Minnesota goes for Gold again

For years, Minnesota has been insisting on AlMaghrib to come to its Twin Cities. Finally, they got the opportunity to prove to the AlMaghrib world, Minnesota is no joke.


Qabeelat Madinatayn sold out its first two seminars – Love Notes in November 2010 and Light of Guidance in February 2011. Will Madinatayn go for gold a third time with Divine Link: Fiqh of Salah in May? Stay tuned

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6 Responses to Minnesota goes for Gold again

  1. Brighteststar4life says:

    InshAllah we will sell out!!!

  2. AMiah says:

    Mash’allah Congrats!!! :)

  3. 7aqal3awda says:

    This has been a great opportunity to have an I feel very fortunate to have Almaghrib in my city, Alhamdulilah! Give us a few years and we will be on the very top, insh’Allah :))

  4. falestine says:

    Insha’Allah We Will

  5. Alhamdulillah, we just got some PR on the AlMaghrib site–haha amazing!

    Jazakum Allah to the individuals who took the time to mark our milestones in this newsletter. We’re only learning Qabeelah skills from the best!

    But I gotta admit, those Nasris/Nasrites/Nasrers got me terrified with their One Ummah Conference booth lol Masha’Allah, their performance in this year’s Fb Liwaa competition is a success in and out of itself (to borrow a phrase from Sheikh YQ). Alhamdulillah 3ala kulli shay2.

  6. Sumaiya عثمان says:

    Yes we will Insha’allah!! :)