The First Batch: Class of 2013

Congratulations to the first graduation class of AlMaghrib Institute. May you be granted sincerity wherever your feet carry you – and not allow anyone of His creation a share of your intentions. Aameen. May you continue to be an asset to this Ummah, and soften and educate many hearts at your hands.

We hope to see many more graduation ceremonies like this with our current and future students of knowledge. This is definitely the first of many, in sha Allah.

Graduating Class 2013

The entire class of 2013 with Shuyukh

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4 Responses to The First Batch: Class of 2013

  1. umm'ayman says:

    MAA SHAA ALLAH may the ALMIGHTY grants you jannah.i wish i could be among you and have the opportunity.

  2. Mustapha says:

    Congratulation to them all, Please I will want to know whats the Institute about ?

  3. Bongani says:

    Al Maghrib is an inspiration for so many. It is a much neeedd spiritual escape from the trappings of the dunya to reflect on and focus on your deen. It replenshies us with ilm and eeman and and obliges us to implement and spread that knowledge with sincerity so that we inshallah, by the Mercy of Allah SWT, we many enter Jannah.For myself, I can honestly say that Al Maghrib has helped me to gain more of an awareness of Allah SWT and a true appreciation of the of the Qur’an and inshallah it will continue to help me to better myself.May Allah bless AlMaghrib and all students of knowledge.Aameen