How Qabeelat Fawz Smashed it

SubhanAllah! Can this be… Surely not?! These are the thoughts that resonated the minds of many as a gasp of surprise emanated in the seminar room. The whole audience gasped at the sight of…

This is the exact sound I heard in the last moments of the Fiqh of Love seminar at Qabeelat Fawz (Midlands UK). We were mesmerised with such a beautiful surprise that the whole audience were left speechless.

As the final minutes of Fiqh of Love enveloped us, a ray of sadness overtook the audience – as usual someone was crying, and to no surprise it was a sister! As pleased as we were to have been blessed with the presence of our dear Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, the feeling of mild remorse kicked in knowing we would part and the direct passing of knowledge would be cut off. Back to work we shall go, the hustle bustle of life shall begin, and until we and time permits – life shall continue as per normal.

This is the beauty of AlMaghrib seminars, the experience, the students, the teachers, the volunteer crew affect you due to either their resolve to study and pass on the beneficial knowledge. It’s absolutely mesmerising, leaving you wishing for more. As behind each face is a desire for change, and every individual has a story to be told which is worthy of listening too.

Ok let’s rewind…

What was the surprise?! Alhamdulillah the week in between the seminar – Niche Hero was in town. A leadership seminar geared towards a unique set of people who will get out of their comfort zones and move forward to take action and establish their own worldwide projects to benefit humanity. The 6 day seminar was taught by none of than Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef, the founder of AlMaghrib Institute.


Let the secret spill, after 4 months of planning of how we’re going to persuade a certain somebody to come to the Midlands, Uk, du’a and continuous set backs – we hit rock bottom and thought, it’s not going to happen –

Alhamdulillah ‘alaa kulli Haal. We said to ourselves; “We tried O Allah, we tried.”

Then on the last day as I sat there thinking of what was to come of the next steps to taking the da’wah forward in my community… Lo and Behold the Ameer, Br. Ali Sajaad steps up and none other than Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef walks in followed by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Faqih, then by Br. As’ad Lath – The Uk representative for AlMaghrib. Closely followed by Br. Mahmud Khan the Ameer of Qabeelat Barakah the Manchester branch for AlMaghrib, and Br. DhulQurnayn Luqman, the Ameer of Qabeelat Mass the Bradford branch for AlMaghrib.

Imagine you were there… And this was your Qabeelah!

As you can imagine… What a blessing for us and our community! The President and Vice President side by side, all for the sake of Allah!

Some may say:

Why do you want Shaykh Muhammad to come?

Everyone is blessed with certain individuals that have inspired change in their lives. For many of us when we were young, as much as we loved Islam we didn’t envision what our future holds and alhamdulillah through AlMaghrib many lives have undergone prosperous change. We wanted to gift our audience, our community with wise words, something they could benefit from, and we at Qabeelat Fawz wanted it from the best.

I want to end on the note

Many months ago, I wished to learn from Shaykh Muhammad as I wanted to attend Niche Hero in a bid to make a difference, so I remember that day, when I sat down and made solid du’a. “Oh Allah do not deprive me from learning from Shaykh Muhammad, as I want to benefit from the knowledge Allah has bestowed him with.”

The power of du’a is amazing, the power of du’a is mesmerising, hence, increase in your Ibaadah and focus on your du’a and success will be yours.

Oh yeah, alhamdulillah – Only at Qabeelat Fawz!

Alima Ashfaq
Ameerah of QFawz

P.S. Check out more cool pics right here

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28 Responses to How Qabeelat Fawz Smashed it

  1. …Masha’Allah TabarakAllah!

  2. Ruzwan says:

    MashAllah an AMAZING article!…
    It really brought all the memories flooding back!!!…..

    Don’t forget!!!— We even had Sheikh Navaid Aziz amongst the audience on the first weekend!!!

  3. Aisha Zahid says:

    The Article is AMAZING! Masha’Allah TabarakAllah! Brought back so many memories!

    SubhanAllah, indeed it was a blessing!

  4. Ahmed says:

    Alhumdulilah, this seminar was by far the best one I had EVER attended!!!

    And THEN, to have Shaykh Muhammad Al Shareef make an appearance as well!!….words could not describe it!

    Alhumdulilah, Alhumdulilah, Alhumdulilah!!

  5. Abida Malik says:

    What an amazing surprise indeed! To be in the presence of such wonderful scholars was truly a blessing :)

  6. Faiza Kassim says:

    That was a great read mashaa’Allah.

    QFawz seminars are unique that way, alhamdulilah!!!!

  7. Aisha Qadar says:

    MashaAllah, that’s truly ‘AAWWEESSOOOMMEE’!

  8. Maryum.M says:

    ….WOW!! SubhanaAllah what an experience :) ….WooHooo Gooooo QFAWZZ!!!!

  9. Ruzwan says:

    MashAllah an AMAZING article!
    Really brought the memories flooding back!!

    Remember – We also had Sheikh Navaid Aziz at the seminar on the 1st Weekend!! Alhumdulilah!

    • Alima says:


      Alhamdulillah we were blessed with Shaykh Navaid – though because I really benefit from Shaykh’s teaching, I plan to dedicate a whole article to one of the topics presented after Light of Guidance inshaAllah. And everyone can hold me to this inshaAllah.

      …May write it in the form of a story that’s mega unique, bi’idhnillah. :excited:

  10. Nadia says:

    Masha Allah tabarak Allah looks like you guys had a blast! May Allah reward you and continue to bless your qabeelah with his love and mercy!

  11. Alima says:

    Ok it stands true… i love Qabeelat Fawz!


  12. Omar Ahmed says:

    We guys ROCK! B-)

  13. shabana says:

    It was an amazing course ! subhanAllah the sisters, the experience, the teacher!. Was my first time taught by Shaykh Waleed … the dude is awesome!!. mashaa’Allah.

  14. Adila says:

    Mashallah – The pictures make the memories even better! :)
    QFawz did such an amaaazing job Mashallah..

  15. Adila says:

    Smashed it indeed they did!!!

  16. Amar says:

    Masha’Allah, amazing achievements QFawz! Congratulations!

  17. Idris Kennedy says:


    What an amazing end to an amazing seminar – Alhamdulilah!

    Another way to Re-live the memories ——>>CHECK THE PHOTOS OUT AND THEN……….TAKE THE EXAM!!

    Revision Session Saturday 12TH MARCH 9pm InshaAllah!

  18. Nafisa says:

    Mashallah AMAZING course :)

  19. Mr T says:

    I have to say that Qabeelat Fawz stands out from all the other Qabeelahs in the U.K!

    It provides state of the art facilities, top class hospitality and a superb catering service!

    Qabeelat Fawz always promises to deliver blockbuster seminars so the student is reassured that they have made the right decision to study in the heart of Bruminham!

    A Qabeelah ready to inspire and bring about change in the community!

    QFawz Rocks!

  20. Umair Khan says:

    Alhamdulillah it was a beneficial seminar – the climax was amazing!

  21. Ali Sajaad says:

    What a WoW moment it was!

    Firstly, Sh Waleed rocked the show with Fiqh of Love – an amazing seminar and we all had sooo much fun – Alhamdulillah.

    The finale was something else – the atmosphere at the end was electric!


  22. Masha’Allah, QFawz has indeed been blessed! You’re all soooo lucky–our Qabeelah enjoyed Love Notes but we’re still waiting for Fiqh of Love to come to town.

    Insha’Allah soon. =)

  23. Sana says:

    MashAllah an amazing end to a magnificent seminar alhamdulillah-It was truly a blessing to have such amazing people come to Qabeelah Fawz

  24. Ms.Baz says:

    SubhanAllah such a well written article, it truly encapsulates the feeling and atmosphere of the course! JazakiAllah khair for doing it justice Sr Alima.

    This course was truly amazing and i really consider it a blessing to have been a part of it.


  25. Umm Sufyaan says:

    Mashallah tabarakallah this truly was the feeling at FOL! Everyone was filled with excitement and eager to hear Sh Muhammad speak! It was an honor to have the president of AlMaghrib attend FOL as he hasn’t been to Birmingham for 2 years and to London for nearly 3! May Allah continue to bless us with righteous company for the years to come inshAllah, ameen.

  26. Algebra says:

    You GUYS did an AMAZING JOB with your class. You went all out with the decorations, shirts, food………the food to looked reallllly nice. I have been to five Al-Maghrib classes and i have to say yours is the most “pumped up” looking class………ma sha Allah…… i finally saw the rest of the pictures in the forums….i finally clicked the right button. I just you guys to know that you did a wonderful job ma sha Allah

  27. Algebra says:

    I wanted to add that I loooovvvveed the brown candles and the “organic mini raisins” i didn’t know they made mini organic raisin boxes………….that was just tooooooooo cooolll