Post-IlmFest Blues

IlmFest 2013 in Glasgow and Manchester was a mind-blowing conference put together by the hardworking volunteers of AlMaghrib. Approximately 1500 students attended IlmFest this weekend in each City.

In the words of Sister Abeedah, Ameerah QTaqwa:

IlmFest 2013 hit Glasgow and Scotland like an iman-boosting storm! SubhanAllah in one moment, the lack of sleep, the lack of meals, and the lack of brain space beyond IlmFest was all so wonderfully worth it!

For the first time in my life I saw hundred of Muslim from every walk of life enter an event with one unified goal; gaining ilm! It humbled my heart to the core, simply due to being allowed the opportunity to witness it, and be part of the organising team! Alhamdulillah, a blessing that will remaing secured in my heart forever.

Though there was little of the lectures that I personally witnessed, I lived off the high that the attendees were clearly experiencing. SubhanAllah so many people walked away that day with a new found love and respect for our beautiful Deen.

And in that moment….Alhamdulillah, the sweat and tears for months, preceding seemed a distant memory… forgotten, and now replaced with the contentment of seeing Allah’s Majestic Plan play out.

SubhanAllah…… [Sister Abeedah: QTaqwa | Scotland]

The much anticipated IlmFest landed in Manchester, much to the delight of its’ homies…Qabeelat Barakah. A definite buzz in the air, as the audience settled awaiting gems to be rained down among them, and we were not disappointed.

My personal highlight being among 1500+ worshippers of the Almighty, praying outside together under a bright sky with a gentle breeze…the reason for our being there.  The legacy of the Prophets (as) and the divine history of Ash-Sham narrated to us like never before…linking the past, present and future with powerful accuracy. Angels amongst us, in this gathering to remember Allah, Glory be to Him, we hope and pray they are witness to us in goodness.  The skies were dry, the eyes were not, as it rained heavy on our hearts..
….When Ilmfest came to the land of Barakah [Sister Sakinah: IlmFest Attendee]

IlmFest hit Manchester on Sunday 16th June and wowed the packed out crowd. Sh. Abu Eesa’s Levantine Prophecy kept the audience captivated as they eagerly followed the stories of the messengers coming out of Ash-Sham, Sh. Ahsan made Ramadan come to life in time for its arrival and Sh. Kamal and Sh. Reda’s comedy face off had smiles on everyone’s faces.
[IlmFest Volunteer]

May Allah Azza Wa Jal reward all the hard work, effort and time that had gone into putting 2 amazing IlmFest events together in Scotland and Manchester – to all the volunteers, I guess the end result was worth all the sleepless nights!

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