Special offer until the end of this month! Mercy, forgiveness, salvation and ajar….MULTIPLIED!

Ramadaan is coming, Ramadaan is coming and then…Ramadaan has gone. For most of us, Ramadaan seems like a blur. Perhaps it’s due to all that sleeping, eating and sleeping-some-more routine we adopt as soon as the month begins. Ramadaan is a month of anything BUT sleeping. Where the sahaba and salaf would save this month to do all their most important tasks, we save this month to book our holidays off work and catch up on our sleep. This month is way beyond our concept of it. It is primarily the month of the greatest miracle for this ummah, the Qur’an, the month of training to leave bad deeds and excelling in good deeds, the imaan boost of the year, the month of gaining closeness to and immense reward from Allah (swt) and lastly, it’s the month of Mercy, Forgiveness and Salvation from an-Naar. These are they days where one should make continuous du’a and strive for Jannah.  

It is narrated by Abu Hurairah (ra) that Rasoolullah (saw) said ‘None of you can enter paradise through his own good deeds.’ His companions said: ‘O Allah’s Messenger not even you?’ He said ‘Yes, even I, unless Allah encompasses me with His Grace and Mercy.’ (Bukhari) We can understand by this hadith that without the Mercy of Allah (swt) we will not gain anything despite the number of our deeds. If the Messenger of Allah will not be able to enter jannah on the basis of his (saw) own deeds but rather with the Mercy of Allah, what chance do we have? We are in dire need of Allah’s Mercy and this, brothers and sisters, is the time to supplicate for it. We need the Mercy of Allah so that we may be able to bring ikhlaas in our actions, so that we can practice taqwa, so that we can have accepted deeds and we could go on forever. The point is that without Allah’s Mercy we are nothing and on that day, the toughest day for the entire human population, none of us will be going anywhere without His Mercy ‘azza wa jal

Ramadaan is not our chance to eat fancy food and laze around, it’s our chance to bank our deeds and inshaAllah have them multiplied (!) and to make tonnes and tonnes of sincere du’a. May Allah allow us all to use our time during this Ramadaan wisely and may this be an accepted Ramadaan for all Muslims. Aameen.

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