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He is Al-‘Afuww! Can YOU forgive and forget? | Dr Reda Bedeir | Ramadān Reminder 27

The Night of Power might have passed, but its Day is definitely still in play. Learn the meaning of the du‘ā you made these nights and put it into practice too! It’s Dr Reda Bedeir with No.27…

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Are you even hearing what you’re reciting? All a blur? | Sh Abu Eesa | Ramadān Reminder 26

In Sh Abu Eesa’s final contribution, just how many times should we be aiming to complete the Qur’ān at the moment? Is the Qur’ān impacting on you? It’s Ramadān Reminder No.26…

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What’s so special about the last part of the Fasting day? | Sh Omar Suleiman | Ramadān Reminder 25

The blessed days are running out, so at least understand why the last moments of those days are truly incredible – Sh Omar Suleiman presents an excellent Ramadān Reminder 25.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Ten-Point Plan For What To Do On The Night Of Power

#FiqhofSalah #DivineLink

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Is Allah close so that we can whisper to Him? | Dr Reda Bedeir | Ramadān Reminder 24

Want to make du‘ā? Is Allah close, so we should whisper, or far so we should yell? It’s Dr Reda Bedeir with our latest Reminder…

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3. Optimism in the Qur’ān: The Mother of Mūsa (as) | Sh Ahsan Hanif | Ramadān Reminder 23

This is a knock-out story which will guarantee a lump in the throat! It’s Sh Ahsan Hanif with the last in his Optimism Mini-Series in our 23rd Reminder!

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Sisters! Ramadān isn’t just for fasting! | Sh Abdulbary Yahya | Ramadān Reminder 22

Some lovely motivation from the ever-bubbly Sh Abdulbary Yahya in Ramadān Reminder No.22…

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UPDATE: “Trials & Tribulations: Overcoming The Obstacles Of Life” – An Emergency Ilminar For Palestine

REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE PLACE HERE NOW! (UPDATE: Sh Abu Eesa and Dr Reda Bedeir will also be joining the programme!) Whilst some of us enjoying the abundant blessings in this holy month, many of our family are suffering in … Read More »

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Everything you need to know about FASTING for TRAVELLERS | Sh Waleed Basyouni | Ramadān Reminder 21

Surely there’s got to be more to this debate than just “Is it better to fast or not fast if I travel?” And you’ll be glad to know there is, as explained expertly by Sh Waleed Basyouni…

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The Devil’s Distraction | Sh Saad Tasleem | Ramadān Reminder 20

Sh Saad Tasleem gives advice on how not to lose focus during our fast in our Ramadān Reminder No.20…

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