The Dean’s List

Each year, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi (Dean of Academic Affairs) will be announcing the names of those who made the Dean’s List: a list of academic excellence.

In order to make the Dean’s List, a student must have taken a minimum of 3 classes per calendar year (or all the classes offered in their city) and scored a 95% (or) higher on every exam.

To the award winners, you have displayed the level of academic excellence that we strive to inculcate in our students, and have been exemplary role models for your peers.

Dean’s List

  • Safa Al-Dabagh from Ittihaad (MI)
  • Khalil Farooqui from Durbah (NJ)
  • Salman Ghani from Tayybah (NY)
  • Mohammad Khan from Tayybah (NY)
  • Julie Lowe from Majd (TO)
  • Momal Mazhar from Majd (TO)
  • Samina Mohammad from Haqq (SoCal)
  • Samar Saadedeen from Ittihaad (MI)
  • Waleed Tawfik from Tayybah (NY)
  • AbdiRahim Warsame from Hayl (OH)
  • Samia Abuisnaineh from Madinatayn (MN)
  • Ayah Fannoun from Madinatayn (MN)
  • Afzal Syed Mohamed from Madinatayn (MN)
  • Ayisha Yahya from Madinatayn (MN)
  • Jasmine White from Hosna (TX)

Congratulations! Your high standards continue to inspire us to raise our own.

Keep up the good work, and may Allah bless all of us to benefit from His Sacred Knowledge.

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12 Responses to The Dean’s List

  1. Halima says:

    Congrats to the Majd Students ( you know who you are :) )!

  2. Mehek says:

    MashaaAllah tabarakaAllah la hawla wa la quwwata illa bi Allah! Congratulations to all these exemplary students! May Allah make you guides for the ummah and increase you in knowledge, and may He grant you all the highest stations in Paradise – ameen!

  3. HalalBuzz says:

    May Allah give barakah in the knowledge that those students have gained and may Allah reward all their teachers

  4. Nadia says:

    Masha Allah 4 students from Madinatayn! Representing :)

    Congrats to all!

  5. Obaid says:

    Masha’allah that’s awesome!! For a Qabeelah with just 4 classes under it’s belt, 4 students on the Deans List is amazing, alhamdulillah!

    Qabeelat Madinatayn rock on!

  6. Sharmin Hakim says:

    Congrats!! Shout out to the IlmSummit-ers who are on this list!!

  7. Faryal Zafar says:

    May Allah give barakah in your knowledge! Mashallah. Congratulations!

  8. thamreen says:

    Mashallah! Congratulations everyone! :) And so beautifully said ..”may Allah bless all of us to benefit from His Sacred Knowledge.” ~ YQ

  9. Aziza says:

    Congrats! :)
    May Allah keep you all excelling on the path of knowledge!

  10. Aryati Mowll says:

    Congrats!!!, Allahu Akbar….everyone should get the reward and some of the top of them bring and continue the knowledge by great students and the teachers, Insha Allah this bring us to our community strong and guide us to Jannah. Masya Allah from MN students, I’m a proud of you.

  11. Sharik Hussein says:

    Alhamdullilah! Congratulations to the striving youth who seem inspire the forthcoming students. May Allah Awzajal always keep you on the path of Seerathul Mustaqeem. I make Du’a that I see a student representing New Zealand. Ameen.

    Well Done!

  12. Kashif Aslam says:

    Alhamdulillah! Congratulations to all the students who made it to the list. May Allah give you more success in both the worlds and guide you to serve the Ummah.