What is Ilm Summit?

Ilm Summit is a unique gathering of aspiring students of knowledge from all around the world. 9 days of iman-increasing, mind-expanding seminars taught by some of the most beloved and knowledgeable shuyookh in the AlMaghrib world.

The goal of Ilm Summit is to raise the bar of Islamic knowledge in the West and provide top students of AlMaghrib and Islamic Studies, huffadh of the Qur'an, and community activists with a higher standard of learning the religion. Numerous Islamic sciences are taught in-depth and much rare material is covered. With a limited class size of 120 students, all Ilm Summit attendees are promised their questions answered, and one-on-one time with the shuyookh granted to those who desire it.

Any aspiring student of knowledge, prepared for the demands of an academically rigorous environment of learning deen and seeking to establish some of the strongest bonds of brotherhood with like-minded Muslims should apply.