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Ticking down to IlmSummit…

Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah! We all know that little feeling of excitement in the run up to a weekend seminar, right? But the excitement being felt in the run up to IlmSummit — our biggest, most important, and premier event of the year — is off the … Read More »

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Are you ready to be TRANSFORMED?

It’s Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed’s debut class and it’s already proved to be a blockbuster! “If you are thinking or having any doubts about attending this class … DON’T. Remarkable class! Anybody and everybody should attend this class because they will … Read More »

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Ilmsummit 2014 is LIVE by Sh Abu Eesa!

So first of all, why is it me who’s writing this to you? Because I am incredibly honoured to announce that I’m personally heading up this year’s ILMSUMMIT bismillahi mA. =) Now if you’re asking “What on Earth is Ilmsummit?!” … Read More »

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“Bloodshed: A Sign Of The Hour” with Sh Kamal El-Makki

Don’t miss this free ilminar online tomorrow which looks absolutely fascinating! Sh Kamal El-Mekki offers up a prelude to his new class All Around Us with this insightful look into one of the prominent signs of the hour: the increase … Read More »

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Our August Newsletter!

You would have thought August being Ramadhan that things would have been quiet but you’d be wrong! Here’s our latest news in the world of AlMaghrib:

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‘Eed Mubārak from AlMaghrib Institute!

Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāh! ‘Eed Mubārak to all of you! It’s everyone’s favourite day of the year once again alhamdulillāh! We glorify our Lord, extol His greatness and thank Him for his unlimited bounties. “He wants you to complete the … Read More »

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The Criterion: 21-34 | Sh Ahsan Hanif | Ramadān Reminder 29

You’ve enjoyed some great videos in this Ramadān series by the grace of Allah and we are now at the end. But we followed the old cliché and saved the best for last. Yes, we swear to you, Sh Ahsan … Read More »

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On Mostafa Khalifa, rahimahullah

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we inform our AlMaghrib family that one of its dearest and earliest members, indeed one of its pioneers, Mostafa Khalifa has passed away to the mercy of his Lord. Mostafa was the … Read More »

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The Legend that was Shaykh Ibn Baz | Sh Waleed Basyouni | Ramadān Reminder 28

One of the greatest scholars of our time, one who showed his legacy in how he responded to those who attacked him, and also the one who…actually just listen to Sh Waleed Basyouni explain in this beautiful – yet sadly … Read More »

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He is Al-‘Afuww! Can YOU forgive and forget? | Dr Reda Bedeir | Ramadān Reminder 27

The Night of Power might have passed, but its Day is definitely still in play. Learn the meaning of the du‘ā you made these nights and put it into practice too! It’s Dr Reda Bedeir with No.27…

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