Shaykh Abdulbary takes on Ireland!

Ireland Promo Tour with Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya

‘If Allah desires good for a person He gives them understanding of the deen.’ (Bukhari)  

The hurricane of ‘ilm hits Ireland as it becomes a new official member of the AlMaghrib family. We won’t be the only ones experiencing the sweetness of ‘ilm and imaan boosts anymore.  With the du’as and sincere actions of thousands of people from all over the world AlMaghrib has been able to set up in cities far and wide, not only in the West but also in the East. After recently establishing three new AlMaghrib cities in the East (Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore) AlMaghrib has decided to continue its fantastic work by launching an AlMaghrib city in Ireland!

Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya will begin the four day AlMaghrib promo tour in Ireland on June 5th-8th. His short talks will entail contemplation on ones character and tips on how to better oneself. His sister only talks will include lectures on the women of jannah and the character of Muslim women. AbdulBary will also do the Friday khutbah in Dublin Masjid about striving for the sake of Allah. Come and attend this jam packed week of ‘ilm and ajar, make your aakhirah! Don’t miss these fantastic events leading up to the opening of the AlMaghrib in Ireland, an institute that has changed the lives of thousands!

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