New York New York!

~~ Mubarak Qabeelat Tayybah ~~

After a beautiful night with all our 17 shuyukh who attended last night’s Mesmerized: Evening of Qur’an, the Grand Liwaa’ Announcement was made.

New York New York! The Top Performing Qabeelah of the Year! Congratulations.

If you missed last night’s blessed evening, it’s not too late to listen in on our Shuyukh’s recitations and their inspirational messages. Click here to get Mesmerized all over again.

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One Response to New York New York!

  1. nazradeen lallmohamed says:


    Congratulations! Tayybah-New York

    May Allah accept your efforts.Ameen.
    One great trademark of Tayybah is the PPN.
    I remembered vividly my first class “Heavenly Hues”.
    The notes (for me precious-It is there on their website)helped me a lot.
    I’m happy for tayybah. They have done well for new yorkers…

    May Allah reward us immensely and continue to guide us.Ameen!