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A little effort will go a long way

When asked regarding the most important tenets of faith, most of us would mention: “Tawhid, Salaah, Hajj, sawm, zakah”. No doubt these are serious issues, however there’s that one major aspect we tend to overlook, perhaps because we don’t comprehend the incredible amount of … Read More »

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Raising the Game

“And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.” [Quran: 51: 55] In this day a time, it takes a special someone to break through to all of us and give us that much needed reminder to shift us into … Read More »

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Countdown to the FIRST AlMaghrib class in Dubai!

‘All humans are dead except those who have knowledge…’ AlMaghrib is yet again zooming over to another city! After having spread to several countries in the West, AlMaghrib is rapidly moving over to the East capturing the attention and interest … Read More »

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