To the Somali Community

With our beloved Somali communities being one of the strongest in many cities across North America and the UK, Shaykh Said Rageah would like to send a message just for you… in Somali.

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One Response to To the Somali Community

  1. Jolaoso Kazeem says:

    Good Day,Please my muslim Brothers,I notice there is no measure taken by the muslims to help their fellow muslim.Imagine my Brother Had A Kidney problem and need a transplant.To my utmost suprise,despite anouncing from mosque to mosque seeking help from muslim brothers and sisters NOBODY turn up.Please what i want is for you to to use your influence to spread the news about the importance of assisting Brothers and sisters in Islam.We are loosing a lot of member to the Christain for failling on this because they help themselves in time of need.Please my brother is dying.