Never miss Fajr again! [New App]

AlMaghrib is proud to have such a talented pool of students and one particular student has taken the pains to really find a solution to make sure that missing Fajr is a thing of the past. One of our students has created a new free app that will make sure you never miss Fajr again!

The app uses a genius method to make sure you are awake. Check out –> and find out how it works

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3 Responses to Never miss Fajr again! [New App]

  1. Habibo Kalifa says:


  2. Fathima Zahan says:

    Maashaa’Allah this young brother who created this software is really a GENIUS!!!! May Allah grant him outstanding knowledge and make him excel in every halal field that he puts an attempt to succeed, aameen aameen aameen! i am sharing it with all my friends and relatives, subhanallah i love it!!!!

  3. thank you says:

    May Allah SWT bless the efforts of this student. JAZAKALLAHU KHAIR FOR THE APP!!