Forget the Olympics….’coz “The Ilympics” is here…

In celebration of a decade of knowledge, AlMaghrib Institute presents a one of a kind series of fun and engaging competitions for the students. The Ilympics will include the best of AlMaghrib Institute’s 60 000 + student body competing in 4¬†major areas: In Spoken Word, Short Speech, Visual Arts and the best of them all, in Qur’aan.

This is the moment students have been waiting for so make sure you take part of this historical moment in AlMaghrib Institute’s student body and join in the Ilympics here!

What: The Ilympics: A series of competitions of Knowledge that manifests
itself in a variety of online events
Who: The competitors will be AlMaghrib Institute’s Student body
When: June 23rd-July 7th (But Submissions start now!)

Pick your battle…..and take it to the next level….

To participate in any one of the four competitions, check out the rules and regulations at:

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