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Softening The Heart

The speed at which Ramadan travels is similar to the speed at which your chocolate bar finishes. You make yourself a nice warm cup of tea after a long hard day, open the chocolate bar and… well that’s all you … Read More »

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Fasting The Day of Ashura

Somewhere a family sits huddled in the corner of a dwelling, some run down structure, or in a war torn city. A mother says to her child, “mommy it hurts.” “I know baby, I’ll find food tomorrow”, she replies, knowing … Read More »

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Boonaa Mohammed’s take on IlmFest!!

Knowledge is a Garden, Its fruits are vast, Planting seeds from a tree of, Questions asked…. Food for thought. What you know is more important than what you’ve got, But if knowledge doesn’t lead to deeds, Its point becomes lost…. … Read More »

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