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It’s Fatwa Night again!

Don’t miss out on another occasion to ask our teachers questions on the topic of Du’a and Qiyam and join us at at 3pm EST/8pm GMT on Sunday. Fatwa nights will be held every Sunday at the same time throughout … Read More »

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1. Optimism in the Qur’ān: The Sacrifice of Ismā’īl (as) | Sh Ahsan Hanif | Ramadān Reminder 7

You are going to absolutely LOVE Sh Ahsan Hanif’s mini-series *within* our Ramadān Series on “Optimism in the Qur’ān”. Here’s the first instalment…

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The Tongue is KING! | Dr Reda Bedeir | Ramadān Reminder 6

The mouth fasts from food in Ramadān, but Dr Reda Bedeir shows that the mouth has other obligations upon it too!

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Engaging your Imān is the only way to be forgiven! | Sh Omar Suleiman | Ramadān Reminder 5

You all know the hadith by now, “Whoever fasts Ramadān engaging their Imān and having good hope in Allah…” but what does that even MEAN? Here’s Sh Omar Suleiman with the good stuff…

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The Month of Miracles – You can change too! | Sh Waleed Basyouni | Ramadān Reminder 4

Do you know what the clearest, most explicit verse in the Qur’ān is that sums up what we have to do in life? Sh Waleed Basyouni gives us a beautiful reminder how to change our lives in this miraculous Month … Read More »

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How are you planning Suhoor? | Sh Saad Tasleem | Ramadān Reminder 3

Here’s Sh Saad Tasleem reminding us that if the day is all about fasting, then the night is all about eating correctly as well…

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The Month Of Hocus Pocus: The Challenge Of Spirituality | Sh Abu Eesa | Ramadān Reminder 2

Sh Abu Eesa challenges the nay-sayers in what he calls the “New Age Of Empirical Ignorance”

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Benefit from our daily Ramadān Reminders!

A thousand congratulations to you on reaching the blessed month from all of us here at AlMaghrib! May Allah the Almighty make this Ramadān a time of reflection, action and the achievement of forgiveness, ameen! This year we are delighted … Read More »

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Ramadān Mubarak!

From everyone here at AlMaghrib Institute, we wish you the best Ramadān ever!

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Welcome to the Family, Aberdeen!

In more great news, we were delighted to see the dedication of our Scottish family finally pay off in bringing in their third city to the folds of the AlMaghrib family: Aberdeen! “The Granite City” had to live up to … Read More »

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