On Recent Remarks of an Instructor

Recently an AlMaghrib Institute instructor posted some controversial jokes on his personal social media page.

All AlMaghrib Instructors are highly accomplished individuals, a fact appreciated by our large student body, and are therefore involved with other personal endeavors and activities outside AlMaghrib’s platform. Although the institute does not regulate the instructors’ personal social media presence, AlMaghrib Institute’s policy is that it does not condone or support any form of discrimination based on sex, race or ethnicity that might infringe upon any individual’s rights.

While we understand that the instructor did not intend any harm, AlMaghrib Institute found some personal jokes unacceptable and welcomes the instructor’s public apology to those hurt by the insensitive use of words for satire and sarcasm on sensitive topics. We welcome the instructor’s commendable effort this week remedying the hurt some people felt by directly delivering sincere personal apologies to over 457 members of the public.

As one of the Western world’s premier institutes for the teaching of Islamic Sciences, AlMaghrib Institute has over the last eleven years taught tens of thousands of students. The majority of AlMaghrib Institute students have been women, a fact AlMaghrib Institute has taken pride in deeply.

As previously noted in our March 10th statement, AlMaghrib Institute has a long and broad tradition of supporting women’s empowerment across AlMaghrib’s entire platform and being a voice for women’s progress in our communities.

We ask Allah to guide all of us to the best of manners in dealing with one another. Ameen.

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2 Responses to On Recent Remarks of an Instructor

  1. Fouzia says:

    Thank you.

  2. Lisa Mohammed-Irvine says:

    Assalamu alaikom wa rahma’tullah wa barakatoh,

    Alhamdulillah, I am pleased that you continue to support our rspected brother Abu Eesa, may Allah grant him and you increase in all good.

    I feel very privileged to be a student of his and your generosity in the Logical Progression class and have been personally helped by him too through some very difficult trials, he was sincere, knowledgeable, sensitive and without his advice my life could have had a terrible fitnah, Alhamdulillah, I too his advice & Allah kareem, the fitnah ended before it could become a serious issue, I have much to thank Allah for and also Abu Eesa and then yourselves. Without Logical Progression, I would be missing some vital gaps in my understanding of Islam, everything is clear and Alhamdulillah there is so much patience, support and access to the ilm that insha Allah I and more than a 1000 others can continuously revise, increase in our own understanding and benefit ourselves and our families insha Allah.

    Another important, though different aspect for me, coming across the path of Abu Eesa cannot be measured, it is the human traits of humour, of not being ‘super pious saintly’ as a figure, by updates such as make Islam a lifejacket not a straightjacket… that really have shaped my perspective of being muslim. Prior to this page I only ‘met’ AE through al adab al mufrad, and so, along with all other influences I came across in a learning setting, I took that being muslim meant to be very very firm, serious and not only heavily censured myself but also my family including my children – Astarghfirullah, that was so wrong. In those days, i felt that I had come into a deen with impossible standards that I could never hope to achieve. So really, though the page has caused a huge debate about the adab of scholars etc… please, let me tell you, I and my family are so pleased that I also learned that being human is exactly what Allah made me and every other person too, that it isn’t through being perfect that we will succeed, but the mercy of Allah, it isn’t by being judgemental that we measure others or they should measure us, it is by ‘having each others back’ not ‘stabbing each others back’.

    There are worse things that lame jokes =) One of those worse things would be to lose a human who has been gifted with tremendous ilm and whose good deeds and examples outshine and benefit in a way that would be truly a loss were he somehow exiled from the teaching platform.

    I personally benefitted from the public apology, but am the first to admit, it is my human weaknesses that measure how I feel and respond to the humour of others. I don;t hold anyone else to account if I can’t share in their particular brand of humour and feel sad that such an extreme reaction has happened in this case.

    Jazakum Allahu khair for the benefits you have allowed with Logical Progression, and please, do keep allowing Ustadh Abu Eesa Niamatullah to keep on doing what he does best – teach!
    Fi amanillah