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Where will you make your IMPACT?

Impact is an AlMaghrib grassroots initiative, catapulted forward by teams of fantastic students and Qabeelahs from all over the world.

Our aim is to make a difference. Within each seminar we learn lessons so valuable our lives change, and we are told, time and again, to be the change in all our capacity. So we took that advice to heart, and from this was born AlMaghrib Impact. Now in over 20 cities worldwide, feeding the homeless, visiting the elderly, providing care packs to the needy, cleaning up highways and mosques, and more.

Check out some of the great work that our Impact teams from all over the world have already done on Global Impact Day this Ramadan.

Impact Show Reel 2015

If you are interested in cashing in on the ‘ajr of serving your local community then get in touch with the Impact Team and we can tell you how to get involved.

Contact us at:

And don’t forget to support the Impact team and keep up to date with the latest projects on our Facebook Page. Like and Share!

We hope to see you in an Impact city near YOU!





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Sh Muhammad Alshareef in Malaysia this month!

You might have heard the news, but let us confirm it for you now 100%: Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef is returning from a long hiatus and coming to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 12 December 2015.

It’s unique because this isn’t just a history class but a study of their decisions, strategy and leadership. This IlmNight will not only inspire you and be emotional, but it will empower you to go forth and make decisions like the leaders we are meant to be.

So mark your date! Saturday, 12 December 2015, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at the iconic Dewan Muktamar, Pusat Islam, Kuala Lumpur! Get your tickets at

Undisputed: The Life and Genius of Abu Bakr and Umar RA

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Leading by Example

Masha’Allah, a great initiative by Qabeelat Ittihaad Windsor highlighting key AlMaghrib Students and volunteers who are actively participating in their local community with various projects such as the ones highlighted in this short video. It is great to see our youth flourish into young leaders in their communities as key role models for the generations to come. A perfect example of how AlMaghrib Students and volunteers are putting knowledge into action. Keep a lockdown on for more inspiring volunteers in the communities of Windsor.

‪#‎SharetheKhayr‬ ‪#‎InspiringYouth‬ ‪#‎QIttihad‬Windsor

Qittihad Inspire

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[Oct] New Seminars, Ilmfest, Legacies stepping down

Oct Newsletter

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What did you guys at AlMaghrib do to our children?

We received this email from a parent whose daughter attended a seminar with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick, and this is their account of how AlMaghrib made an impact on her.


I and my friend drove down from Leicester to pick our daughters after the weekend seminar ‘Shadows of the sun’.They got in the car and I immediately noticed the look on my daughter’s face .

She was clearly disturbed.

I gave her sometime to settle down and on the way back asked her if everything was okay. She mumbled some reply and remained silent again for some more minutes.

Then I asked her again if the program was good and if she would like to come again. The look on her face vanished immediately and she blurted out some superlatives, which I had never heard before in my life ,words like ‘Awesomest shaykh’- an amazing program – brilliant atmosphere……

And the whole of our way back to Leicester it was Shadows of the sun replay for us.

Both our daughters took turns by putting us down by quizzing us with lots of questions about Sahabah many of which we could not answer and our daughters remarking each time
“We do not blame you .you did not go to AlMaghrib”

And I couldn’t help notice her talk ,all of a sudden was filled with MashaAllah, Subuhanallah……I asked her about it. She said “I picked that habit up from my Ameer.”And started rolling out her praise for the AlFawz team most politest ,very helpful people I have ever seen, I want to be like them…….

I managed to stop her onslaught for a moment and enquired her about the disturbed look on her face when she got in the car. To which she replied “Oh!! That was because the seminar had come to an end and also our wonderful Ameerah has stepped down because she’s going to have a baby soon InshaAllah”.

We moved from Chennai, India a year ago and were a bit anxious about bringing up our daughter who is in her early teens in the western world .
We sent our daughters to get some Islamic knowledge and they come back with a complete transformation ,brimming with confidence with a zeal to change the world.

I cannot but wonder “What did you guys do in there?”

Whatever it was, May Allah shower his blessings and make your affairs easy for every one of you behind this ‘Awesomest ‘ event.

Also May He grant you Success in this world and the hereafter.

Looking forward to send mydaughter to your next seminar InshaAllah

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Thank you all for making an IMPACT!

We would like to congratulate all of our volunteers across the AlMaghrib World for genuinely showing the needy in their communities how much we care for our collective welfare. The feedback was amazing, we really did make an IMPACT together!

CTV Windsor had this to report:


There was so much great work done across the cities, it’s difficult to collate it all here whether it was the awesome team in Calgary, or the guys in Dublin, Ireland with an excellent log of their work, then the team in Charlotte (with an internal men and women competition!), or the team in California. Toronto were competing with the other Canadian cities for who could make the biggest impact, Melbourne showed their experience, and what about Minnesota? Amazing feedback in Qabeelat Madinatayn – but they had serious competition from London, and then their neighbours in Bristol and then thousands of miles away in Kuala Lumpur as usual! There’s just so much to report back but see the full array of videos and photos on the AlMaghrib Impact Facebook Page.

Here is a small selection of photos to boost your Iman levels, alhamdulillah!


The Calgary chapter served close to 3000 meals (!)



 The Toronto team pulled out all the stops! 



 The folks in Melbourne served up a real treat in conjunction with Youth Projects and FreshPlus.



 The Kuala Lumpur Chapter proving as usual that excellence is a habit, a great effort from a huge volunteer team ma sha Allah.



 Choosing a park in London, UK was an excellent idea for Qabeelat Shams where they gave out not just food but clothes, shows, toys, and much more! Make sure you click on the links above to see more…



Our Sweden team really took to the streets, feeding hundreds who didn’t find their way to the centre…



Few do local community work as good as our Melbourne team. True champions, and so cool too!

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Statement concerning Canadian Senate “Countering the Terrorist Threat in Canada: An Interim Report”

As a Canadian institution pro-actively working with North American national security officials since 2008 to counter extremism, promote pluralistic values and empower women, AlMaghrib Institute congratulates the Senate’s Standing Committee on National Security and Defense for its contribution to safeguarding the Canadian people’s safety and values.

Unfortunately as part of its Interim Report on Countering the Terrorist Threat in Canada, the committee published some inaccurate information on AlMaghrib Institute. The Senate Committee never contacted AlMaghrib Institute to verify the validity of the false accusations made by a committee witness quoted in the report, nor invited AlMaghrib Institute to directly offer testimony before the committee on its extensive experience advancing Canadian values and working with Canadian national security agencies to counter extremism threats to the homeland.

Read More »

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Global Impact Day!

AlMaghrib Institute presents: GLOBAL IMPACT DAY
Muslims reaching out to the homeless in Ramadan

Global Impact Day is new global initiative by AlMaghrib students aimed at raising awareness and relief for the homeless in their cities.

On the 4th of July 2015 AlMaghrib Impact will be hosting events and initiatives in over 20 cities worldwide providing meals and relief to the homeless whilst we fast during our holy month of Ramadan. For as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stated:

“The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind”

AlMaghrib Impact has been providing support to and spearheading many grass-roots initiatives such as adopting highways, holding mass clean-ups, assisting refugees, and probably most universally, helping the homeless. In Ramadan we thank God for all that we have been given and seek to give of that which we have been blessed with, with our greater community, and those in most dire need within our community: the homeless and needy.

About AlMaghrib Impact

[Impact is an AlMaghrib grassroots initiative, catapulted forward by teams of students from all over the world. Our aim is to make a difference. Now in over 20 cities worldwide, feeding the homeless, visiting the elderly, providing care packs to the needy, cleaning up highways and mosques, and more. For more information please visit –]

Contact: Ali Sajaad



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Ramadhan Mubarak!


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[June] The mega recap on Ilmfest, new class, new Ilmnight…

June’s newsletter took even longer to put together than usual for the simple reason that the month nearly exploded for all the news! Check it out below…

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