Final Destination – Ilmfest 2013: Glasgow & Manchester

This weekend the IlmTour Bus reaches its final destination at IlmFest 2013 in Glasgow and Manchester.

An event not to be missed with an EPIC theme: The Prophet’s Last Sermon. A fun-filled family event, packed with ‘Ilm from our very own AlMaghrib Instructors and GEMs throughout the day.

There will be stalls available for attendees so husbands, don’t forget to take your wallets and give them to your wives at the entrance!

Take your children, your spouses, your parents, your siblings, your cousins, aunts, uncles and don’t forget to invite your neighbours! An event not to be missed.

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One Response to Final Destination – Ilmfest 2013: Glasgow & Manchester

  1. Vie says:

    Al Maghrib is an inspiration for so many. It is a much ndeeed spiritual escape from the trappings of the dunya to reflect on and focus on your deen. It replenshies us with ilm and eeman and and obliges us to implement and spread that knowledge with sincerity so that we inshallah, by the Mercy of Allah SWT, we many enter Jannah.For myself, I can honestly say that Al Maghrib has helped me to gain more of an awareness of Allah SWT and a true appreciation of the of the Qur’an and inshallah it will continue to help me to better myself.May Allah bless AlMaghrib and all students of knowledge.Aameen