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On Mostafa Khalifa, rahimahullah

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we inform our AlMaghrib family that one of its dearest and earliest members, indeed one of its pioneers, Mostafa Khalifa has passed away to the mercy of his Lord. Mostafa was the original Ameer of Qabeelat Durbah (New Jersey), and what an Ameer he was! Rahimahullah.

Mostafa had been battling illness for a number of years until this point and passed away tonight. Please make du’a for him from the deepest of your heart.

May Allah envelop Mostafa in His mercy, may his returning to his Lord in the month of Mercy be a good ending for Him, may his family be granted patience in their calamity, to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.

Sh Yaser Birjas, in attendance at his funeral, said:

#‎MostafaKhalifa‬ a dear friend, a beloved brother and an amazing Ameer. Just passed away on a blessed night of Ramadan. Ya Allah forgive him.

Sh Yasir Qadhi said:

“One of my dearest students and someone whom I considered a close friend has just passed away an hour ago.

Br. Mostafa Khalifah from New Jersey, a righteous man (نحسبه كذلك ولا نزكي على الله أحدا) whom everyone who ever interacted with loved and respected and admired, passed away after battling with an illness. He leaves behind his mother and brother and sisters. Mostafa was a role model for many youth of the New Jersey area: a good student of knowledge, a social worker, a mentor for the teenagers, always cheerful and laughing, yet dedicated and hardworking.

What makes this tragedy even more painful is that his father recently passed away as well, hence this is a double tragedy for the family. Yet, the Khalifah family is known for its high morals and values, and I have no doubt in my mind that they are being tested because they are, insha Allah, worthy of passing that test, and so that their ranks are raised in this world and in the next.

What a fortunate death! To die in the last few nights of Ramadan, on an odd night, after Friday, and to die in a state that so many people genuinely love and respect you!

Ya Mostafa! You are now in a much, much better place insha Allah, but you will be sorely missed. The heart grieves, and the eyes cry, but we only say what pleases Allah: to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return!

O people, learn from this lesson. Our brother Mostafa was at the prime of his youth, yet the inevitable end that awaits us all came to him.

Please, make a special du’a for our brother Mostafa, and his family, and for all Muslims.”

Sh Muhammad AlShareef in tribute to his close friend, said:

“One of my closest friends passed away earlier today. Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’oon. Mostafa Khalifa, from New Jersey, USA. He was one of the pioneers of AlMaghrib Institute, from back in 2003. I didn’t post earlier because I was in shock and in tears.

The first time I met Mostafa was at MSA East Zone conference n NJ, back in 2003. Two brothers wanted to bring AlMaghrib to NJ, but they said they were not the ones to lead it. They said if anyone was the man to lead AlMaghrib to success in NJ, it would be Mostafa.

Since then, many years of AlMaghrib work in NJ and nationally, and many years of performing Hajj together, Mostafa became someone I would consider as close as a blood brother.

When I taught NicheHero in London, UK in 2012, I invited Mostafa to attend. As an incentive, I told my dear beloved friend that he could share my apartment with me in London. Subhan Allah, that week teaching class with Mostafa accompanying me was one of the happiest most beloved times to me in my life. I was just thinking a few days ago in Ramadan that I wanted to teach another class in London, in the same place, in the same time of winter year, so that I could re-feel those beautiful memories I had with Mostafa back in 2012. (And everyone who took that class in 2012 in the UK knows Mostafa because his love, smile, and warm laughter was shared with everyone.)

The project Mostafa was working on “Talk to the Beard”, where he last posted publically, was actually a project he launched from NicheHero. We spent days in that London apartment discussing his community announcement project.

I’m in Madinah right now where I heard the news a few hours ago. At first there’s this massive shock, but when that wears out, you’re just left with constant flowing tears. And the thing that keeps repeating in my mind is the last four verses of surat AlFajr:

[To the righteous it will be said], “O reassured soul, Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to Him], And enter among My [righteous] servants, And enter My Paradise.”]

And i’ve been thinking all day about Mostafa and thinking perhaps today this was said to him.

Mostafa always loved people to make Dua for him. Please continue pray for him today that Allah enter him into Jannatul Firdaws.

When his beloved father passed away two years ago, I said to Mostafa, look we hear in the news about how people become billionaires overnight when their companies go public, like what happened with Facebook at that time. I said, but that’s Dunya, and you’re father invested in the hereafter — this is HIS billionaire payout.

That’s what I said for Mostafa’s father two years ago, and today I say the same for my beloved friend Mostafa. May this day be the day YOU received your billionaire payout for all the pioneering work you did for the sake of Allah.

To Mostafa’s mother; Mohab, Melody, and Malik, I’m like your older brother and i’m here for you for anything you need.”

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UPDATE: “Trials & Tribulations: Overcoming The Obstacles Of Life” – An Emergency Ilminar For Palestine


(UPDATE: Sh Abu Eesa and Dr Reda Bedeir will also be joining the programme!)

Whilst some of us enjoying the abundant blessings in this holy month, many of our family are suffering in unimaginably difficult circumstances such as in Palestine right now.

Everyone faces a challenge some time in their life, some more than others, and succeeding in those challenges often requires us to dig very deep and discover characteristics within ourselves that are meant to shine forth in order to guide our way out.

AlMaghrib Institute are partnering with Islamic Relief to bring to you “Trials & Tribulation: Overcoming The Obstacles Of Life” a unique ilminar this Sunday 20th July that will be broadcast globally in support of the Palestinian people.

Register here NOW for free before it’s too late as online places are limited, and join this distinguished line-up of speakers who will be speaking on the following topics:

  • Waleed Basyouni: “Tests Are Not Made To Stay: What The Future Holds”
  • Yasir Qadhi: “Raising Our Standards Intellectually To Represent Our Causes”
  • Abdullah Hakim Quick: “Historical Importance Of Palestine”
  • Nouman Ali Khan: “Allah’s Description Of One Ummah”
  • Omar Suleiman: “News-Junkie Syndrome”
  • Ahsan Hanif: “Increase Of Worship In Times Of Trials”
  • Navaid Aziz: “The Sweetness Of Only Having Allah”
  • Yaser Birjas: “Global Action vs. Individual Accountability”
  • AbdulNasir Jangda: “The Role Of Du‘ā In Difficulty”
  • Yasmin Mogahed: “Don’t Hate Oppressors And Be One Yourself”
  • Yahya Ibrahim: “The Month Of Valour”
  • AbdulBary Yahya: “The Night Of Power”
  • Saad Tasleem: “The Effects Of Sins On Individuals And Society”
  • Farhan AbdulAzeez: “Allah’s Plan Is Better Than Yours”
  • AbdulHasib Noor: “The Prophetic Legacy Of Selflessness”
  • Majed Mahmoud: “Patience In Trying Times”
  • Mohammed Zeyara: “Gaza From My Eyes”
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