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Share the Khayr: Crafting a Legacy Gems

This past Sunday we not only witnessed the live announcement of the Liwaa Cup 2013 but also heard from 16 AlMaghrib Instructors on the topic of Crafting a Legacy in celebration of 10 years of AlMaghrib. Each talk was insightful and more importantly practical to our everyday lives. Read More »

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Qabeelat Ihsaan win the Liwaa’ Cup 2013!

It was a well deserved win and they did it! They won the “unofficial” student vote last year and now they came out on top “officially” winning the Liwaa cup! Qabeelat Ihsaan have been an inspiration to many of the Qabeelah’s with their dedication, creativity and work ethic. Read More »

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The “Unofficial” Liwaa: Who will you vote for?

A little bit of competition never hurt anyone. The “Unofficial Liwaa” is just as exciting, if not more exciting then the “Official Liwaa” vote. Along with the “Official Liwaa” which is awarded to the top Qabeelah who performs on student attendance, exam turnout and exam scores, the “Unofficial Liwaa” sees thousands of students across the AlMaghrib student body take to Facebook to vote for their favourite Qabeelah. Read More »

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Save the Date….Liwaa Cup 2013

It’s that time of year again…as the qabeelahs go head to head battling it out for the Liwaa cup 2013. Where will you find ALL the AlMaghrib Instructors in one place at one time? Well, they will all be online this Sunday 5th May for AlMaghrib’s free online Ilminar: Sink or Swim – Crafting a Legacy and will also present the Liwaa Cup 2013 to a notable and worthy Qabeelah.

Will Qabeelat Madinatayn be able to defend their title? Tune in and find out with thousands of students across the AlMaghrib student body in the most anticipated suspense of the year…..way better than any movie trailer!

Crafting a Legacy + Liwaa Cup 2013

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AlMaghrib Stars: Dean’s List

When you look up high into the night sky, you see some stars that shine brighter than the rest. Once in a while, your eyes will catch a glimpse of something very spectacular, like a shooting star or a super nova!

Well, think of the AlMaghrib world as that beautiful night sky and all the stars as students. Those rare, beautiful, magnificent and spectacular stars would be the students on our Dean’s List! These students earned this great honour by attending three or more classes during 2012 and achieving 90% or higher! They will be rewarded by a certificate and a private conference call with Shaykh Yasir Qadhi!

Check out the poster below to see the students who made it onto the Dean’s List:

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IlmFest Minnesota 2012

When the story of our Prophet has fallen on the oblivious ears of the Muslim Ummah, it’s the Imams’ obligation to shed a guiding light. This Saturday, under the banner of AlMaghrib Institute, ten beloved Shaykhs, teachers and poets ascended before a Minnesota audience of 1,600 attendees for one purpose: to fulfil that obligation.

The room teemed with Muslims and non-Muslims as diverse in language, race, culture, history as they are numerous. The topic in discussion? The seerah of our beloved Prophet, Muḥammad ibn ʿAbdullāh al-Qurashi al-Hāshimi, upon whom is Allah’s peace and blessings. Read More »

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Softening The Heart

The speed at which Ramadan travels is similar to the speed at which your chocolate bar finishes. You make yourself a nice warm cup of tea after a long hard day, open the chocolate bar and… well that’s all you remember really, opening it. Similarly, you remember keeping the first fast of Ramadan and before you know it, it’s ‘Eid!

So, after Ramadan whizzed past us, the only chance we really had to brush up on our good deeds were the days of DhulHijjah. That was our chance to get back into the practice of fasting and doing regular actions to bank up on some reward. But now that even those days have gone, what do we have to keep our hearts attached to Allah (swt)? Read More »

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Fasting The Day of Ashura

Somewhere a family sits huddled in the corner of a dwelling, some run down structure, or in a war torn city. A mother says to her child, “mommy it hurts.” “I know baby, I’ll find food tomorrow”, she replies, knowing that the chances of it actually happening are little to none.

They huddle in the dark, while dealing with the extreme pains of hunger. All the time they are wondering if they will make it through the night, as we smile and carry on without a worry in the world. Read More »

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Boonaa Mohammed’s take on IlmFest!!

Knowledge is a Garden,

Its fruits are vast,

Planting seeds from a tree of, Questions asked….

Food for thought.

What you know is more important than what you’ve got,

But if knowledge doesn’t lead to deeds,

Its point becomes lost…. Where do you start?

IlmFest 2012 | Boonaa Mohammed Video


Tickets are available online. Check out ->

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One purpose, One goal, One ummah.

The festival of the year is back! The festival that brings together hundreds of Muslims for one purpose, as one Ummah. And no, it’s not ‘Eed…it’s the festival of ‘Ilm, otherwise known as ‘Ilmfest. This event brings together several AlMaghrib speakers, various topics and hundreds of Muslims celebrating the blessing of knowledge.

It is a truly exceptional event, a chance to study under a range of Shuyookh and get an insight into many different areas of interest. ‘Ilmfest is known to be one of the most successful AlMaghrib events, coming to the most successful Qabaa’il, allowing students to experience the sweetness of ‘Ilm and Emaan all in one go!  This is an opportunity for your communities to come together for a blessed purpose, an opportunity to experience a small fraction of what our pious predecessors spent their entire lives experiencing. Read More »

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