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The Month of Miracles – You can change too! | Sh Waleed Basyouni | Ramadān Reminder 4

Do you know what the clearest, most explicit verse in the Qur’ān is that sums up what we have to do in life?

Sh Waleed Basyouni gives us a beautiful reminder how to change our lives in this miraculous Month of Change!

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How are you planning Suhoor? | Sh Saad Tasleem | Ramadān Reminder 3

Here’s Sh Saad Tasleem reminding us that if the day is all about fasting, then the night is all about eating correctly as well…

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The Month Of Hocus Pocus: The Challenge Of Spirituality | Sh Abu Eesa | Ramadān Reminder 2

Sh Abu Eesa challenges the nay-sayers in what he calls the “New Age Of Empirical Ignorance”

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Benefit from our daily Ramadān Reminders!

A thousand congratulations to you on reaching the blessed month from all of us here at AlMaghrib! May Allah the Almighty make this Ramadān a time of reflection, action and the achievement of forgiveness, ameen!

This year we are delighted to announce our Ramadān Reminder Series, a valuable daily video released on our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed just a few minutes long which we are sure you’re going to LOVE and benefit from, coming to you directly from our great team of Instructors here at AlMaghrib. And now for the first time, we will be presenting the videos daily HERE on our blog as well!

As a little tantaliser, prepare yourself this month from some mind-blowing recitation from Sh Ahsan Hanif, some quality quotes from the Salaf via Sh Waleed Basyouni, tips and hints from Sh Saad Tasleem, some old school fantabulous fiqh from Sh Abu Eesa, Dr Reda Bedeir doing what he does best with the Qur’ān, great points for thought from Sh Omar Suleiman and so much more.

To start it all off though, it’s the effervescent and impossibly cheerful Sh Abdulbary Yahya talking to us about what he calls “the yearly Pitstop” and reminding us exactly why it is when we have that water in our mouths in the middle of the day during Ramadān, what happens to us next?

Please share the khayr and ensure all your friends and family benefit from this great series too!

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Ramadān Mubarak!

From everyone here at AlMaghrib Institute, we wish you the best Ramadān ever!

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Welcome to the Family, Aberdeen!

In more great news, we were delighted to see the dedication of our Scottish family finally pay off in bringing in their third city to the folds of the AlMaghrib family: Aberdeen!

“The Granite City” had to live up to its name as we sent down someone made from granite himself – Sh Abu Eesa – to deliver his knockout class “Protect This House” after the wonderful work by Banu Rahma in motivating such a great turnout from a city with only 4000 Muslims. It was an amazing experience by all accounts by the grace of Allah but don’t just take our word for it: check out these photos from the class which will bring a smile to your face.

And there was also an incredible little bonus at the class when one of our students had heard enough and half way through said….I’d like to become Muslim now!”

Allahu Akbar. We welcome you brother Emmanuelle to this beautiful faith and we ask Allah to bless all of us with knowledge and steadfastness until we meet Him, ameen!

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A Perfect Philippines Party!

The Philippines proved to be the latest country to welcome AlMaghrib to its shores as Zamboanga City hosted their launch seminar “Forever” with the one and only Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi .

In what was an incredibly successful weekend by the mercy and grace of Allah with students enthralled by the realities of the Hereafter in this single-weekend rollercoaster through the description of Heaven and Hell and the associated matters concerning them both.

A big thank you to their wonderful Banu team who will no doubt be looking to increase to Qabeelah status with a new class soon in sha Allah! Check out more photos of what was a great weekend right here.

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Ahlan wa Sahlan AlMaghrib Kuwait!

And so it continues! With already the additions of Australia and Sweden in the last few months to the AlMaghrib family, we are beyond excited to announce now the launch of KUWAIT!

By the grace of Allah and His infinite blessings, we are honored to present our unique approach to Islamic education to Kuwait which has already proven so successful in what is now 11 countries and almost 50 cities across the globe.

This is a great opportunity for many Muslims in the Gulf region who would love to revive how they used to study their Deen when back in the West with that special buzz and excitement, so don’t let it slip! You’ve been asking for AlMaghrib for many years, and now it’s here so don’t lose it!

And can there be a greater way of launching a country than with a beautiful class in a beautiful location?

We are delighted to announce that the launch class will be the smash-hit class Protect This House with Sh Abu Eesa Niamatullah, a seminar which dissects everything there is you need to understand about the Fiqh of the Family and maintaining those vital ties of kinship.

This isn’t just your normal Parenting Seminar but rather goes through all the issues in detail that so many English-speaking parents know all too well, whether it’s the controversy over discipline and punishment of children, or how to get our children to memorise the Qur’an as non-native Arabic speakers, to understanding child psychology as applied to their acts of ‘ibadah, to studying the parameters of what constitutes obedience and disobedience to our parents, to understanding the obligation of “maintaining the ties of kinship” and just so much more. Throw in the fact that this is a hadith class as well, using Imam al-Bukhari’s “al-Adab al-Mufrad” as the base, then you will understand when we say that we couldn’t possibly have launched Kuwait with a bigger class!

As for the beautiful location: it doesn’t come better than the stunning Masjid al-Kabeer in Kuwait City!

We are incredibly excited about this class and we hope to see you there and/or tell your friends and family in the region to not miss out! Once it’s gone, it’s gone for an awful long time and you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss this blockbuster class!

“SubhanAllah PTH is indescribable. Please enroll for this class, InsyaAllah you won’t regret it. Married, unmarried, parents, children, a MUST GO for everyone. May Allah bless Sh Abu Eesa, he’s in a league of his own MasyaAllah tabarakAllah.”

Syamira Asifa, Student, Kuala Lumpur

The details again: May 29th-31st 2014 @ Masjid al-Kabeer with all the info right here

We hope to be given the opportunity to serve you soon!


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Australia is well and truly launched!

We’d love to congratulate our Aussie brothers and sisters for the stunning success by the grace of Allah of their inaugural AlMaghrib Seminar in Melbourne with Sh Riad Ourzazi and “A Heart Serene”.

Check out more photos and memories here and here of what sounded like the fabulous experience that all students go through when they take this popular class. And watch out for Melbourne’s next class “Deception” with Sh Saad Tasleem in September 2014!

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Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed in Singapore!

It was our instructor Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed’s first visit to Singapore last night (24th April 2014) and it was a great success ma sha Allah.

Singaporeans, look out for Sh Waleed Basyouni’s visit on May 23rd with “Rays Of Faith” 2.0 for another blockbuster weekend!

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