Join Sh Omar Suleiman in London this week

Catch Sh Omar Suleiman in London this Friday 14th June from 6.30PM as he joins Islamic Relief.

As we are fast approaching Ramadhan, he will be aptly talking about the Legacy of ‘Uthmaan (RA), known for his piety and generosity.

Even though ‘Uthmaan (RA) was famous for his business and leadership ability, ‘Uthmaan was a man of great modesty. One day, the Prophet (SAW) was lying down in his house with his thighs or his calves exposes. Abu Bakr (RA) – and later ‘Umar (RA) – asked permission to enter and was permitted while the Prophet (SAW) was in that position and he came in and spoke with them. When ‘Uthman (RA) asked permission, the Prophet (SAW) sat up and straightened his clothing. He was then given permission. ‘Uthman came in spoke with the Prophet (SAW).┬áThe Prophet’s wife Aisha bint Abu Bakr (RA) asked why he treated ‘Uthman (RA) differently. The Prophet (SAW) answered, “Should I not be shy of a man around whom the angels are shy (because of his modesty)?” [Muslim]

Details of how to get tickets for this event and where the event will be taking place, please check the poster below.

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4 Responses to Join Sh Omar Suleiman in London this week

  1. Shazna says:

    It is not clear if there is entry for sisters?
    Please clarify

    • almaghrib says:

      It is open for brothers and sisters in sha Allah. You can contact the above number to confirm.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do we pay upfront or through online?
    JazakAllah Khayr.