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Bukhari Seminar Gives Glimpse Into Hadith Giant

Alhamdulillah! A first-time Qabeelah Nurayn student, who is also a journalist for The Muslim Link, wrote about her enjoyable experiences at their past Sahih Bukhari seminar. Read about it here:

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In Islam, men and women are equal

Alhamdulillah. May Allah (swt) continue to unite the Muslims in the work of da’wah! On January 20th, a reporter of LA Times & Huntington Beach Independent sat and attended Shaykh Waleed Basyouni’s new seminar in Southern California. Little did we … Read More »

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Culturally Relevant Islamic Institute Equips Muslims to Educate Others

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah (swt), AlMaghrib Institute continues to expand to an even larger audience. Houston Chronicle got a glimpse of AlMaghrib in action and had nothing but awesome things to say. “God will exalt those of you … Read More »

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IlmFest causes ripples in the UK

A conference which took over 6 months of preparation, which bought 9 Superstar Shuyukh under one roof, with over 1000 attendees, and one poetic genius to add the buzz back into the deen! …It’s IlmFest, a Celebration of Knowledge.  

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The A to Z of Women’s Modern Fiqh

Talks of a new fiqh seminar have created a blaring buzz in the AlMaghrib world. After an exclusive interview with Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, we bring to you the inside scoop to “Complicated? A to Z in Women’s Modern Fiqh.”  

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Ilmfest rocks London!

A cold winter’s day descended upon London. The day many have been waiting for as soon as Ilmfest was announced. Months of preparation, a fully-fledged marketing effort, a beautifully decorated hall…Saturday 31st December arrived.  

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IlmFest 2011 Houston: Reflections

As I entered Hilton Americas in Houston, Texas last Saturday, a feeling of peaceful familiarity overtook me.  Since moving from a major city on the east coast to a sleepy suburb on the other side of the country, I have … Read More »

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IlmFest Southern California: A Day to be Remembered

Nearly two thousand attendees from throughout the West Coast packed the second floor of the Anaheim Hilton on Sunday, December 25th, 2011. After years of waiting, making dua’, and working for it, AlMaghrib’s one-day conference, IlmFest, finally made its way … Read More »

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