Allah (swt) has stated endless times in the Quran that He has made His signs very clear. What are these signs, and why has mankind proven throughout the eras to be neglectful of these signs?


Clear signs are of no use if you’re looking through a haze. That’s the fog in your mind blinding and distracting you from the reality of your situation.
Denial comes in many forms, among only some are:

That’s not to say we don’t hear the warnings, but we trick ourselves into thinking, “I hear ya, but this just won’t happen to me.”


We are told they are simple and clear signs: the sun, the moon, even a ship or a palm tree. What are they to tell us and what epiphany are we to have?
Surat Ya-Sin and Ar-Rahman are laden with signs and messages that give glad tidings or forewarn of an impending future.

Have you considered for a moment:

The long-lasting epiphany you’ll reach together with Dr. Reda Bedeir in this Tafseer seminar will start as you:


Surat Ya-Sin is one of the more oft-recited chapters of the Quran, many times due to the wrong reasons.

In this seminar you will also finally be able to clear the fog and find the answers to:

There is a plethora of Ahaadith that speak to the virtues of the Surah, but most are weak or fabricated. Find out which ones are actually authentic.


Allah (swt) repeats a single ayah 31 times in Surat Ar-Rahman:

Besides learning about the wonders mentioned in this Surah, you will also come to understand the wisdom behind its repetition, particularly 31 times. With a question asked so many times, it is bound to be answered by someone, and indeed it was. Dr. Reda Bedeir will also discuss how the Jinn responded to this ayah and what will be of their compensation on the Day of Judgement. Reading the beauty embedded within Surat Ar-Rahman, you know your mind deserves to learn with Dr. Reda Bedeir:

Which of the favours of your Lord would you deny?

O Muslim, this is the call you can no longer ignore.