Q Ittihad representing in the first Ilympic Event!

Today was the first AlMaghrib Ilympic Event as part of the share the khayr campaign – The Oratory Short Speech competition.

Ma sha Allah from the submissions, there were 3 strong finalists that submerged: Sister Alima (QFawz, Birmingham, UK), Sister Hanaa (QIttihad, Windsor, Canada) & Sister Kaltun (QMadinatayn, Minnesota). The theme chosen was the “Confident Muslim Woman”.

Each sister had their own spin on how they viewed the Confident Muslim Woman – from the perspective of a contributor to their community, as a student when one moment changed their life and finally as a mother bringing her son into this ruthless world with the only hope that her son will be eternally happy.

As with any competition, there can only be one winner and the one speech that stood out from the rest was Sister Hanaa Elmi from Qabeelat Ittihad, Windsor. Hanaa’s command of the language and the imagery she used was very powerful and effective, especially in a society where women take on so many different roles as mothers, sisters, wives, colleagues etc.

Congratulations to Sister Hanaa. She is the winner of a 2014 IlmRush Card.

If you missed the live event this morning, then not to worry, you can still catch the winning speech as a webcast replay which can be accessed at: www.sharethekhayr.org/oratory

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