My heart jolted for the 17th time

We’ve invited the ENTIRE AlMaghrib Institute Faculty to mesmerize us with an evening of Qur’an – they’ll each recite verses of their choice; then explain how they were specifically inspired by them.

That’s 17 recitations of the beautiful Qur’aan!

Mesmerized: Evening of Qur’an

Celebration & Thankfulness

Online Event

Sunday, March 6

tune in at

1pm Los Angeles time
4pm New York City time
9pm London, UK time

Liwaa’ Cup to be Announced


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2 Responses to My heart jolted for the 17th time

  1. RA says:

    Mashallah, what an excellent event! I hope this can be done more often in the future inshallah. Jazzakum Allah kuli Khayr. May Allah bless all the speakers for their wonderful, heartfelt inspiring ayat. I thank Allah for such a wonderful event.

  2. Nadia says:

    Awesome event masha Allah! Barak Allah feekum for working so hard to make it run smoothly!

    Hopefully the mp3 file can be up soon…unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the 17th jolt i.e. Sheikh Muhammad AlShareef.