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May Allah accept their Hajj!

Every year, our AlMaghrib Instructors lead Hajj groups from their respective countries – see some photos of them below!

Let us take this opportunity to ask Allah to make the Hajj go easy for all our students and teams this year, and that it is accepted them from perfectly and that they return home safe and sound, ameen!

– By Sh Omar Suleiman: #Madinah before Fajr today. #Hajj2014

– By Sh Yasir Qadhi: The peace and serenity that I feel being in the Prophet’s (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) masjid and city simply cannot be described in words.

The Companions would regularly say, “Fidaka abi wa ummi ya Rasul Allah!” And we too say the same.

– By Sh Muhammad AlShareef: Imagine walking back from Isha Salah like this. #hajj2014

– By Sh Yasir Qadhi: The mountain of Uhud is the most famous mountain of Islam. It is of the mountains of Paradise; it defined the boundaries of the city of Madinah; it loves the believers and the believers love it; it is where the famous Battle of Uhud took place…and other particulars mentioned in the hadiths.

Uhud is not just one mountain, but an entire range of mountains. To the left is most of this range; on the right you see the Mound of the Archers where the fifty archers were stationed (and ten were martyred) during the Battle.

– As Madinah emptied, only three of our instructors were left there. Here’s Sh Yasir Qadhi, ShMohammed Faqih and Dr Reda Bedeir just before they prepared to leave for Makkah with the words “Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk!”

– Sh Yasir Qadhi: I typically don’t mention personal matters on Facebook but I believe this will benefit others, and ask Allah for humility and sincerity as I say this, fully aware of my sinful nature.

I was blessed to pray in the mihrab of the Prophet salla Allah alayhi sallam. One of the Muadhins of the Haram arranged a private time for me to go there (long story – and may Allah reward him for that). As I put my forehead down where the blessed feet used to stand in prayer, I could not help but break down sobbing. This was the exact location that our beloved Prophet salla Allah alayhi wa sallam stood for hours in salat, in the middle of the night, praying until his feet cracked, begging and pleading Allah for his Ummah to be forgiven.

I felt ashamed at my state, and at the state of the Ummah. How far was I, and so many of us, from the ideals that he taught us. What would he say, how would he feel, if he could see us now and the state we are in?

By Allah, it is only through Allah’s mercy and blessings, and then the shafa’a of our Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam, that there is any hope for us in the next life.

I leave Madinah now with a heavy heart, but with renewed love for al-Habib al-Mustafa.

May Allah grant me and all of you the shafa’a of the one who was sent as a Mercy to all mankind.

آمين يا أرحم الراحمين!!

– Sh Muhammad AlShareef: Almost there, just around the corner, Hajj starts this Thursday! #Hajj2014

– And as As #Hajj2014 finally kicks off, the pilgrims now wait in Mina such as Sh Muhammad Alshareef and Sh Omar Suleiman here in preparation!

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How To Correctly Say The Du‘ā In Salāt’l-Janāzah In Makkah & Madinah

Make sure not to miss #FiqhofDeath when it’s next in your city! #TheLastBreath

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Best wishes for the Hajj!

It’s all about Hajj 1435!

To all of those Hujjaaj fortunate enough this year to be visiting the House of Allah, from all us here at AlMaghrib, we ask Allah to make your journey easy, accept your Hajj, and bring you home to your families safe and forgiven! Ameen!

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Ticking down to IlmSummit…

Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah!

We all know that little feeling of excitement in the run up to a weekend seminar, right?

But the excitement being felt in the run up to IlmSummit — our biggest, most important, and premier event of the year — is off the scales! Especially as it’s only 90 days away.


The offer is: TEN days, SIX instructors, and COUNTLESS beautiful knowledge and memories that you won’t just reminisce over but you will BENEFIT from for the rest of your life.


If you haven’t, then there must be some difficulty you are experiencing. If so, remember the path to Jannah is made easier through this effort! Place your trust in Allah subhanahu wa ta‘ala, make your intention NOW, and do everything to make sure you don’t miss out, because the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:

“He who follows a path in quest of knowledge, Allah will make the path of Jannah easy to him. The angels lower their wings over the seeker of knowledge, being pleased with what he does. The inhabitants of the heavens and the earth and even the fish in the depth of the oceans seek forgiveness for him.”

Those du‘as are waiting for you. ENROL HERE NOW!

Was-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah!

IlmSummit UK Team

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Are you ready to be TRANSFORMED?

It’s Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed’s debut class and it’s already proved to be a blockbuster!

“If you are thinking or having any doubts about attending this class … DON’T. Remarkable class! Anybody and everybody should attend this class because they will learn something from it. Yasmin Mogahed is truly a very gifted instructor.”
Danial Agha, Montreal

Do not delay in securing your place because this series of classes will sell out! Enrol HERE now.

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Ilmsummit 2014 is LIVE by Sh Abu Eesa!

So first of all, why is it me who’s writing this to you?

Because I am incredibly honoured to announce that I’m personally heading up this year’s ILMSUMMIT bismillahi mA. =)

Now if you’re asking “What on Earth is Ilmsummit?!” then may I ask where on Earth have you been in the last few years?!

Ilmsummit is AlMaghrib’s premier study programme, a 10-day intensive knowledge retreat. It’s unique as every student “lives” with the instructors – from early Fajr time until late night, from side gatherings to down-time, from tarbiyyah sessions to joint meals and dinner debates, from checking individual tajweed to group sessions on your chosen topics – you will never get such an opportunity to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience our teachers will offer you during every moment of this unforgettable experience.

And this year’s Ilmsummit will be proudly hosted again in Reading, England at the superb Devere Venues Wokefield Park on the 19th – 29th of December 2014 and with our instructors including Sh Omar Suleiman, Sh Yahya Ibrahim, Sh Mohammed Faqih, Sh Abdul Nasir Jangda, Ustadh Wisam Sherieff and a li’l dabble from my miskeen self too (as well as a few surprise special guests!) you had better be quick because the entrance numbers are very controlled with far less seats available compared to one of our typical weekend seminars. And remember, it is likely that this year’s Ilmsummit will be the last one taught in England for a very long time. You’ve been officially warned!

But anyway, that’s enough writing, why don’t you watch this explanation instead on why Ilmsummit 2014 promises to produce more of that awesome sauce!

Folks, all in all this is going to be a fabulous program by the permission of Allah. Add all the rest of what we known Ilmsummit to offer and I can only say this is going to be a retreat iA that we will cherish for ever. It’s a balanced set of topics, all the essential sciences, significant depth where appropriate, great activities and down-time in between, a wonderful and varied panel of teachers – our most ever mA – and a real sense of excitement which is half the buzz!

Don’t miss out and register NOW at and make sure you #ShareTheKhayr by telling your friends and family too.

See you soon iA!

Best regards, wa waffaqakumullah,

Abu Eesa Niamatullah

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“Bloodshed: A Sign Of The Hour” with Sh Kamal El-Makki

Don’t miss this free ilminar online tomorrow which looks absolutely fascinating! Sh Kamal El-Mekki offers up a prelude to his new class All Around Us with this insightful look into one of the prominent signs of the hour: the increase in killing.

Join us live at 3pm EST/2pm CST at:

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Our August Newsletter!

You would have thought August being Ramadhan that things would have been quiet but you’d be wrong! Here’s our latest news in the world of AlMaghrib:

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‘Eed Mubārak from AlMaghrib Institute!

Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāh!

‘Eed Mubārak to all of you! It’s everyone’s favourite day of the year once again alhamdulillāh! We glorify our Lord, extol His greatness and thank Him for his unlimited bounties.

“He wants you to complete the prescribed period and to glorify Him for having guided you, so that you may be thankful.” (185, al-Baqarah)

Thus let us be the first to respond to the ayah: Allāhu Akbar! Wa lillāhil-Hamd!

And in a first, we thought we’d give you all an ‘Eed hug like you’ve never seen before!

We hope and pray that you all have a great celebration with your family, and we ask Allah to accept from all of us our fasting, our praying, our supplications, our charity and our good deeds even if only few, and that He transforms us through this month to become people who are al-Muttaqīn! Amīn!

We all know that this Ramadhān has been a very painful one for us all. Our family in Syria, Palestine, Burma, Iraq, CAR, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, and so many other parts of the world have been suffering untold difficulties.

We pray that Allah lightens their burden and blesses them with the greatest of ease and rewards in both worlds, and we pledge not to let them down in working for their cause and bettering ourselves as Muslims so that their sacrifices are not wasted.

We are so proud of you all for supporting our appeal for Gaza in our #Overcome Ilminar which raised just over half a million dollars of aid! Thank you so much! May Allah accept it from you all and may the Ummah be motivated to support many more campaigns and projects to help our brothers and sisters as we enjoy our family celebrations right now, and that we move forward into the year as better people, and even closer to Allah whilst we still have the opportunity. Not everyone is fortunate enough to make it for another chance next year, as we ourselves only know too well with the loss a few days ago of our beloved former Ameer, Mostafa Khalifa rahimahullāh.

His legacy was for people to not waste a second in seeking knowledge and practising every type of good wherever possible. Let that be our motto for the rest of the year too.

The very best and happy returns of the year to you!

With our best wishes,

AlMaghrib Institute

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The Criterion: 21-34 | Sh Ahsan Hanif | Ramadān Reminder 29

You’ve enjoyed some great videos in this Ramadān series by the grace of Allah and we are now at the end. But we followed the old cliché and saved the best for last.

Yes, we swear to you, Sh Ahsan Hanif is about to blow your mind!

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