee”
  • Classroom Pet Peeve Sleeping in class, texting or surfing the net. You will get called out and he’s pretty good at spotting out the discrete.
  • Known For Extreme sports like scuba diving and mountain climbing. Sh Waleed has been to many exotic places and has surprisingly found masajid in the most unexpected spots.

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, PhD, is the Vice President of AlMaghrib Institute and the Head of our Aqeedah and Adab Department. Students know him well for his sincere care for their well-being and progress in studying.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Islamic Sciences from Al-Imam Muhammad University, KSA; did his Masters in Islamic Theology, World Religions and Modern Religious Sects from Al-Imam Muhammad University; and acquired a Doctorate in Theology. He studied under great scholars of our time such as Shaykh Ibn Baz, Abdul-Razzaq Afify and others.

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni has made an appearance in media around the world including Al-Huda Channel, Islam Channel & PeaceTV. He is an active member of various organizations and Islamic Societies including NAIF, AMJA as well as a Director of Texas Dawah Convention.


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