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Congratulations to Sweden!

Indeed, congratulations are due to Sweden in being the first country in Europe outside the UK and Eire to have entered the AlMaghrib Family. Välkommen brothers and sisters!

The hard work from the Swedish team has been superb, and it has been rewarded with the live-wire Sh Riad Ourzazi and his smash hit class “A Heart Serene”!

For more information on the class which comes to Stockholm on the weekends of 9-11 May & 17-18 May 2014, please visit the official AlMaghrib Sweden page HERE!

Vi ses snart!

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G’Day & Welcome Melbourne!

Don’t call it a comeback…actually, go ahead and call it a comeback. And WHAT a comeback!

All of us here are delighted to see Australia back on the AlMaghrib map after quite a long break. But however great it was before, you can be sure that we aim to take Islamic Education to the next level with the launch class for the city of Melbourne: A Heart Serene: Studies in Tazkiyah.

It’s a blockbuster DOUBLE-weekend seminar unlike no other, taught by the unique Sh Riad Ourzazi. To say he’s hyped would be an understatement!

All those in Melbourne and even those looking to travel down for this great class on 25-27 April & 3-4 May 2014, please visit your dedicated seminar page right HERE for more information on what has made this seminar an experience that people still talk about years later.

And with time running down until April , don’t delay and register HERE to guarantee yourself a seat at what promises to be quite the crazy ride into heart purification!

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The World just got a little bit more purple….

Välkommen & G’day.

In case you were wondering that’s Swedish for Welcome and a friendly welcome in Australian slang. We can be looking forward to the Instructors “dodgy” attempts at the Australian accent….namely Sh Kamal el Mekki!

Alhamdulillah as 2014 is well on its way to becoming super awesome, there are so many exciting things happening this year already with new countries being added to our already global family of AlMaghrib students – Sweden and Australia!

Check out the latest AlMaghrib Video newsletter for the latest information as to what’s going on. We have new Ameers/ahs and a special shout out to Qabeelat AlShams!

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Welcoming Australia to the AlMaghrib Family!

To the land of Kangaroos and now AlMaghrib! The Wait is finally Over for/in the Land down Under.

AlMaghrib Institute is proud to announce the launch of AlMaghrib Australia!

For all the Aussies that have patiently waited for this moment, rest assured your prayers were accepted with a good acceptance. We look forward to all the upcoming  projects and opportunities to gain knowledge for our brothers and sisters. With open arms and happiness we welcome you to the AlMaghrib family.

(We can only imagine the dodgy Australian accent impersonations that Sh Kamal is going to do!)

Watch the video below, where Sh Muhammad discusses his past hopes & dreams for Australia:

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New Seminar: Deception [A Study of Shaytaan]

In communities plagued by the increase of zina, murder and increase in drug use, we have opened ourselves to the traps of Shaytaan. Sh Saad Tasleem’s new single weekend seminar “Deception” is a thought provoking and more over a much needed seminar for all of us: an insight and study of Shaytaan. A profile into who he really is? what he promised to do? and how he affects us to this day and we don’t even realise it.

He made a promise to corrupt mankind till the Day of Judgement and it seems he is doing a pretty good job….now the time is to recognise, realise and protect ourselves from Shaytaan and his army. If you want to defeat the enemy – you have to know his strategy. Shaytaan has no loyalties….and our loyalty is to our Lord and Creator Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala.

“Then I will come at them, from in front of them and behind them, from their right and from their left.” [Surat'l-A'raf:17]

Check out the trailer from Sh Saad Tasleem below:

Check out to see when Deception will be at your local Qabeelah!

Deception will be coming to New York, Atlanta and Houston within the next few months, insha’ Allah.

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Never miss Fajr again! [New App]

AlMaghrib is proud to have such a talented pool of students and one particular student has taken the pains to really find a solution to make sure that missing Fajr is a thing of the past. One of our students has created a new free app that will make sure you never miss Fajr again!

The app uses a genius method to make sure you are awake. Check out –> and find out how it works

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[IlmSummit UK] Wild Card Instructors Announced!

Every year at IlmSummit, our teams work hard with local Imams/Scholars to bring them to deliver Wild Card sessions at the end of the day. We are SO excited to announce our Wild Card Instructors for this year’s IlmSummit UK.

Mufti Zubair: Currently holds the position of Senior Advisor on Islamic law at the Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence, Bradford. He is also active in various fields including health and education where he serves as Chair at Al-Qalam Shari’ah Scholar Panel. He lectures on the Ethics of Transplants and Autopsy at the University of Leeds and is a regular contributor at seminars on Islamic medical ethics.

Shaykh Dr Akram Nadwi: Authored over 25 books in Arabic and has also completed 53 volumes on biographical dictionary of the Muhaddithat, Female Scholars of hadith. He has ijaza (licenses or certificates) from numerous scholars, including Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali Al-Nadwi. He has a doctorate in Arabic from Lucknow University.

P.S: With IlmSummit 1 week away, make sure you’re confirmed to attend! What better way to spend the holiday season than in the company of Shuyukh & students who have all come together with one aim, to gain the pleasure of Allah swt. Check out –>

P.P.S: Make sure you email our finance team: for the last spots available on our monthly payment plan. Hurry,IlmSummit kicks off in less than 1 week and places are limited.

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Welcoming our 2 newest instructors to the AlMaghrib Family

This past weekend AlMaghrib Institute hosted another successful IlmFest in Michigan & South Florida. During the event, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi announced two new instructors who have joined AlMaghrib Institute!

Check out the video each instructor has recorded:

Watch Video

Watch Video

Everyone at AlMaghrib Institute is SUPER excited to welcome Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed & Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda! Be sure to give them a warm welcome on our Facebook page –>

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AlMaghrib representing at the GPU in London this month

The Global Peace and Unity Conference in London on the weekend of 23rd/24th November is one of the largest Islamic conferences in Europe and attracts thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Scholars, leaders, thinkers, performers from across the globe are invited to take the stage in a packed schedule of back to back talks surrounding issues that concern us Muslims today living in the West and creates a platform for meaningful dialogue. It not only hosts the conference but also houses a vibrant and packed exhibition bazaar where independent retailers and businesses can showcase their products from across the UK. A truly family filled weekend with lots to do.

Every year, a selection of our AlMaghrib Instructors get invited to take the stage and speak to thousands of attendees and this year was no different. Sh Muhammad AlShareef and Sh Dr Yasir Qadhi were also invited this year to speak. You can check out their videos below:

Sh Muhammad AlShareef

Sh Dr Yasir Qadhi

AlMaghrib Institute were also present at the GPU with a stand in the bazaar area and managed to meet a lot of the past, current and new students. It was great to see the buzz and excitement when students and kids came to meet the shuyookh at the stand.

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[IlmSummit UK '13] So who’ll be teaching Tajweed this year?

IlmSummit 2013 Applications are still open, with limited seating available. AlMaghrib Institute’s annual 10-day intensive academic retreattakes place in Berkshire, UK (outside of London, UK) during the dates: December 20th – 30th 2013 in sha Allah.

Take a look at the resident instructors for IlmSummit below and some of the focused topics they’ll be teaching.


Shaykh Waleed Basyouni – In depth appreciation of Shaykh’l-Islam ibn Taymiyyah’s work, Al Aqeeda Al-Wasitiyyah.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi – In-depth analysis of the theological controversies in early Islam that resulted in the largest schism in the Muslim world.

Shaykh Abu Eesa – Islamic Political Science using Shaykh al-‘Uthaymin’s commentary to Shaykh’l-Islam ibn Taymiyyah’s masterpiece, al-Siyasah al-Shar‘iyyah fi Iṣlah al-Ra‘iwal-Ra‘iyyah (The Political System In Reforming The Ruler And Citizens).

Shaykh Ahsan Hanif – Daily Qur’aan & Tajweed sessions.


Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda – Tafseer of Surat Fussilat

[Trailer] IlmSummit UK 2013:

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